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Thursday. Gateway to Friday, Gateway to the Weekend. We're getting there, everyone. We can make it. Having had an incredibly busy week, it's certainly gone by quickly for me. And today we're keeping on with it. We're also keeping with our custom of making your gaming tables look better.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: Dungeon Craft Modular Terrain Pieces Up On Kickstarter and New Aristeia Mats Available From Deep-Cut Studios

A new pair of combatants will be making their way to the arena in Aristeia. Corvus Belli has announced Reckless Hearts, the next expansion for their high-action sci-fi gladiator sports game. Axl Steel and Hippolyta will certainly get the crowd going.

We're not even a full week into June yet, and Corvus Belli's already living in July. They're just ahead of the rest of us. But at least they're being nice and are showing us what they'll be releasing then. If you want to see the new figures for Infinity and Aristiea, just continue on.

Here we are, only 3 days into May, and Corvus Belli already has a treat for us, letting us know what's coming in June. They've got new Infinity sets, of course, as well as new terrain and a new Aristeia release.

April's most of the way over with, so Corvus Belli is looking forward to next month. They've posted up the figures that'll be hitting store shelves in May. You can check them out now.

There's a new expansion for Aristeia coming soon. It's the Chemical Brothers expansion (I just love the tracks they put down...). You can get your name on the list to be one of the first gamers to get it when it's available. Corvus Belli is taking pre-orders starting today.

2019 is here. It's a brand new year with a lot of things to look forward to. In order to help you get your calendar all set, Corvus Belli has posted up a 2019 preview of shows they're going to, along with some teasers about what can be expected from them as the months roll along.

Corvus Belli is prepping for next year, and all of us should be happy to see what they've been working on. They have a new crop of Infinity releases to bring in the New Year, as well as a new release for Aristeia. Have a look-see for yourself.

Good lord, Gen Con's damn-near here. And along with the seemingly billion of other things to get done, don't forget to pencil in time to get your pre-orders in over on Corvus Belli's website for your Infinity and Aristeia. Then, you'll just have to go to the booth and pick 'em up. Saves a bit of time so you can run off to the next booth and get the awesome things there.
Spectator sports are half physical contest and half entertainment, after all, so having a few mirrors and some smoke makes sense, especially in a contest like Aristeia. As such, a quartet of new players will be making their way to the pitch. And they're coming in the appropriately titled Smoke & Mirrors set. We get a look at them here.
Corvus Belli has hit the ground running with Aristeia, their sci-fi sports miniatures game. But, as much as people might be loving the base game, gamers are almost always wanting more. Corvus has listened. The first expansion for the game is almost upon us (release date of March 23rd). It's called Soldiers of Fortune, and if you wanna check out what you can expect, look at this new preview.
Three days hence, we will have our most-darkest of days. That which is called, "Black Friday." I don't know why I'm talking like Thor from Texts from Superheroes, considering we're here to talk about Corvus Belli, but there we are, then. They have posted up a graphic showing what special deals you'll be able to get on this one-day-only sale.
If you're looking to get into a new sci-fi sports game, your time has come. Today's the release day for Corvus Belli's Aristeia. Grab your team and head on down to the pitch. There's both the main core box, as well as a collector's edition available to order over in Corvus' webshop.
Some of you have your pre-order already in for Aristeia, the new fantasy sports game coming from Corvus Belli. But we still don't know everything about the game. In their continuing preview series, this time we get a look at Skills and Special Effects in the game. And I don't mean CGI.
Corvus Belli's Aristeia, their new sci-fi sports action miniatures game, is still on its way to people's tabletops, but with just about any game, as soon as it comes out, people are wondering, "so... expansions?" CB's not wasting any time and has announced the first one, Soldiers of Fortune.
Aristeia is Corvus Belli's foray into the sporting miniatures game arena. For those that've seen the previews and want to jump in on it, you can place your pre-order now. It's the best way to make sure you're the first gamer on your block with this new game when it becomes available. There's both a Core Special Edition and a Collector's Limited Edition available.
Aristeia is not golf. It's not curling. It's not competitive underwater basketweaving. No. It's full-contact. You're going to be making attacks. But... how do those work? Well, in this preview, we get to find out.
You know, you can't really have an action-packed game without actions. And Aristeia, the new game coming from Corvus Belli, is said to be action-packed. So, let's take a look at what type of actions you'll be packing in there.
I think it's safe to say that most miniatures games out there use dice of some kind. Sure, there are those that go for some other method, but the fairly tried-and-true method of randomization comes from little plastic polyhedrons bouncing across the table. Aristeia is no different. But Corvus Belli has decided not to use the D20s that fans of Infinity know. Instead, they've got special dice with unique symbols on them. In this preview, we get a look at the different types of dice and what those symbols mean.
Corvus Belli is hitting the fantasy sports scene with Aristeia! But how do you actually win the game? What are you supposed to do out there on the pitch? Well, there's actually a couple different ways to go about it, depending on what scenario you're playing. All of them involve getting victory points, but how you score them is different in each. And, in one, it's different every turn.
So, we've gotten a look at what the rules for the various characters from the Aristeia starter set will look like, and the artwork has been around for a while. But what about the miniatures, themselves? Corvus Belli is known for its miniatures, so what will these new ones look like? The wait is over. They've given us a look.
Aristeia! is Corvus Belli's venture into the world of fantasy sports. We'll be first introduced to this through their starter box. In this preview, take a look at the characters that'll be coming in said box and check out their various stats and special abilities.
Well, Corvus Belli has announced a new game set in their Infinity universe. It's called Aristeia! and... that's about it that they've told us.
It uses a hex board, though (possibly, probably). Check out the teaser video.

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