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The world is under attack. But it's not from an alien invasion or rogue human forces. It's pathogens (wash your damn hands!). You've gotta go and stop them from spreading, but that's not easy.

You've probably played Pandemic at some point (I know I have, multiple times). If you enjoy the game, but maybe aren't thrilled with some of the fiddly bits, you can now let a computer do that for you, as the game is now available on Switch and Xbox One. And no more trying to sneak one fewer cube out there onto the board. :P

Several of my friends are huge fans of Mansions of Madness. However, it's a game that has a bit of a notorious reputation in terms of set-up time. Having a digital version of it would really cure a lot of those issues. Well, your prayers have been answered, as Asmodee Digital is working on a digital version of the game.
Yarr arr yarr! I loddie the hotpants!
It's time to get some sunshine on your skin and some salty air in your lungs. The new expansion for T.I.M.E. Stories has been announced, and it's sending players to the golden age of piracy. Brotherhood of the Coast is the name of this new set, and you'll be looking to find out what happened to a previous team that was sent to the same time but never came back (because that's not ominous...).
Add another one to Asmodee's collection. Mayfair Games has announced that they've been acquired by the board game company, effectively immediately.
Asmodee has created another partnership with a gaming company, adding to their already impressive resume of those under their umbrella. In this case, it's Rebel Games from Poland.
Escape rooms are quite the rage these days, with all manner of them popping up all over the place. They can also appear on your tabletops in the form of the Unlock! series of games from Asmodee. The thing is, once you've solved the puzzle, that's kinda it. Thankfully, there's a new trio of sets coming out soon so you can give your brain an all-new workout.
Roolex. Versachee. Sorny. Magnetbox. The world of counterfeiting might seem funny at the outset, but it's a real issue in the world. And as the gaming industry has expanded, the chance for scammers to make some quick money on cheap, knock-off versions of popular titles is certainly there. ICv2 recently sat down with execs at Asmodee, one of the biggest gaming companies out there, and asked them about what effects counterfeiting has had on them, and on the industry, in general.
Well, as a teetotaler, myself, I have to say that I'm concerned about this mystery. O,o
Demise of a Teetotaler is a new mystery coming in the Carlton House and Queen's Park expansion for Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective. As before, these mysteries will test your skills of deduction and make you look for clues in all manner of interesting places and ways. Get a little glimpse into what you can expect with this preview.
It's Saturday. Usually, that would mean gaming. But Friday meant gaming for me, as a friend came over after work and we played some Guild Ball, Bunny Kingdom, and Apotheca. Great way to spend a Friday. So, what am I up to Saturday? Well, I'm in the CMON Offices, helping pack orders for the holiday sale. Yeah, seems people loved those deep cuts. And since I feel partially responsible (as the one they tasked with actually changing the prices on all those things), I felt it only right to help pack everything up. But while I get orders together, I know you're here for a heaping helping of reviews. Heaping helping because we didn't have a Roundup last week, due to the holiday.

So, this week we've got: Near and Far, Queendomino, The Oregon Trail: Hunt for Food, Dog Might Games Traveler Dice Tower, Campy Creatures, Camel Up, A Game of Thrones Card Game, Colt Express, Truth Bombs, Ex Libris, Star Trek: 5-Year Mission, Slide Blast, Happy Salmon, DownForce, Smash Up iOS, Professor Evil and the Citadel of Time, Ink Monsters, The Quest for El Dorado, Reef Route, Crabs, Werewords, Fog of Love, Museum Heist, Crosstalk, Potato Pirates, Tulip bubble, The Chameleon, Ulm, Asset Drop Subscription Box, Tortuga 1667, Dwar7s Fall, The Expanse, Tokyo Highway, and Ulock!

Sherlock Holmes was the greatest detective ever (... well... at least next to Batman). If you're looking to fit in his shoes and head to the streets of London, solving all sorts of cases, you're in luck Asmodee and Space Cowboy have announced that they're coming out with 10 new mysteries for Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective.
A friend of mine works at an escape room. They absolutely love it, watching people go through the experience, hopefully figuring it out. For those that want to bring that excitement to the gaming table, there's the Unlock! series from Asmodee. Three new adventures are now available. Will you figure out the clues and put the pieces together?
It's feeling a lot like Saturday 2: Sat Harder (editor's note: rework that title before publishing) here. Yesterday I spent much of the day at home, hanging out and working on my friend's Guild Ball minis. He moved recently and a bunch of his stuff got jumbled and busted up. Plus, there were some new kits he'd gotten in that he wasn't sure when he would be able to assemble them. Putting figures together is arguably my favorite part of the whole hobby, so I've offered to fix his busted minis, assemble his new ones, and even move some of his other figures over to sculpted bases he'd gotten. There's ~35 minis that are getting some kind of work on them, from assembly, to those bases, to fixes, to green-stuffing the slots. It's been a fun project. Certainly kept me busy. Plus, next time I see them on the other side of the pitch, I don't have to see a bunch of half-assembled and busted figures. :P
But I'm currently taking a break (my hand's cramping from using a pin vice all morning) to bring you those reviews I know you all so desperately desire.

This week we have: Storm Hollow, The Mysterious Forest, Pandemic Legacy Season 2, Vengeance, Gloom of Kilforth, Spoils of War, Santorini, Kerala, Mini Rails, Armageddon, By Order of the Queen, NMBR 9, Coded: Card-Time Strategy, Legend of the Five Rings, Woo-Hoo!, AquaSphere, and Cities of Splendor.

