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Crocodile Games

Who wants to have to walk into battle? Nobody, that's who. And when you're a fierce, Amazonian warrior, you get yourself the best horse you can find and mount up. Crocodile Games has several new mounted Amazonian warriors sets that you can pick up now for WarGods.

Ancient Greece was made up of different city-states, loosely considering each-other truly Greek and each fielding their own military. In this release for Wargods, Crocodile Games gives us the Corinthians. Command, troops, support, everything you might need you can pick up now to field your army of hoplites.

With Gen Con on, a lot of companies are having sales. That includes Crocodile Games. Just head over to their website and pick up some minis for cheaper than you'd usually have to spend.
The Greek gods are well-known for having offspring. Semi-divine followers on Earth whose powers and abilities led them to complete mighty deeds. Now, you can have these characters fight for you in WarGods of Olympus, as Crocodile Games has released a whole set of them into their webshop.
We all know my love of miniatures that really aren't so "miniature." And while giant robots might be my favorite, lizards and other monsters are right behind. So, seeing the huge new Hydra miniature from Crocodile Games certainly gets my attention. You can get yours now.
The Cyclops is one of the great monsters of ancient times. WarGods is a miniatures game all about the great monsters of ancient times. So, it only seems appropriate to have Cyclopes miniatures in the game. So that's what Crocodile Games has done. You can pick up these massive minis now.
As I've said numerous times over the past couple weeks, Gen Con is coming. Like... tomorrow. There's going to be, oh, about a bajillion things going on, so it's best to stock up on some bite-sized gaming stories. Plus, since we didn't get it on Monday (and there's a chance I might not be able to get to it tomorrow), let's go ahead and get some Terrain Corner pieces in here, too.

So, in all we have: 1-48TACTIC now has free add ons, Warzone Studio Releases Gigafactory Battle Mat, Brigade Models Releases 2mm Scale City Blocks, Crocodile Games Releases Remastered Abominable Snowbeast, Badlands: Fantasy Gaming Mat Available from Pwork Wargames, New Statuesque Female Heads on Sale for 10% off, Darkmook Paper Miniatures Releases Supernatural Western Town Terrain, A Dog's Life Introduces Tillman the Skateboarding dog, The Army Painter Announces Runewars Paint Sets, and Arid Plain! Fantasy Gaming Mat Available from Pwork Wargames.

Seems like a pretty good time for some Amazonian miniatures to hit the tables. If you're looking for some, you might want to go no further than Crocodile Games. Their new range of figures for the Amazons is available now.
Friday! Friday! Friday!
It's Friday... and while I wouldn't say "I'm in love," I'm at least happy that it's Friday.

Hopefully you've got some gaming planned for the weekend. Some of you will be gaming at Adepticon. Those are the lucky ones. Some of you will be forced through a fine mesh screen for your gaming. Those are the luckiest ones of all.

We've brought together another set of bite-sized stories for you to nosh on while you prepare for whatever you might be doing this weekend.

In this installment we've got: Bilbo Nesta Marley and The Macaroons - An Adventure from a time before Blackpowder, New scenery pieces preview from Multiverse Gaming, New Walking Egyptian Girl from Brother Vinni, Warsaw Rising Up 1945-1980 Up on (it's a Polish crowd-funding site), Khurasan previews 15mm Peshmerga fighters, New Debris Field and Asteroid Tokens from CorSec Engineering, Last call for Amazons and Automatons from Crocodile Games, New Releases available from WarGamma, The Fiver with Swarm of Dice LLC on Designing Loot & Recruit, New Tank Preview from Mad Robot Miniatures, and Tabletop Adapters Kickstarter running now.

Crocodile Games is in their final Day for their WarGods of Olympus Kickstarter. They've unlocked Helen of Troy and have plenty more unlocks to go.

From the campaign:

Great news! We have smashed through the $125,000 goal, and Helen of Troy has now been unlocked! THANK YOU to you, and all the rest of our backers, this is a great achievement! Her miniature will now be added to all reward levels of $160 or more.

Crocodile Games has only a few days left over on Kickstarter in their WarGods of Olympus Kickstarter. They're showing off some preview art for the Trojans they hope to unlock before time runs out.

From the update:

Greetings once again from the land of Olympus! We are moving into the final days of the WarGods Kickstarter, and we have gotten close to Troy... so close, we can see the defenders gathering on the field of battle... mighty Man-Killing Hector, magnificent Paris, Trojan Chariots... all, only a day's sail away. And there, on the battlements of the sacred city of Troy, we can see a figure of a woman watching all beneath her... it is Helen, the most beautiful woman in the ancient world!

