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Year 2020

This weekend, the American Football season comes to an end with the Super Bowl. It seems a pretty good time to celebrate sports in all its form, including using toy soldiers on your tabletop. And Mantic is celebrating pretty hard with their Super Mega Cup Sale going on now. You want to get DreadBall for a lot cheaper than usual? Now's your chance. And to make sure you're using the best rules, they've also posted an updated Errata and FAQ.

When a game reaches its 10th anniversary, that's a time to celebrate. It's quite an accomplishment to have stayed around that long, and such is the case with Adventure of D, an adventure card game where players are looking to adventure through an island archipelago to take on Elzoof the wizard. The 2nd edition of the game is up on Kickstarter now that includes updated mechanics and new artwork.

Sure, having electronic books is nice and you can carry an entire library in your pocket, but there's just something about having the actual book there that I love. If you're like me and you are excited about the Odyssey of the Dragonlords set of books from Modiphius, then you're in luck. The print version of the Adventure Book, Player's Guide, and more are all available now in their webshop.

The British are coming!
The British are coming!

Wrong! The British are here! New British releases are now available from Battlefront for Team Yankee. You can head over and pick up the main book, a new AA piece, and some new tokens now.

Finally... dang FINALLY we have made it to Friday. Now, we just need to get through today and we'll be alright, in the safe embrace of the weekend. It's the end of January and if the rest of the year is any indication, it's going to feel like it's 2473 by the time we end 2020. Of course, I'm sure I'm going to clock out tonight, blink, and it'll be Monday already. That's just how it goes. But anyway, let's nosh on some bite-sized gaming stories for this Friday.

Today on the platter we have: Four New Dice Sets Available From Kraken Dice, Dice For All Metal Dice Up On Kickstarter, and

DGS Games, makers of FreeBlades, has been working on an RPG rules set called BrightSword. They're not done yet, but they're far enough along that they want to give everyone a look at them. You can go and check out the free beta test version now. Give your feedback. Help grow the game. Get in on the ground floor. It's all possible now.

Seems like it's been a while since we've seen some Dice Masters news, yet here we are. WizKids has a new set coming out for the dice-collecting game. This time around, they're headed to the squared circle and entering the ring with WWE Dice Masters. Want to get a whole set of dice and everything you need to get playing right away? There's a Campaign Box coming out that will get you just that.

I call dibs on Macho Man! OOOOOOOOH YEEEEEEEAH!!

KeyForge. It's the card game where every deck in existence is different from every other. You might think you know what your opponent has in there, but unless you've studied their particular deck, you can't really know. Well, a whole new batch of decks is about to come out, once more changing the game's landscape entirely.

Tanks. Originally created to break the siege warfare of the trenches in WWI, they really came into their own in WWII. There were seemingly endless varieties of tanks and other armored vehicles used in that conflict, many of which you can bring to the table in Bolt Action. In this article, Warlord Games takes a look at their book devoted to all things tank, their Tank Wars expansion. If you want to play a game focused all around these armored behemoths, this is the article to check out.

Games. Most of them are competitive in nature. And where you have competition, you're going to have tournaments where players want to find out who's the best. If you're a fan of the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game and you are wanting to hold some tourneys, then the Matched Play Guide is for you. It's got all sorts of scenarios and matched play rules for your games. And even if you don't play tourneys, you can still get a whole host of new scenarios to try out.

Forge World is taking pre-orders for this book, along with a bunch of 40k waterslide transfers or the Emperor's Children, White Scars, and Dark Angels.

I know. I know. Not a ton of people liked 4th edition D&D. Personally, I did. Some of my favorite characters I played were in 4th. I'm sure there are gaming groups out there still to this day playing 4th. If you are, or if you'd like to get a group together, Skirmisher Publishing has a new character race you can try out. They're the tricksy, shapeshifting Kitsune. You can download this new character race now.

Though I'm sure some of you out there will watch multiple TV shows simultaneously, most of us just go one show at a time. Of course, if we're watching one thing, that means we're not watching another. For a TV executive, they want to make sure that your eyes are on what they're showing. It's war for viewership. And that's the war you'll be waging in The Rival Networks, a 2-player version of The Networks. The game is up on Kickstarter now.

We were on a can of peas, a big dish of peas when I said, "in July."

Well, before Orson can sell them to you, you need to grow the peas. And, of course, nobody knew more about peas than Gregor Mendel. In Genotype, players take on the role of scientists working to create the perfect pea plant. Your time is precious and you have several duties to take care of. Work your best and you'll come out on top. The game is up on Kickstarter now.

