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Avalon Hill

Saturday and I have all the baking to do. Baking for friends. Baking for coworkers. Baking for friends that are coworkers. Baking for coworkers that are friends.
I mean, I bought 4 pounds of unsalted butter. I'm going to be busy today.
But before I get up to my elbows in cookie dough, I need to type up those review articles I know you all so desperately desire.

Today we have: Arena Rex, Seikatsu, New York Slice, Dragonfire, Sid Meier's Civilization: A New Dawn, Macroscope, Kingdomino, and 1750: Britain vs. France.

I used to have a friend that liked exploring old, abandoned buildings. There's just all sorts of stuff you can find there. And, of course, he had some rather spooky tales of hearing sounds he didn't recognize and other such. Thankfully, he never had to worry about being turned to stone or having actual ghosts come and attack him, or falling through the floor into an unseen basement, such as can happen in House on Haunted Hill. And now, with all that stuff, there's a new expansion coming out this fall.
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