Crocodile Games unlocked another stretch goal in their WarGods of Olympus Kickstarter campaing, adding Peltast Reinforcements to the mix. Next up, automatons.
Yup, kids, they're doing a mini of Bubo.

From the update:

The latest stretch goal in the WarGods Kickstarter has been unlocked - Reinforcements! Now ALL Peltast units that are a part of the WarGods Kickstarter program are upgraded from 10 to 12 models!

And the next stretch goal is a doozie - Automatons at $90,000! When we get there, we'll unlock the bronze Automatons of Hephaestus - clockwork servants that are crafted by Hephaestus to protect and entertain him! These include the Minotaur, Hoplite, Owl, Hound, and Bull, all all will be purchasable as Add-Ons once unlocked. But it gets even better - when the Automatons are unlocked, all miniature rewards in the entire kickstarter will receive a FREE Bronze Owl miniature - to serve and advise your Demigod!

Let's get to the Forge of Hephaustus, and unleash the bronze Automatons!


Crocodile Games unlocked the Athens faction over in WarGods of Olympus over on Kickstarter.

From the announcement:

What does it mean now that the Athenians are unlocked? We already have rules and art for the Athenians, now we can proceed with the sculpting of the miniatures. By this time next year, we'll have a completed Athenians Warband Starter Set, Hoplite Unit, Peltast Unit, Archer Unit, Swordsman Unit, Hero with Armor Rack and Captain with Casualty. You may now select these as an option for your rewards on Kickstarter, but they will be shipped with the book in July 2014.

Crocodile Games passed the funding goal to unlock the Oracle of Delphi in their WarGods of Olympus Kickstarter campaign.

From the announcement:

The Oracle of Delphi miniature has now been unlocked in the WarGods Kickstarter! This free miniature has been added to the following reward levels -- Council of the Gods, Skirmish, Warband, Army, and any reward that includes any of these listed (i.e. Council of the Gods UK, Olympian, etc). So if you have chosen any of these rewards, your reward just got better!

At last your warband arrives at Delphi, and you ask the Oracle what is needed to defeat your enemies. Her answer is mysterious: "Only with arms of bronze and fiery hearts can you defeat the stallion-breaking sons of Troy. Yet with either victory or defeat, journey home will take you through lands from whence no mortal has ever returned."

What does it mean? Help us get to our next goals, and we shall see if the words of the Oracle come true. Next stop - Athens!

-- Chris & Debs

Crocodile Games is also posting some preview greens for their Kickstarter. This one's for Ares as well as giving you a look at the artwork for Dionysus.

From the preview:

The WarGods Kickstarter is into the 2nd week... here's the latest update from the sculpting table... Just finished is another Demigod - Ares, the god of war! The figure was sculpted by Chris FitzPatrick and based on concept art by Des Hanley.

He's armed to to teeth: he's charging forward with a spear upraised to strike, and has a pair of daggers laced to his legs, and a spare javelin carried on his back. Even his shield can be used as a weapon, with two punch daggers protruding from the front. This is a miniature for the guys who don't play nice!

Check out the extra photos on the Croc Forum for more views from other angles of the mini.

WarGods of Olympus, from Crocodile Games, has reached another stretch goal and unlocked Corinth in their Kickstarter campaign.

From the campaign:

We woke up this morning to discover we had passed another milestone on our journey through Olympus - Corinth has been unlocked! A huge thank you to everyone who has made this possible, we are so excited to be able to finally make the Corinthians!

Crocodile Games is showing off the green they've got for Artemis over in their WarGods of Olympus Kickstarter campaign.

From the update:

Hi everyone!

The WarGods of Olympus Kickstarter broke through the $45,000 mark last night! Thank you!

All reward levels eligible for stretch goals will receive the Titan Hunter free! Specifically, that's the Skirmish, Warband, Army, and Council of the Gods levels - or any level that includes one of these (like 'Olympian', etc). Titan Hunters are the Specialists for Mycenae, big, burly warriors who fearlessly hunt the largest, most dangerous monsters in all of Olympus -- the Titans! This miniature will make an impressive addition to your warband. He can be included in any Mycenaean warband, or any warband that includes a Mycenaean allied unit. And even if you don't play the Myceneans, he's a great model to paint!
Crocodile Games unlocked the Amazons over in their WarGods of Olumpus Kickstarter event and has posted up a green preview of the next unlock.

From the update:

And now where do we go? Mycenae is the next stop on our journey through Olympus - we'll get there when we reach the $45,000 goal. When that happens, the mighty Mycenaean Titan Hunter will join our warband! All reward levels that are eligible for stretch goals will receive a Titan Hunter added to their reward at no additional charge!

This version of the Titan Hunter is an exclusive Kickstarter miniature, and will not be available anywhere else! Please help us spread the word about the program, so we can add this cool miniature to our rewards!

