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Conan RPG

Many of you were part of the Conan board game Kickstarter that Monolith ran a while back. It busted through tons of stretch goals and added quite a lot of content to the game. Well, the folks over at Modiphius leaned over and said, "Hey, that's amazing stuff. Mind if we adapt it for our RPG?" And the folks at Monolith were like, "Yeah! That'd be awesome!" Hence, the Monolith Sourcebook for the Conan RPG was born. The print edition is now available, for those of you that love having actual books-in-hand.

I know, having a pdf of a book is nice. They're a bit more portable. They might have searchable indexes. All that stuff. But... I still love the print version more. It's just me. If you're also like me, and you're a fan of the Conan RPG, you'll be happy to know that Modiphius has released the print version of Horros of the Hyborian Age book.

Conan wore many hats during his adventures. Conan the Barbarian. Conan the King. Conan the Conquerer. Conan the Steak-n-Shake Line Cook. In this instance, we're talking about Conan the Brigand. If you're a fan of having the physical version of the book for the Conan RPG in your hand, you can now pick up the print version from Modiphius (they'd previously only released the pdf version).

Modiphius is greatly expanding your options when gaming in the Hyborian Age as they have three new print releases for the Conan RPG. If you want to hit the high seas in Conan the Pirate, battle against religious fantatics in Nameless Cults, or do some dungeon delving in Ancient Ruins and Curses, there's a book now available for you.

Conan travelled far and wide across all of Hyboria. During that time, he was known as many things, including a brigand. Modiphius is letting you get into that section of his life with their Conan the Brigand sourcebook for the Conan RPG. Head out into the great deserts and make your own name for yourself among the nomads.

The works of Robert E. Howard included a multitude of horrifying creatures that Conan had to fight on his many journeys. In Horros of the Hyborian Age, GMs can bring those horros to the tabletops in their Conan RPGs. The pdf version of the book is available now.

Everytime I see a new sourcebook for an RPG, I think, "yup, that's good. GM options are good." And that's the case here. Ancient Ruins & Cursed Cities gives GMs in the Conan RPG a whole bunch of new options to throw at your players. It's a one-stop shop to add a bunch of flavor to your games.

DMs can never have enough resources for their games. They have so much to take care of in the game that having some pre-generated material is nice. In this case, it's a new book for the Conan RPG. It's called Nameless Cults and it has all sorts of information about Hyboria's various gods and those that worship them.

Yarr arr yarr! I loddie the hotpants! It's a pirate's life for me!
Hey, I downloaded from Napster back in the day. That counts, right?
Ok, so maybe I'm not much of a pirate, but Conan is, and so can you when you play the Conan RPG from Modiphius. They've released the Conan the Pirate supplement in pdf format.
Modiphius likes to give its players options for how they get their books. They offer both digital and physical formats, usually with the digital coming out long before the print hits shops. Well, if you've been wanting to get the Book of Skelos for the Conan RPG in physical form, your wait is now over. You can pick up your copy from the Modiphius website now.
While e-books are nice, I still prefer having a physical copy for myself. I like flipping through the pages and just coming across interesting bits in the book. Well, for those that are like me, you can get the physical version of Conan the Thief from Modiphius. That guy sure did have a lot of jobs throughout his career.
Conan wore a lot of different hats over the course of his long career chopping people in half. Barbarian, King, and in this instance, Mercenary. Modiphius has added a new book to their Conan RPG line. This one is Conan the Mercenary. It gives players many more options for their characters, as well as rules for GM to use in large battles in the world of Hyboria. You can pick up your copy now.
Pretty much all of us have had a game we love go through an edition change. It can be annoying when you've got an older supplement that no longer works for the new rules. You can go about trying to update the rules, yourself, but that can be troublesome. Well, for those that liked the older version of the Conan RPG, Modiphius has released a new D20 to 2D20 Conversion Guide. And it's free.
The world of Conan isn't one filled with a lot of magic, but it certainly does exist. Sorcerers and wizards tap into spiritual energies of the gods and do wondrous things. In The Book of Skelos, players will be able to bring such magic and mysticism to their games of the Conan RPG. The new sourcebook is available now as a .pdf from Modiphius.
Conan had quite a lot of adventures where he wore quite a few different hats. He had his crown when he was a king. He had his headband when he was a Barbarian. He had his... umm... something when he was the Destroyer. He's also a thief from time to time. It's that part of his career that you get to look over with Conan the Thief, the new sourcebook for the Conan RPG from Modiphius. You can get your pdf copy now.
There are some core game books out there that give you both the player's and GM's info all in one book. Those are cool, and I can see how it's really helpful, but sometimes it's a bit overkill. That's where just a player's guide can come in. And that's what Modiphius has done with their Conan: Player's Guide that's available now. The material is from the core book, but only has just what the players need to get going.
Who wouldn't want to run around and be Conan or one of the many traveling companions he's had throughout all of his various stories? Action! Adventure! Excitement! Really wild things! Now you can join Conan in the Conan RPG, now available from Modiphius. Along with the core rulebook, there's also the first adventure that you can go on.
As I mentioned previously, when different games all take inspiration from and use the same source material, it's potentially very easy for them to have crossover material. It doesn't always come to pass, though. Modiphius, on the other hand, is making sure to create as much crossover as possible with their Conan RPG. They've announced yet another partnership. This time with the upcoming Conan Exiles video game.
You know, if several games are all based on the same source material, there's plenty of opportunity for cross-overs. That's the feeling behind Modiphius and Monolith joining forces on the new Conan RPG that's up on Kickstarter. Now, if you had backed the board game by Monolith, and want to get some RPG action in, Modiphius is here to help.
Do you like to run around in a loincloth and swing a giant sword around?
Yeah, me too. But it's the sort of thing that's, unfortunately, frowned upon in our overly-repressed society these days. Much better to simply pretend you're doing it while hanging out with some friends. And if you're going to pretend that you're running around in a loincloth and swinging a giant sword, I can't really think of a better setting to do it in than Robert E. Howard's Hyboria. Good thing that Modiphius has launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring us all a new Conan RPG.

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