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Bauhaus Sourcebook Released For Mutant Chronicles RPG

Call the curtain!
Raise the roof!
Spirit's on toniiiiiiiiiiiight!
Wait, wrong Bauhaus.
This one's referring to a corporation in the Mutant Chronicles RPG from Modiphius. They've got a new sourcebook out that you can get now, both in print and in .pdf.

Originally created in the fighting taking place on Old Earth, Bauhaus now has their lair... err... corporate offices mostly in the jungles and swamps of Venus (which are apparently a thing. I should read up more on the Mutant Chronicles setting at some point). Various Noble Houses make up the power base of Bauhaus. Each has their own codes, but all work within a greater code of conduct, where even small slights can end up in duels to the death (probably makes for rough work environments if there's a duel to the death every time someone burns popcorn in the break room microwave).