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Age of Sigmar

Games Workshop is bulking up both of their latest games with this week's pre-releases. For those that have picked up Kill Team, there's some new starter sets, including Tyranids and the Imperium (plus loads and loads of new dice. #NoSuchThingAsTooManyDice). For those that are going along with the new edition of Age of Sigmar, both the Stormcast Eternals and the undead are getting new releases, including a new version of the legendary Black Coach.
With the latest edition of Age of Sigmar hitting tabletops, new players are looking to expand their armies. Those that picked up the new starter box have their choice of the Nighthaunt or the Stormcast Eternals. This week's new pre-orders add to both of those factions, giving you more options for your tabletops.
With the new edition of Age of Sigmar out there, there's going to be new army books for the various factions. In this case, since they're the starter force armies, the first two Battletomes are for the Nighthaunt and Stormcast Eternals. There's also several new units, a set of dice, and templates to use for your various magic effects out on the battlefield.
We just got ourselves a new edition of Age of Sigmar. Of course, that means all the minis you've got need updated rules. That includes all those monsters and such that you've picked up from Forge World over the years. Well, they've put out three books of warscrolls so you can get these updated stats. And they're free, so there's that going for them, too.
While it might feel like it's still brand new, Age of Sigmar has actually been out for quite a few years. And, in that time, it's gone through a few changes. But now, it's getting an entirely new edition. Pre-orders for box sets, rule books, accessories, new units, and more are all available on Games Workshop's site.
Continuing with the New Edition Train, we've got Age of Sigmar from Games Workshop. Their fantasy miniatures game has a new edition coming out very, very soon (in just about a month). As one would expect, that's including a new starter set. In this case, it's called Soul Wars. In this preview, we get a look at the two armies included within.
Have you ever gone to put together a new model you just got, only to find out that your glue is missing, or glued shut, or you've run out, or has run dry? I hate when that happens. Thankfully, with these new kits for Age of Sigmar and 40k that Games Workshop is selling, that's not an issue. They're designed to simply fit together without the need of glue.
There's a new edition of Age of Sigmar coming on the horizon. But don't worry, this isn't a situation where it's like, "Man, they announced new rules. They'll be out sometime around Gen Con" or such like that. Nope, you've got about 4 weeks (give or take a couple), before you've got the latest update in your hands.
Games Workshop's hitting a bit of everything with this week's pre-orders over in their shop. There's some new Idoneth Deepkin heroes to fill out your army. There's a new book for Necromunda, as well as a new gang. There's also a new Chaos Blood Bowl team. And dice. There's also lots of dice.
The big piece of flashy artwork for the release of the Idoneth Deepkin included a guy on this big sea creature. But it wasn't part of the initial wave of releases. Well, he's available now (two versions, actually), along with a new squad. If you're looking to bulk up your forces, now's your chance.
Under the sea (under the sea) there's a whole race of elves (sorry, aelves) that have been hiding out from the ocean, sticking clean clear of Slaanesh and only doing some light raiding. Well, that time is over. They're storming the beaches and bringing their fight inland. You can pick up the Codex for this new faction, as well as several new units and accesssories, as Games Workshop's taking pre-orders for them now.
The Daughter's of Khaine just got themselves a new Battletome, and it's time to expand out from that base. Whether you prefer your figures with snake bodies or demonic wings, they've got you covered. Several new sets are available to order now. You can get the new kits separately, or there's a whole bunch of new bundles where you can pick them all up at once, plus some unit commanders and other extras.
I have several women friends who would very easily kick your ass. One knows fencing. Another is in SCA and does heavy fighting. Another is 2nd Dan black belt in Aikido. Yeah, you don't want to mess with them. I don't think you'd want to mess with the Daughters of Khaine, either. They've got a new Battletome out, along with a bunch of minis releases. Plus dice, because dice.
What's old is new again. Since Necromunda has re-hit tabletops, players are getting nostalgic for some of the figures that used to be available for the game. Well, Games Workshop is here to help. For this week only, they're taking orders for some classic figures. But it's not only Necromunda with something new. Age of Sigmar is getting Neave Blacktalon as her own piece, instead of having to buy the previous box set to get her.
The world of the Age of Sigmar is world where death isn't the end. While nobody here is 100% certain what happens when you die, in AoS, your body can definitely come back and continue to act and work. Powerful necromancers, such as Nagash, can and will use you as a puppet to do their bidding. If you'd like to get in on this undead action, now's your time, as there's new books, minis, and accessories for this undead way of life.
The Stormcast Eternal will stop at nothing in order to beat back the forces of Chaos and bring order to all the realms. While each one is a stalwart soldier, there are those among them that stand out. Leaders among the elite, they are like a bolt of lightning against their enemies. Such is the case with Lord-Celestant Gavriel Sureheart (... who also kinda sounds like a Care Bears character, but that's beside the point). If you'd like to add him to your army, Games Workshop is taking orders now.
Games Workshop has started taking pre-orders for the next of their board games. This time they head to the world of Age of Sigmar with Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire. The city of Shadespire's rulers were so powerful that they told death that they weren't really going to be doing that anytime soon. Nagash, however, had other ideas, and has twisted the city into a hellscape. Who will be able to survive in such a situation? That's up to you to decide.
Games Workshop is looking to be all-inclusive with this week's set of releases. There's new Nurgle releases for 40k. There's a bunch of new box sets for Age of Sigmar, as well as a campaign system. There's even a pair of Hobbit releases. Let's take a look.
One of the games that's been around seemingly forever is Warhammer 40k. Hell, for most of you reading this, it might as well have been around forever, since it's probably older than you are. To celebrate 30 years of the game, Games workshop has created a commemorative Primaris Space Marine Sergeant figure. They have several other Primaris Marine squads. And tucked down at the bottom of the pre-order page is a new Tzeentch Warscrolls book for Age of Sigmar.
Time and again I've said how much I love the 2-player starter box. Well, Games Workshop is the undisputed rulers of coming out with them for their games. They have a new Age of Sigmar set coming out. It pits the righteous and true Stormcast Eternals versus the putrid and fetid forces of Nurgle. You can put your name on the list to get your Blightwar set now.
Games Workshop is looking to make sure that Age of Sigmar is well-supported on their end. To do that, they are coming out with the 2017 General's Handbook. This book gives players multiple ways to play the game, as well as updating the various rules from previous editions. It's available to pre-order now. Along with the book, there's numerous Warscroll packs to order, as well as different army bundles.
I am a greenskin. Deep down, the WAAAGH!! flows through my veins. Gork and Mork are my deities of choice. So, when I see that Forge World has started taking orders for a new Rogue Idol miniature, I'm certainly interested.
Age of Sigmar really took of when the General's Handbook came out. The updated warscrolls, with points, as well as the three modes of play really gave players a lot of options. Well, Games Workshop has announced they're coming out with General's Handbook 2017, which will update and expand what came in the original book.
Well, you've had the new 40k set for a couple weeks now. I'm sure you're all just so tired of that and want to get back to the Fantasy side of things... or not. But if you've been playing 8th Edition and had someone go, "do they make it with, like, wizards and chariots and stuff?" then you can point them towards the new Age of Sigmar starter set that Games Workshop is taking orders for. They've also got several classic Blood Bowl teams they're making to order.
You know, as I've gone on in my gaming career, I've more-and-more found myself drawn to skirmish games. Not that I think there's anything inherently bad or wrong with large-army games. They're just not really for me, anymore. So when I see that Games Workshop has started taking orders for a new skirmish form of Age of Sigmar, I take notice. Along with the book, they're also taking orders for various warbands.