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One of the most important civilizations in world history (and, quite possibly, one of the largest threats to everyday life, if comics and movies are to be believed), Egypt has left a lasting legacy. Even today, fascination with the land along the Nile continues to grow. Well, gamers that have an interest in Egypt can now add it to their games of Deus. Deus: Egypt is now available.
Our age-old foe strikes again: Ancient Egypt! *Imperial March plays*
The civilization that inhabited the area around the Nile river has left a lasting impact on the world. Sure, there's architecture and military advancements and metalworking and all that. But we also have new things to add to our tabletop games thanks to them. In this case, Deus is getting a new expansion based on Egypt. It's that which we get a preview of from Asmodee.
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In school, pretty much all of us learn something about Ancient Egypt. They were one of the greatest civilizations on Earth. Many of their monuments and structures are still around today (and when you consider things like we're closer to the birth of Cleopatra than her birth was to the construction of the Great Pyramids, that's quite a thing). Now, you'll be able to bring the grandeur and wonder to your games of Deus, as it's getting its first expansion soon.
Hey everyone. Welcome to another Sunday Edition here on TGN.
Now, some of you might've noticed that we ran Sunday Snippets on Saturday and are doing the Review Roundup here on Sunday.
I'm... not entirely sure how that happened actually. I think all the necromantic energy from the Zombicide previews got to me and confused up my brain! All day yesterday felt like Sunday. It wasn't until like 4-5pm that I was like, "Wait... it's Saturday!" Anyway, we've got your reviews for you today.

This week we've got reviews/previews of: Pathfinder Battles: The Lost Coast Booster, Kromlech Orc Character Set, 12 Realms: Ancestors Legacy, K2, XenoShyft, Fief France 1429, Samurai Spirit, Deus, and Galactic Strike Force.

Welcome to another Saturday. This week went by quick (at least for me). I hope you've been enjoying the Adepticon photos we've been posting. Be sure to check out the ones of the Desert Hydra. Makes me almost wish I played Skorne. I might get one of those just to paint up.

Anyway, as is custom here on TGN, we've collected the review articles from the week and have them here in one place for you here today.

In this batch we have previews/reviews of: Kromlechs' Armoured Orc Assault and SMG Squads, Urban Commando and Battleground Gaming Mats, Deus Board Game, Dead Man's Draw, The Institute of Magical Arts, Board Game Quest's Top 10 Cooperative Games, Port Royal, Saboteur, Mysterium, Wizard's Academy, and XCOM.