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Forge World

I know it happens somewhat often, getting some rather extreme differences between different releases from Forge World some weeks. But this one is pretty far apart. On one side, we've got a new Young Bilbo figure that's only available for a week to order. On the other, we've got three new weapons for Adeptus Titanicus with which to outfit your-

<whoop! whoop! whoop!>

giant robots. I need to make sure that alarm's working right. I think it got confused a little too.

I mean, I like rain. I like storms. But I'm not really thrilled when they cause huge amounts of damage, I.E. - become Ruinstorms. But that's just what you're getting to order from Forge World this week. There's new Ruinstorm Daemon Brutes that you can get for your 40k Horus Heresy armies. Place your orders now.

Just a little update from Forge World this week, figuratively and literally and ... pun-ily? Anyway, they are taking orders for their new Sharriffs of the Shire set. Need to keep your hobbits in line? These two are the ones to make sure that it stays so. No adventure. No excitement. Maybe a giant pumpkin.

Forge World releases do sometimes fall on pretty far spectrums in terms of theme from one-another. You've got sci-fi. You've got fantasy. It's a little from column A. It's a little from column B. That's what we have today. They are taking orders for new jetbikes for the White Scars and a gunship for the Legion Janitorales... I mean, Custodes. They've also got a new set for the Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game that's the various defenders of Lake-town, including Bard, Legolas, and Tauriel.

Two ends of the spectrum available to pre-order from Forge World this week. On one hand, you've got a pair of Necromunda figures, Apollus Kage & Krotus Hark, to add to your gangs. On the others, there's two Middle-earth kits in the form of Ruffian Leaders and Will Whitfoot & Baldo Tulpenny. So, if you like sci-fi gangs or fantasy Hobbits, you've got some options.

Ah, Dark Angels. Back when I played 40k, they were my chapter of choice. Granted, my main army was Orks, so maybe I just had a surplus of green paint already sitting around. But that's beside the point, if you're a Dark Angels fan, there's a new Dreadnaught and Terminator that you can pre-order from Forge World for your boys in black (before they went green).

<whoop! whoop! whoop!>

You know what that sound means. It's the Giant Robot Alert and that's what Forge World is bringing us this week. They're the Knight Moirax and there's two weapon loadouts that you can pre-order now from their webshop for your 40k armies.

Bullets. When you're in a gang war, they can be an invaluable commodity. So, who do you call when you're running now? (not the Ghostbusters) You call Gragnir, the squat ammo-jack. For you Necromunda players, you can head over to the Forge World website and order yours today.

Seeing as the elves are getting a new Battletome as well as a new Blood Bowl team, it seems only fitting that Forge World would be taking orders for a new Dryad Star Player. And that's what we've got here. It's Willow Rosebark. Thankfully, she's faster than your average tree running through a field.

Forge World has a new character from their Horus Heresy Character Series for you to order. It's Chapter Master Raldoron of the Blood Angels, seen here making sure his equipment is well taken care of. Demon blood corrodes pretty badly, after all. You can order him alone or with a retinue of terminators.

Those that oppose House Cawdor must face judgement. Those within House Cawdor must remain vigiliant. Why? because the Headsman isn't going to just hang out doing nothing all day. Necromunda players can order the new House Cawdor Executioner figure now from Forge World.

So, you've brought shame and dishonor upon your name and your clan! You shall be punished by... being given some kick-ass power armor and super-powerful weapons. Seems legit to me. That's exactly what the White Scars do with their dishonorable soldiers. I guess when you're in a chapter that's all about speed and maneuverability, being "stuck" in terminator armor could be a drag. You can pre-order your White Scars Legion Ebon Keshig Terminator troops now from Forge World.

And again, here's appropriate music while ordering.

Along with every paint color they've got coming, Forge World also has some new Necromunda items in their Pre-Order category right now. You can pick up two new weapon sets, a new set of heads, as well as a pair of new figures: Ammo-jack and Dome Runner. And, like I mentioned, aaaaaaaaaaall the paints.

<whoop! whoop! whoop!>
Giant robot alert! We have giant robot alert!

Forge World has a new knight model that you can order from their webshop. It's the Acastus Knight Asterius and it's a biggie. Giant weapons. Missile launcher on the back. It's got it all. You can put in your orders for it now.

Feel free to put on some appropriate music while looking over these new figures. Forge World has a pair of new figures available to order for the White Scars over in their webshop. We've got a new Praetor, and then we have some Giant Robot Alert with a new Leviathan Dreadnaught (yes, I kinda love how it looks).

Walking into battle is so lame. Better to ride in style. The folks at Forge World feel the same way, so they've got a pair of new transportation options for you for your 40k armies. There's the Legion Dreadnaught Drop Pod, which is pretty standard like you've seen before. Then there's the Mechanicum Ordinatus Aktaeus, something that would look rather familiar to any Ninja Turtles fans out there.

Yar Umbra & The Deserter.
Sounds like they're going to drop the freshest R&B jam over on Soundcloud.
But really, they're a pair of mercenaries for Necromunda. You can go over to Forge World and order yours now.

Forge World has a classic for you this time around. Many of you probably have a Lord Borak the Despoiler figure in your Blood Bowl collections. But the folks at GW figured he could use a bit of a touch-up. So he's got a new mini out and available to pre-order now over on the Forge World site.

<whoop! whoop! whoop!> Giant robot alert! We have giant robot alert! <whoop! whoop! whoop!>

Forge World is giving you a chance to expand your Adeptus Titanicus forces with a new variant of the Warlord Titan. You can get it bundled with the arms, or pick up the arms separately if you already have a titan body you'd like to add these new weapons to.

While not really focused on in the movies, there were certainly plenty of other groups that were part of Middle-earth. So, you might not recognize this pair from the big screen, but Raza and Delgamar are a part of the lore, nonetheless. If you're looking to expand your forces, you can order them now over on Forge World's website.

There's a pair of new White Scars figures for 40k available to order from Forge World this week. It's a new Contemptor Dreadnaught and a new Praetor in Terminator Armor. I have to say, I'm kinda saddened to see that they're not equipped with rocket skates or something.

Also, if you want appropriate music while looking these over, you can find that here.

Blood for the Blo-, oh, wait, that's the wrong type of wanting blood raining from the sky (Return to power draws near). This time around, it's Sanguinius, the Primarch of the Blood Angels. He's got a new mini up on Forge World's site, along with some new Terminators and the new Book 8 for The Horus Heresy. You can order all of them now.

Aww rats. The dark spaces in hive cities are loaded with them. And some gangs in Necromunda have decided to turn them from a nuissance into an asset. Cawdor, in particular, have strapped bombs to these little squeakers and aimed them at the enemy. You can order your own squad now.

I'm not entirely sure how effective a giant bloated slug-thing would be in a game of Blood Bowl. Seems like it wouldn't really be able to keep up with the action all too well. But that's for you to work out on the pitch. A new Nurgle team, including a new Rotspawn, is available to order from Forge World.

Quick one for you today from Forge World. Their latest pre-release figure is Elfhelm (who is neither an elf nor a helmet, but what's in a name, anyway?), a captain of Rohan that you can add to your forces. He's available both on foot as well as on horseback, because who wants to walk to battle, anyway?


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