Crocodile Games has launched their Kickstarter in order to fund WarGods of Olympus. They've already made their funding goal, so it's stretch goals for the next 28 days.

From the campaign:

The WarGods of Olympus softcover rulebook will contain over 250 pages, lavishly illustrated throughout with color and black & white artwork by renowned artists Des Hanley and John Wigley. The rulebook will include an extensive gallery of miniatures painted by some of the best talents in the game industry, and a stunning scenery gallery by Herb Gundt (aka H.G. Walls.) Also included are 2 full-color sheets of Command Counters. The rulebook contains the rules for 6 city-states (Sparta, Mycenae, Troy, Athens, Corinth, and the Amazons) and the Titans. It also includes all the rules and powers to create 10 different Demigods. WarGods uses 10-sided dice, available from all hobby and game stores. The rulebook is planned for release in July of 2014.

Crocodile Games has been revving back up to bring you more Wargods content. Here's a look at their new painted Trojans.

From the update:

We got the master castings of the first batch of Trojans from our moldmaker last week, and so we thought we'd show you how well they paint up! Both of these were painted by Debs FitzPatrick, and we think they came out great!

Less than a week to go before we start the Kickstarter!

If you'd like to see more and larger photos of these, join the fun on the Croc Forum

Crocodile Games gives you some new accent pieces for your terrain-making enjoyment.

From the announcement:

We are pleased to announce that 9 new Icons & Artifacts have been added to the Croc Store!

The Icons & Artifacts range is our collection of small odds and ends that are designed to enhance your miniature world. Here at Crocodile Games, we feel it is important for our battlefields to look interesting and 'lived-in'. We supply treasures, statues, idols, flags, banners armor racks, and more - items perfect to dress up your miniature's base, used as a battlefield objective, outfit your army's campsite, and add to a diorama. Over the years, we've slowly been adding dozens of cool items to our Icons & Artifacts store, and there are plenty to choose from! And they are not just for WarGods - the Icons & Artifacts range has proven very popular with miniature gamers everywhere - they are prefect for Pulp Games, historical Ancients, and traditional Fantasy. Role-Playing Gamers love them too!

Included in this Icons & Artifacts Release -
WGE-168c Anvil
WGE-805e Horus Statue
WGE-806b Anubi Sarcophagus
WGE-809e Pile of Bags
WGE-899d Skull Sarcophagus
WGO-108c Mycenaean Casualty
WGO-109b Mycenaean Armor Rack
WGO-120b Helmets
And at last... the legendary Golden Fleece!!!

Also, we've made all of the Mycenaean Tower Shields available individually as well.

Crocodile Games has some new Mycenaean Shields and Swordsmen available now in their webstore.

From the release:

By popular demand, because our customers asked for it, we have released two new Mycenae shields for the Battle Honors as featured in Croc Tales #7.

Along with these shields, we have also released a new sword arm for use with the Mycenaean front rank hoplites. Giving you more variety and the ability to create a whole new unit!

Check out the Croc store, and order yours today!

Crocodile Games has a model in theme for the season coming out this month for Wargods: the Abomination.

From the update:

October is here, and with it comes spooky Halloween fun! To kick of the festivities, we have opened the tomb and unleashed a new Abomination... An undead sphinx for WarGods of Aegyptus !

This spectacular new four-piece miniature was sculpted by Benoit Cosse, and comes on a 40mm square base. It is available NOW in the Croc store and will be available to retail stores and distributors later this month.

Crocodile Games has issue 7 of their Croc Tales gaming magazine available for download on their website.

In this issue:

Croc Tales 7 has arrived! This issue of our WarGods web-zine features a 32 page preview of WarGods of Olympus! With rules to play both the Spartan and Mycenaean warbands, including all of the units currently available in the Croc Store, it is everything you'll need to get those greeks onto the gaming table!

This issue features new loads of new rules by Fitz, exciting new stories by Allen Thomas, Ryan Markle, and Bryan Steele, stunning new art by Des Hanley and John Wigley, and awesome miniatures painted by Marike Reimer and Debs FitzPatrick. A big thanks goes out to Joe Gois, Tim Pray, and all the guys and girls on the Croc Forum for helping us chase down all the little errors that creep into a big project! Thanks gang, we'd still be spell-checking this thing if it wasn't for you!

Click the link and download yours now!

Crocodile Games releases their new free Greek Command Counters.

From their site:

We are pleased to announce two new sets of Command Counters for WarGods -- for the Mycenae and Sparta warbands. These are just what you need to spruce up your warband on the field of battle!

Created by the graphic design talents of Wyatt the Odd, watch for more Command Counters coming in the near future!

Download your Command Counters today for free from Crocodile Games: here!