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Dwarven Forge

Well, it's Monday again. It was inevitable. Not that Monday's all bad, mind you. Can't say it's my favorite day. But I don't hate it. I'm not Garfield. Besides, I've got new hot sauces hopefully arriving today. So, it's not all bad. We'll make it through and get back to the weekend eventually. In the meantime, though, let's make sure that when it does come time again to game, your gaming tables look good.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: Tabletop World Previews New Stable Terrain, and New Hive City Billboard Available From Tabletop Scenics.

It's Gen Con week. I'm sure everyone's prepped and ready to go. *watches lots of people shake their heads NO!!!*
Ah, well, as you finish getting ready, be sure to check out today's terrain articles so your tables can look as good as the ones at the show.

Today we have: Dwarven Forge Running Caverns Deep Terrain Kickstarter, New Sarissa Precision EL Alamein Station Scenery Set, New Post-Apocalyptic Terrain Available From Plastcraft Games, and North Pass Gaming Mat Available From Pwork Wargame.

We're getting closer to that weekend. Just another day and a half and we'll be there. Hopefully, you've got some gaming plans lined up. I've got some partial ones, myself. We'll see how it goes. But if you are going to be gaming, you should have a good-looking gaming table. So let's help out with that here.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: June Releases Available From Scotia Grendel, Dwarven Forge Running Dungeon of Doom Kickstarter, Final Days for BattleMats RPG Encounter Kickstarter, Lifeless Land Gaming Mat Available From Pwork Wargame, and District 5 Warehouse Available From Micro Art Studios.

I hope everyone's Monday is going well and nobody has "a case of the Mondays." One way to beat the Monday Blues is to talk about gaming (or so I've found, anyway). All the stories of what happened over the weekend, recounting epic adventures, or fantasy sports matches, or wizard battles can help keep those blues at bay. (Lost my game of Warmachine, won a game of Ascension, and was ahead when time was called in Guild Ball) And where there's gaming, there's usually terrain. Let's get into it with our Terrain Corner spot.

Today we have: New Dwarven Forge Kickstarter Coming March 6th, Sea of Flames Added to Dungeon Worlds Kickstarter, Manorhouse Workshop Update #14 – The Abbey of the Living Dead, and Dark Swamp: Pwork Wargames fantasy gaming mat Now Available.

Hey everyone. I hope your weekend is going well. My Saturday was spent with some good friends that I don't get to see nearly enough, talking about glorious moments from games past, listening to some humorous gaming radio-plays, getting into wacky hijinks, and just generally being odd (while mostly listening to hair metal, because why not?).

As for today, it's time to serve up some bite-sized stories to you.

In this batch we have:
Heer46 Indiegogo Kampagne 1943 Kharkov is online
Heroic Maps - Summoning Rooms Terrain Maps Released
Quantum Gothic: Large Power Generator Module V2K resin kit back on line
Manorhouse Workshop Update #31 – Modular Underground Project – compatible with Dwarven Forge items
Slaughterloo 200th Anniversary Special Coming 15th June 2015
Post Captain sailing soon from Old Dominion GameWorks
Age of Sail clear acrylic ship bases with etched wakes preview from Old Dominion GameWorks
Fury: Outburst Control is coming to Kickstarter June 10th
Acheson Creations Releases WW1 Alpine Trench Section #3
Gangfight Games Previews Werecatcher for Blackwater Gulch
Brigade Models Release Several New 15mm Packs

BattleBards, the RPG-enhancing soundtrack set, with over 500 tracks to choose from, is in their final couple days over on Kickstarter (specifically, 4 days left at time of this post). But, as we all know, the final countdown (*starts playing Europe*) is when you bring out the big guns. Well, they've brought out some big guns, indeed, as one of the most popular purveyors of tabletop terrain, Dwarven Forge, has joined in on the campaign.
Dwarven Forge is running a Kickstarter campaign for their new City Buildings terrain pieces. So now, instead of just various hallways and caverns and such that you're used to getting from them, they have full buildings of all shapes and sizes, from little huts to tall inns to castle towers. Of course, it wouldn't bet Dwarven Forge without a few hallways and so forth. As such, they've got their sewers terrain pieces as well.

From the campaign:
Dwarven Forge has made it up and over $1 million in their Dwarven Caverns Kickstarter campaign with still 2 weeks to go.


