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Barbaric Splendor Miniatures

Halfway there. The week's halfway over right about the time this'll get posted. We've made it this far. We can make it the rest of the way. Do you have big plans for the weekend? If so, you might want to stock up on some bite-sized gaming stories to help fuel you up.

Today on the platter we have: Legionary APC Thunder Gun with Flamer Available From Kromlech, 1745 British Government Troops Kickstarter Running Now, and New Barbarian Miniatures Available From Barbaric Splendor Miniatures.


Friday. And not just any Friday, but the Friday before Gen Con week. That means there's only about 85k things to do (per minute). Well, while I type up "All The Words" for everything, I'm also going to stop and snack on some bite-sized gaming stories.

Today on the platter we have: Acheson Creations Releases 28mm Gigantosaurus, Llama Queen On War Llama Now Available From Barbaric Splendor Miniatures, Rebel Minis Releases Dark Hold Knight Goblin Cavalry Pack, and Puppets War Releases Orc Weapon Tips.


Buh. Only Wednesday? This is apparently going to be one of those kinds of weeks, it seems. Oh well, I've at least got several more hot sauces to try at home. Many wings will be eaten. But while I'm enjoying those tasty moresels, we've got a pair of tasty morsels in the form of bite-sized gaming stories for you.

Today we have: Barbaric Splendor Miniatures Taking Pre-Orders for Llama Queen Figure and More Lizard City Bases Available From Tabletop-Art.


It's Halloween. Boo!

And while the kiddos are out going door-to-door getting little bite-sized treats, we dont' make you go all over the neighborhood for your bite-sized gaming stories. You can just dunk your head into the bowl here and eat all you want.

Today we've got: New Pug Tank and Troopers Available From Ramshackle Games, Ghostly Bride Free With All Orders From Alternative Armies, New Releases Available From Dark Sword Miniatures, New Releases Available From Barbaric Splendor Miniatures, Fox Box Releases Goblin Tactical Vehicle, Cerberus Studios' Mortals' Reckoning Resin Miniatures Up On Kickstarter, X-Case 2.0 Up On Kickstarter, and 1 Day Halloween Sale At Kraken Dice.