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Well, Monday's over. We have made our way to Tuesday. Eventually, we will make it back to the weekend. But we've still got a long way to go before we get there. In the meantime, there's gaming podcasts to help make the time go by. So, while Nina in Corporate Accounts Payable answers her phone over and over again, we can check out all that's going on in the gaming world.

This week we have: Game Classy Episode 148: It’s Listener Mail Time!!!; Pride of the Legion Episode 3; 40K Radio Episode 23: Mechanics, Militarium, and Death Guard, Oh My!; Nerdherders Episode 20 (110): The Dukes of Haphazard; Forgot My Dice Episode 21 (28): Dunk the Ring; Blue Peg, Pink Peg Episode 109: Mansions of Madness, Second Edition; The Rolistes Episode 24 (Part 1): Armagnac, Strudel, Munchausen, James Wallis & a Few Other Friends; Singled Out Episode 49: Talking Season 3 Morticians With Charles Nurser Charles Nurser; Epic Gaming Night Episode 127: One Night with Ted Alspach; Guild Ball Tonight Episode 68: Decimate's Hat; Gaming on Tap Episode 04: Now I am Death / Top 3 Horror Games; SAGA THORSDAY 60: Meet Stephen; The D6 Generation Episode 223: Greater Than Games & Sleepy Hollow; Plan of ATK! Episode 13; The Cardboard Herald Episode 50: Chris Faulkenberry of Stone Circle Games, designer of Battle for Biternia; The Secret Cabal Episode 145: Yokohama, Terraforming Mars and Games That Fired Other Games; and News of the North - 2017-10-24.

Well, Monday is over and the work week is well underway. Hopefully yours has been fairly easy so far. It's been a bit hectic over here, but waddyagonna do? You're gonna listen to some gaming podcasts is what you're gonna do!

This week we have: Singled Out Episode 21: Season 3 Masons with Daniel Harwood; The Rolistes Episode 16: Boldly Going Star Trek with Chris, John, & Dave; Meeples & Miniatures Episode 187: Reisswitz Press, Dawns & Departures, and other Too Fat Lardy stories; Epic Gaming Night Podcast Episode 83: Board Game Media; Mantic Radio Episode 8; Anonymous Tabletop Episode 9: Holiday Potluck Extravaganza; and Nerdherders Episode 10 (100) : They said it couldn’t be done.

By the time you read this, I will be gone...
Gone on my way to Indy, that is. My ride's going to be picking me up and we're headed out. Gotta make a couple stops first to pick up last-minute supplies, but other than that, it's on the road. You know what will make the long drive better? Some podcasts to listen to in the car to get us all pumped up for the show. Good thing we've got a whole bunch of them in this week's roundup.

Such as: Game Classy 119: Trek’s in the Box, Man Battlestations Podcast Episode 9, Blue Peg, Pink Peg Episode 78- My Village and GenCon 2016 Preview, TireKicker Podcast – Episode 4, Anonymous Tabletop – Episode 6: Gotta Catch ‘Em All, Meeples & Miniatures – Episode 175 – Halo Ground Command & Historicon 2016, The Rolistes Podcast Episode 12 – An Evening With Monte Cook & Other RPG Memories, Singled Out Episode 11 – The Big League, and News of the North – 2016-08-02.

Monday has come and gone. It wasn't the greatest one for many of my friends. Hopefully yours wasn't so bad. But I know just about everyone's happy that it's over with. The week's good and underway now. Let's help it continue along smoothly by listening to some gaming podcasts. That should help.

This week we have: The Hub Systems Podcast Episode 23- Shattered Void, Who Cares Who Wins Episode 18 – Jamie owes me a pint, Epic Gaming Night Podcast Ep 64 We love Board Games, Guild Ball Tonight Episode 42: Kids, Ask Your Parents, Meeples & Miniatures Episode 174 – The Chicago Way, Plaid Hat Games Podcast Episode 211: Endings, and Announcing the Freebooter's Network.