From the campaign:

In addition to our $1.1 million dollar stretch goal (two free 45-degree pieces ), we are adding a free Narrow Stalagmite (one for every set backed, applicable to all 2+ set pledges) as soon as we hit $1.05 million.

And get ready for some great add-ons, coming soon!

Dwarven Forge has launched their next Kickstarter campaign. This one's for caverns terrain pieces.
They funded in 9 minutes and there's still 27 days to go.


From the campaign:

Dwarven Forge has only a couple hours left on Kickstarter. They're getting close to $2m. Do you think they can make it? Will your pledge be the one to take them over?

From the campaign:

This is the FINAL DAY of our Kickstarter project, and we are thrilled to UNLOCK two $1,650,000 Stretch Goals!

Dwarven Forge only has 5 days left in their Kickstarter campaign. They've already made over $1m, but there's always higher they can go.

From the campaign:

We are grateful and speechless. And we’ve had more fun than we possibly imagined. Thank you! The Free Treasure Pile – and finally, the Dungeon Dressing Pack Add-on, are now Unlocked!

Dwarven Forge continues to raise in funding over on Kickstarter, having gone past their $600k goal.

From the update:

Due to your great support we have unlocked a new, purchasable Curved Corner Add-On Pack. This set consists of 16 Curved Corners and 8 Curved Half Floors. It will be available in both Dark Gray and Expertly Hand Painted versions. You can pledge for either 1 set, or a more economical 2 set offer. The price of this set matches the Diagonal Wall Pack. Please remember that this Add-on is a specially priced* Stretch Goal, so we can only offer it to backers pledged at the 2-set level and above.

Dwarven Forge continues to rise over on Kickstarter. They've made it through 6 stretch goals and are now looking to add diagonal walls and tiles free to everyone's order as a stretch goal. They've also got a painting tutorial up, showing how the new pieces take paint.

From the update:

It has been an amazing five days! We started on Monday morning with a lot of nervousness, but we were hopeful that the gaming community would support our cause. Stefan and I were completely surprised and elated when we hit our $50,000 funding level in three hours, and we are overwhelmed that now we stand at over $336,000!

Thank you so much!

This week we have smashed through SIX Stretch Goals which included a bunch of FREE Game Tiles pieces. Our current Stretch Goal takes the form of a completely new piece -- two FREE Diagonal Walls when we hit $400,000 in funding.

Dwarven Forge, makers of fine terrain for the past 17 years, has launched a Kickstarter in order to fund a new set of modular game terrain tiles. They just launched and are already 150% funded. So it's stretch goals for the next 36 days.

From the campaign:

Dwarven Forge, a leader in miniature terrain for 17 years, is proud to introduce Game Tiles, right here on Kickstarter. Game Tiles is our new 25mm gaming terrain that is inspired by (and completely compatible with) our classic terrain. Perfect for D&D, and other 25mm games, Game Tiles look and feel spectacular. They feel heavy in the hand, and they can quickly be placed together to form a cool miniature terrain encounter area.

What’s immediately striking is Game Tiles’ casting material. Made from a dense, incredibly strong, color-infused compound, Game Tiles are nearly indestructible and remarkably affordable. You can literally throw Game Tiles in a bag, haul them to a game session, dump them on the table, set them up – and then scrape them off the table back into your bag. In testing, we actually struck our prototype pieces hard with a hammer – and it didn't leave a mark!

Dwarven Forge released their new Hellscape Terrain Set over in their webshop. It's limited edition, so get yours now.

From the release:

This next installment in the acclaimed Den of Evil series is in stock and ready to ship! This Limited Edition Set (1,500) is a great setting for many possible scenarios including volcanic caverns, Star Wars/Sith encounters and more "evil" locales. The set comes fully hand-painted with felt bottoms and a custom-molded styrofoam box. Each set comes complete with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

Dwarven Forge announces a new dungeon tile set, The Den of Evil.

From their release:

Dwarven Forge is happy to announce that Stefan has developed another cool set in the limited-edition Den of Evil line. The DoE Expansion Set has many stunning and useful pieces that greatly enhance your DoE set-ups. Only 1,500 sets will be produced, and each comes with a hand-numbered Certificate of Authenticity. The pieces included: