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Jinkies! There's a mystery to solve, gang! And only us, a group of meddling teenagers and a pesky puppy can do it.
*investigating happens here*
Oh no! We've become trapped in this haunted mansion! How will we get out?

How, indeed. That's just what you'll have to figure out in Scooby-Doo: Escape from the Haunted Mansion, the first in a series of home escape-room-style games from The OP Games as part fo their Coded Chronicles line.

It's Thursday. We're past the halfway point and the work-week is now further behind us than it is ahead. I know I'm looking forward to the weekend. Ready for just a couple days off to chill. I hope you've got some gaming lined up. And if you do, you should have a good-looking gaming table. Let's help with that.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: Acheson Accessories for February 2020 - The 8th Wave and Gladius Sentry Gun Nest Available From Tabletop Scenics.

The land to the east is the home of the beast folk. They started from nothing to create just a little plot of land that they could call their own to homestead. Now, your characters can go and see what they're up to in Untamed Lands, the new expansion book for Ponyfinder. It's got not just info about the people and the region, but new gear, new spells, new class options, and more. You can pick up your copy now.

Looney Labs are masters at making quick, little, fun games that can fit in your pocket. They tend to take simple mechanics and pieces and turn them into something greater. Well, they're looking to expand their game line by four new sets. As such, they've launched their Pyramid Quartet Kickstarter campaign.

The Power Rangers are a pretty amazing fighting force, but they can't do it all on their own. They've teamed up with many allies along the way in their quest to defeat evil. Soon, you can bring some of the most iconic Power Rangers allies to your tabletops with the Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid Ranger Allies Pack #1. Renegade Game Studios is taking pre-orders for this game expansion now.

It's time to once again take a look at a preview from the Explorer's Society, which will be Malifaux's 8th Faction. This time around, we're getting a look at the Brocken Spectre and his amazing neckwear. How will you be integrating this new faction into your game? Will you be picking them up or just having to brace against them on the opposite side of the field?

Warmachine, with its arcane turbines and flair for the electronic, especially in the case of factions like Cygnar and the Cult of Cyriss, always had a bit of a sci-fi vibe going for them, if you ask me. Well, now, Privateer Press is leaving nothing to doubt. They're coming out with an actual sci-fi game set in the far future of the Warmachine/Hordes world. It's called Warcaster: Neo-Mechanika and it's coming to Kickstarter soon.

I'm a big fan of abstract strategy puzzle games. So, Gorinto looks to be right up my alley. It's a new board game up on Kickstarter where you're trying to gain wisdom by moving stones up onto the shrine, moving them from your mountain board onto the main board. You'll change the landscape with each play. In the end, who will achieve enlightenment?

If there was ever a game that seemed destined to come back again, it'd be Boomerang. And that's just what's happening up on Kickstarter now. Grail Games is running a campaign for a new edition of Boomerang: Australia, but this return comes with extras. There's two other Boomerang-games coming back with it.

You'd think that in the wake of Hades winning over all the other gods and starting to bring all of mankind down to hell, people would be able to set aside their differences and work together. However, that's not the case in Hades Trap. Players are working against one-another as they try and collect holy medallions that will stop Hades' plan. The game is up on Kickstarter now.