You know, with so many games coming across my screen all the time, I often feel like every set-up for a game has been done and done to death. Well, I can say that I've not seen a game (at least that I can remember) where you are collecting different types of weird babies to have them fight against one-another. However, that's what you're doing in Battle Babies, a new deck-building game that's up on Kickstarter now.

For the past two days, I've been waking up and thinking it was Thursday. Now, it finally is Thursday, and I woke up thinking that it was Friday. At this point, I feel like I'm going to wake up tomorrow and it'll be back to Tuesday or something. But, Thursday it is. So terrain we shall talk about.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: Venator Turret Tower Now Available From Tabletop Scenics, Map Tiles 2 Kickstarter Happening Now, and Xenos Jungle Maps Available From Deep-Cut Studio.

Hub Games is working on a new board game. It's called Prisma Arena and it sees players take on the role of recruits into the titular fighting space. Working along with their Mo'kon companion, players will learn to channel their Prisma, a source of inner power, looking to bounce their opponents out of the arena. Players can play one-off matches, or compete in a campaign, growing and learning as they progress along. The game will be comign to Kickstarter in May.

A new commander is taking to the field in Black Powder. The Duke of Marlborough has headed into battle. How will this British commander make an impact on the game? Well, Warlord Games is here to look into just that with a new article. Have yourselves a look.

Convention season kicks off early every year with the Nuremberg Toy Fair. Want to get a jump on what's going to be coming out during the year? It's the place to be. In this instance, it's what Games Workshop is showing off. They've got previews out for new Aeronautica Imperialis, Necromunda, and Adeptus Titanicus

<whoop! whoop! whoop!>

Yup, a bit late, but there's Giant Robot Alert. Have a look

I know. Kind of a weird title, but that's basically what you're getting. Game books have a certain limit that they can be, realistically. And only so much can fit into them. As such, stuff usually needs to be cut out. But that can be some really premium stuff! Lost Omens Gods & Magic has such "leftover content," and Paizo  has decided to spruce them up into their own pdfs (that really have no limits) and give them to you for free.

Technology advances. When I was young, I had a casette player. Then I had a CD player. Now, I have a phone that's a supercomputer. Well, the same happens in the Star Wars universe. The Battle Droids of old are replaced with newer models. Hence, the B2 Super Battle Droid. Soon, Star Wars: Legion players will be able to add these droids to their forces. Let's take a look at what they bring.

Space. Here, right now, entrepreneurs are just beginning to stretch out into the area and see what can be had. Rocketmen takes that idea and makes it a regular occurrence. Players take on the role of these entrepreneurs who are looking to make money in space. It's a new deck-building board game that's up on Kickstarter now. Burn out your fuze up there with other players.

The marketplace. You can find anything you want, for a price. If you're a spellcaster, you know that there's all sorts of items required for your spells, potions, and incantations. Thankfully, Arcane Alley has it. And now, a new part of the market is opening up, the Moonstruck Market, which does more than just open up more goods, but also new ways to buy and sell, new wizards, and more. This new expansion is up on Kickstarter now.

Several armies are getting some updates in the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game. The designers have found that some items aren't working entirely as intended and are trying to rectify the situation. Of course, that means players are getting a better game experience, but they do have to make sure they've got the most up-to-date rules. In this post, we get a look at Rattleshirt and his followers of bone and how they're changing.

You might think that taking a walk through the woods would be calming and relaxing. However, that's not the case when one heads into the Mirkwood. You think happening across a regular spider web strung across the path is bad? How about a spider bigger than you are? The Shadowed Paths expansion for Journeys in Middle-earth will take players into the dark, dangerous woods with new heroes and new foes to fight against.

Yesterday, almost all of the day, I felt like it was Thursday. Apparently I wasn't the only one, as it seems to have been going around, as I came across a ton of posts and memes about that exact same thing from all over the internet. Now, today... it still feels like it should be Thursday. Ugh. This is gonna be one of them-thar kinda weeks, isn't it? And it's -still- January! This month feels like it's never going to end. But, like all things, it certainly will. We just need to get through it all. And maybe noshing on a couple bite-sized gaming stories will help.

Today on the platter we have: Gary Hunt Miniatures Running Beestwars Minis Kickstarter and New Rapier Swords Available From Puppets War.