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Venger Satanis. Head of Kort'thalis Publishing and writer of, among many other things, the Cha'alt megadungeon and setting. Also, a lover of mid-word apostrophes. What inspires him? Where does he draw his inspiration? What is he excited about in the OSR? What's something he's never shared before? Get the answer to these questions in an interview he recently did with The Mixed GM.

Many of you have tried out Cha'alt, the megadungeon, setting, character guide all wrapped into one. But what if you want to explore some other regions and areas of the world and go on a different adventure? Well, now you can (or at least, soon you can) with Fuschia Malaise, the first official adventure to come out for the setting. The book is up on Kickstarter now.

Do you want the Cha'alt megadungeon for half off? I mean, who doesn't? Everyone does. Well, that's exactly what you can do now. All 218 pages for only $10. But you only have until the 25th. So, go head there now.

If there's one thing players want for their characters, it's options. With more options comes more ways to customize their character into exactly what they want to play. Well, the folks at Kort'thalis Publishing are helping with the release of Cha'alt Ascended, a set of new and updated feats for your characters. Many of them are specifically designed to be useful in their Cha'alt megadungeon. You can pick up your copy now.

Been thinking about maybe running the super-dungeon Cha'alt for your players, but weren't quite sure? What about checking out a playthrough video that Kort'thalis Publishing posted? Obviously, they don't go through the whole dungeon (that'd be quite a stream), but you can get a good idea of how the game works and see if it's something for your group.

The Cha'alt megadungeon is a little bit different in theme and flavor than most. So, your average, everyday character might not really fit in with it all so well. But don't be afraid. The folks over at Kort'thalis Publishing have a solution. They've created Cha'alt Pre-Generated, a book of 27 pre-made PCs that perfectly fit the style, theme, and tone they're going for. Either use them as-is, or use them as a basis for your own character. Whatever you choose. You can pick up your copy now.

We love interviews around here. They're a great way to find out just what a game designer was thinking when they came up with their ideas. They let you find out the design process behind things, and make the game designer not just a name on a cover, but a real person. In this instance, 3 Toadstools sat down with Venger Satanis to discuss Cha'alt and otherwise just have a chat about things.

Want to really test your players? Give them a dungeon that's filled with terrible dangers? Really get them in a bind and make them think their way out? That's what you get in Cha'alt. It's a huge dungeon book for classic and 5th Edition D&D that contains a couple intro dungeons, and then the big superdungeon, the Black Pyramid. You can pick up a pdf of this adventure now.