Year 2019

Professor Humbert Drumsley: 5e RPG Adventure Codex Up On Kickstarter

The work a GM puts into a game can get rather daunting. There's tons of prep to do, and if you get behind, it can really mess things up. Thankfully, there's resources like Professor Humber Drumsley's Adventure Codex. It's a new book that's up on Kickstarter that's filled with mini-adventures for all levels, so a GM can just pluck one out and put it into their game as they see fit.

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Fantasy Flight Previews GM Resources in Shadows of the Beanstalk

Shadows of the Beanstalk, the new book coming for the Android universe using the Genesys system from Fantasy Flight has more than just new things for players. GMs also get a new set of resources to check out. Like what? Well, that's what we get a look at in this preview.

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Fantasies for Foreplay: An Erotic Storytelling Game Up On Kickstarter

We're gonna push the usual PG-13 rating that I've imposed on TGN a little bit here. No, there's no NSFW pictures (well, maybe, depending on where you work). But maybe check this one out when you get home, instead of at the office. Just so you know. Here, we have a Kickstarter for Fantasies for Foreplay: An Erotic Storytelling Game, a new supplement for Foreplay that brings in a ton of new elements for the game.

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LexOccultum - Carta Monstrorum RPG Book Up On Kickstarter

It's always good for the GM of a game to have more resources available to them. With that in mind, RiotMinds is running a Kickstarter campaign for the Carta Monstrorum, a big book of monsters and other horrors for the LexOccultum RPG. Along with that, they're teaming up with writer Steve Savile to work on it.

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Murder Bury Win Movie and Game Up On Kickstarter

"Man, the world of board games, especially about stuff with crowdfunding would be an amazing premise for a movie."

You're right! It would be! And Michael Lovan would agree. He's the writer/director of Murdy Bury Win, a dark comedic thriller about three independent board game developers who get sucked into a world of intrigue when their crowdfunding campaign for their new game doesn't go quite as they expected. The campaign looks to fund post-production, and there's even copies of the original board game made for the movie available as part of it. Have yourself a look.

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Digital Versions of Tails of Equestria Adventures Now Available

River Horse is looking to update all of their Tails of Equestria products to digital format. It can be a lot easier to carry around all your books when they can be put just on a single smart device or laptop. In this instance, it's two adventures: Curse of the Statuettes and The Festival of Lights.

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Monday Terrain Corner

You know, it's not like I dislike coming in to work. I really do enjoy what I do. But let's face it, as cool as the office is, it's not hanging out on your couch, munching snacks and playing the occasional game. But Mondays must happen if we want to have weekends. It's just how things work. So let's make them as good as we can and make your gaming tables look as good as we can. Quick one for you today.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: Games Workshop Taking Orders For Killzone: Sector Fronteris Environment Expansion.

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Modiphius Releases Star Trek Adventures: The Gravity of the Crime Adventure

The Prime Directive. It states that the Federation won't interfere with the evolution and direction that uncontacted planets are going through. However, an observer on a pre-contact planet has died and the Federation wants to find out what happened. Will your crew be able to solve this mystery without accidentally revealing themselves to the inhabitants? That's your job in The Gravity of the Crime, a new adventure for the Star Trek RPG that's been released by Modiphius.

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Games Workshop Taking Pre-orders For Kill Team: Arena

Getting along and playing for a common goal is all well and good, but sometimes you just wanna smash heads and take out your opponent's forces with extreme prejudice. Well, that's where Kill Team: Arena comes in. It's the new expansion available to order from Games Workshop. Players can play in head-to-head games and it even has rules for tournaments and  team play.

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TGN Review Kraken Dice Black Magick Sets

I love dice. That shouldn't come as a surprise to any of you. #NoSuchThingAsTooManyDice

I have bought dice from many companies over the years, but I would have to say that my favorite is Kraken Dice. Brian, Diana, and the rest of the Kraken Krew are just amazing people, and they put out some fantastic dice. Just last week, they sent me one each of the new Black Magick sets they've been releasing. Those that missed out on the first release will get another chance on Tuesday when the second half go up for sale. Those that might be on the fence about them can read on, because...

It's time for another TGN Review. This time around, it's Kraken Dice's Black Magick Dice Sets.

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Lex Draconis RPG Up On Kickstarter

Mo' money, mo' problems, amirite? Well, Dragons tend to have a ton of money, so they tend to have a ton of problems. In Lex Draconis, you can play a dragon as part of the Modern Universe, tackling all the problems and issues that come with being one of the most powerful creatures in the land. The game is up on Kickstarter now.

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Guardian Moon Games Running Destination Danger RPG Kickstarter

Ever find yourself out and about and really wanting to play an RPG, but don't have a table or much space to play? With Destination Danger, that's no problem. You can carry this pocket-sized adventure with you anywhere, ready to get gaming at any moment. The game is up on Kickstarter now.

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The Shipwreck Arcana: Stars Below Kickstarter Launches Next Week

For those that have been wanting to get yourself a copy of Shipwreck Arcana, but haven't been able to since it's been out of stock for several months, the upcoming Kickstarter for Shipwreck Arcana, Stars Below is a good chance to get in on that. For those of you that do have the game, you'll be able to pick up the new 5-card mini-expansion as well. The campaign will launch next Tuesday.

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Friday Snippets

Fridaaaaaaaay! I know I'm excited. Despite being a short week, it's certainly felt like a full-length one, if not even longer (your own NSFW joke goes here). I've got some gaming to look forward to tomorrow. So you know I'm excited. Hopefully you have your own gaming planned. If you're gonna be gaming, you don't want to be hangry. So let's set you up with some bite-sized gaming stories to nibble on.

Today on the platter we have: Limited Edition Kershaw Miniature Available to Order From Steamforged Games, Deep Ones of the Powell Darks Fantasy Miniatures Up On Kickstarter, Deep Ones of the Powell Darks Fantasy Miniatures Up On Kickstarter, and Last Chance for Black Magick Dice Coming Next Week.

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Cook's Guild Available To Pre-Order From Steamforged

The latest in the line of Minor Guilds for Guild Ball is now available to pre-order from Steamforged Games. The Cook's Guild is the Minor Guild of the Butcher's Guild. They're rough and tough on the field, ready to take out opponents and grill them up for dinner. You can get the box, as well as the faction dice.

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Two New Star Wars: Legion Releases Available From Fantasy Flight

For those looking to expand their Star Wars: Legion armies, both the Rebels and the Imperials have a new box set available from Fantasy Flight now. This time, it's a rather special release... really, because they're both Rebel and Imperial Specialists sets that you can use to further tweak your army to your particular play style.

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New Legio Custodes Custodian Venatari Squad Available to Order From Forge World

Maaaaaaaan, back when I was a custodian, I never got a jetpack of my own. Janitoris in 40k have all the coolest gear! If you want to get your hands on the newest cleaning gear, head over to Forge World and get your name on the list to get these new fliers as soon as they're released.

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