So, it's come to this...
We all knew they'd show up eventually. Well, they're here. Asmodee looks to be leading the group, having launched their Holiday sale. And, being Asmodee, it's not just them, but all their subsidiaries like Z-Man, Fantasy Flight, Days of Wonder, and others. And, you know, I'm a big fan of getting holiday shopping done ahead of time, especially ordering online. You order. It shows up. You're done. Simple.
The real and the digital are blending more and more everyday. I mean. I'm real, but I work in digital all day. My office is as much this webspace as much as it's the chair and flat surface my computer's sitting on. That blending is spreading to our hobbies as well. Sure, we've had video games for decades and board games for centuries, but the two are coming together in new and inventive ways recently. Pushing that further forward is the new Fantasy Flight Interactive, a program from Fantasy Flight Games and Asmodee North America that will not only bring you digital versions of board games, but entirely unique gaming experiences as well.
What's past is past.
At least, we thought so, anyway. It would seem that's not quite the case. The stream of time has whirlpools and eddies and you can head back to them over and over again. In fact, sometimes you need to, lest the whole thing jump the banks and change course. That's when the characters in T.I.M.E. Stories head back and make things right again. The newest expansion coming out is Estrella Drive. Asmodee is giving us a bit more of a preview of what you can expect this time around.
The Cities of Splendor expansion for... well... Splendor is now available. Actually, it should be The Cities of Splendor expansionS. Reason being is that it's not just one new set of rules inside the box, but actually several. You can mix and match them as you see fit to add several whole-new playing experiences to your game. Build strongholds, visit the Orient, deal with different trading posts, and visit new cities.
In T.I.M.E. Stories, players are sent to ancient lands and exotic locations. This time, they're going to that far-off time of... uh... 1982. ... That's how you know you're old, kids, when a game is like, "we're going to send you way back in time, to this time where the person that's writing this article was alive." Thanks, everyone. Anyway, agents are being sent to check out 1982 California. And, as one would expect, it's not for the younger audience. That's what's going on in Estrella Drive.
Cities of Splendor brings multiple expansions to your Splendor games. Considering the game is all about jewels and such, it'd be a mistake to leave out the far East and all the various wonders that lie there. Well, that's just what the Far East expansion looks to rectify. It adds in three development decks, just like the standard game, but focused on the Orient and what it has to offer.
Many of my friends have kids. Some are yet still too young to really get into mommy and daddy's gaming collections, but others have kids that are definitely getting into the swing of things tabletop-gaming-wise. So it's cool to see games come out that are good for the family. Some of you might've played Captain Sonar. Well, Asmodee has announced they're coming out with a family version they're calling just Sonar.
Cities of Splendor gives players four expansions they can use to enhance their games of Splendor. Each one brings unique mechanics that will certainly add to the possible strategies in the game. In this preview, we get a look at the Strongholds expansion that's coming in the set. They add a new layer of tension, as you'll be placing and removing them from various cards as the game progresses.
Cities of Splendor is four expansions for the popular game all in one box. They've already given us a look at the Trading Posts. This time around, we get a look at the cities. I mean, it is called Cities of Splendor, after all. It'd be a bit disappointing if it didn't have cities in it.
The Cities of Splendor expansion for Splendor is actually four expansion sets all in one box. From what I've seen, players are excited to be able to add to one of their favorite games. In this preview, Asmodee gives us a look at the Trading Posts that will be in there. Players will add the Route to the Orient board to the game. By using it, players will be able to unlock various special abilities throughout the game.
You find yourself in a dark and spooky house. Lightning strikes outside, briefly illuminating your surroundings. You start to hear strange noises from somewhere in the house. You run. You trip. You hit your head. And that's when you wake up inside a submarine, deep underwater. The hull is creaking. Water is seeping in. You need to find a way out! You go from one room to the next, but bang your head on a portal as you go through. You wake up on a beach. It seems nice and pleasant, until a cutlass is pointed at your face and you realize you're surrounded by pirates! Those three adventures are the next in the Unlock! series of "escape room"-style games coming from Asmodee and Space Cowboys.
Summertime. Summertime. Sum-sum-summertime.
It's summer (well, in the Northern Hemisphere, anyway). That means trips to the beach or park or wherever you're going with family and friends. And on those trips, it's fun to play games. Though, due to packing constraints, you can't always bring those game boxes with you. That's where digital editions of those games come in handy. They all fit right onto your tablet or smartphone. And to help fill up with all the games you can, Asmodee is running their summer digital sale now.
It's Saturdaaaaaaaaaaay! Woooooooo!
Due to the rain, my initial plans for the day fell through. But I'm hoping to rebound and maybe hang out with some people here and just chill. Yes, just me, them, and a whole pan of homemade banana pudding cheesecake...
But at the moment, I know what you all really want are the day's reviews.

Today we have: Ethnos, Founders of Gloomhaven, Macroscope, Dragonstone Mine, Sheep & Thief, Gyrating Hamsters, Pests, Potion Explosion iOS, Salem, Exit: The Game, Lorenzo il Magnifico, Covil, Meduris, Saltlands, The Flow of History, Sagrada, The Red Dragon Inn: Battle for Greyport, and Ulock!.