Bargain Quest

Renegade Game Studios Announces New Expansions For Bargain Quest

Renegade Game Studios isn't just working on one new expansion for Bargain Quest. They're working on two. Chaotic Goods looks to bring you 13 new heroes and 9 new employees. Meanwhile, Solo Mode... well, it's kinda right there in the title, isn't it? It'll let you play the game when the rest of your group doesn't show up to game night.

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Renegade Game Studio Taking Pre-Orders For The Black Market Expansion for Bargain Quest

You can't always buy everything you want out in the various market stalls on the streets of the city. Sometimes, you need something that only the Black Market and supply, and that's just where you're headed in the Black Market expansion for Bargain Quest. Renegade Game Studios has announced this new expansion, as well as started taking pre-orders. Don't worry, all of that's entirely above-board.

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