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Games Workshop

*comes in unannounced*

Hello there. Sorry to interrempt...

... *burns everything to the ground, apparently, since that's what an Interemptor does*

If you'd like to burninate the countryside and add this new unit to your Dark Angels army, you can order them over on the Forge World website now.

Now, these figures bring back some memories. Back when I was playing 40k in 2nd and 3rd editions, one of my main opponents played Imperial Guard and had a couple different Valhallan units. And I know I faced down that Commissar Yarrick many times on the battlefield with my Orks. If you're looking to get some of these classic figures, Games Workshop is happy to make them just for you as long as you get your order in this week.

Ok, so maybe it's not technically a tank and is, instead, an armored mobile artillery piece. But that's just terminology. Anyway, Forge World is now taking orders for their new Legion Arquitor Bombard with Graviton-Charge Cannon kit. If you want to blow giant holes in the enemy's battle lines, this is a good choice for that. They're also taking orders for the softcover version of Horus Heresy Book 8.

Games Workshop has a whole lot of things going on in their webshop this week. There's a new Necromunda book and unit. They've got some new Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game kits. But they've also got a bunch of heroes for Age of Sigmar now available individually. So, if you've been wanting some of these figures but didn't want to have to buy a huge set to get them, now you can. As I say, it's a lot going on.

<whoop! whoop! whoop!>

Giant robot alert! We have giant robot alert!

In this instance, there's a new titan for Adeptus Titanicus available to order from Forge World. But that's not all they've got this week. There's also the new Inner Circle Knights Cenobium unit for the Dark Angels. They have such sights to show you!

Games Workshop has a new batch of pre-orders available over in their webshop, as is their weekly custom. This time around, it's a new Age of Sigmar book. It's called Wrath of the Everchosen. It's all about Nagash and all the things he's been up to lately (it's nothing good if you're alive). There's also new Beastgrave kits, including minis, cards, and special dice sets.

Games. Most of them are competitive in nature. And where you have competition, you're going to have tournaments where players want to find out who's the best. If you're a fan of the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game and you are wanting to hold some tourneys, then the Matched Play Guide is for you. It's got all sorts of scenarios and matched play rules for your games. And even if you don't play tourneys, you can still get a whole host of new scenarios to try out.

Forge World is taking pre-orders for this book, along with a bunch of 40k waterslide transfers or the Emperor's Children, White Scars, and Dark Angels.

Convention season kicks off early every year with the Nuremberg Toy Fair. Want to get a jump on what's going to be coming out during the year? It's the place to be. In this instance, it's what Games Workshop is showing off. They've got previews out for new Aeronautica Imperialis, Necromunda, and Adeptus Titanicus

<whoop! whoop! whoop!>

Yup, a bit late, but there's Giant Robot Alert. Have a look

Apparently, Games Workshop has been busy. They've unleashed a huge wave of new pre-orders over in their webshop. It's a whole bunch of new kits for Necromunda and the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game. There's card packs for Warcry. There's dice. There's sci-fi terrain. And there's still some Sisters of Battle in there. It was 5 pages worth of stuff, so if you haven't checked out their shop in the last couple days, now's the time to do it.

Let's face it, very little in the 40k universe would ever be considered "wholesome," but the Eightfold Harvest Lord goes even beyond the regular grit and grime of the setting. He's a bounty hunter who delights in slicing up his victims with his twin chain blades, before adding something of his target to his trophy rack. If you're wanting to add this maniac to your Necromunda gang,  you can get your name on the list and order him from Forge World now.

Last week, Games Workshop started taking orders for new Sisters of Battle releases. This week, they continue that trend with even more units for the faction. But that's not all. They've also got the new Psychic Awakening: Ritual of the Damned book and a new Dark Angels character for you to pick up. Head on over and check it out.

The Blood Angels are the vampires of the Space Marine legions. But it's not all ripping apart throats. They do use ranged weapons too. In this instance, grenade launchers and volkite serpentas. These new units can be ordered now from Forge World to help flesh out your armies.

"I'll just wait until the new Sisters of Battle come out." It seems to be a phrase I've remembered hearing from my friends in the gaming community forever. Maybe it's just me, but it almost became a cliche. Well, for all those people that've been saying it, Games Workshop is doing something about it. They've started taking orders for brand new Sisters of Battle Codex and sets over in their webshop.

Incomiiiiiiiiiing! *boom! boom! boom!*

That's what your enemies will be shouting when you roll up to their fortifications with your new Arquitor Pattern Bombard. It's the latest vehicle available to order from Forge World for your 40k armies. Reach out. Reach out and touch someone with high explosives by putting your name down on the list to get this figure when it's released next week.

Summer is in full swing down in the Southern Hemisphere. But even up here in the frozen north, it can be summer. Or, it can be soon. Forge World is taking pre-orders for Gloriel Summerbloom, a new elven Star Player for Blood Bowl. Go get your name on the list to get this new figure right when it's released.

It's a New Year and Games Workshop is looking to get you some new figures. If you've been wanting to get into Age of Sigmar, but there's not been a starter set you've liked, perhaps the new Aether War one will do it. It pits the forces of Tzeentch againt the Kharadron Overlords. Even if you're not in the market for a new starter, there's new Battletomes for both of those forces. You can put your name down on the list to get all of these when they're released next week, along with some other cool items.

The regular Earth is experiencing a New Year. I don't know when New Year's is for the citizens of Middle-earth, but either way, you can go order some new kits from Forge World to add to your forces. Let's take a look.

<whoop! whoop! whoop!>

Finishing out the week with a Giant Robot Alert. And considering that this is a 40k titan, it's one of the giantest giant robot alerts. Forge World is taking orders for the new Macro Gatling Blaster for your Titans, as well as a Titan bundle where you can get the whole thing in one swoop.

'Tis the season for updating games, apparently. We've had a few recently, and Games Workshop is jumping in on the bandwagon. So, if you're an Age of Sigmar player, you'll want to head over and see what's been changed. Be sure you're using the right rules!

Like happens so often with Forge World, it's two ends of the spectrum with their pre-orders for the week. On one side, you have a quick and nimble Blood Angles jump-pack squad for 40k. On the other side, there's the big and lumbering Ogre team expansion set for Blood Bowl. Sci-fi versus fantasy sports. Take your pick (even if it's both).

Apparently, Games Workshop was just like, "Well, we'll make it all available now" this weekend. There's a new Battletome for Age of Sigmar. There's a new book for the Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game. There's a new team for Blood Bowl. And there's new planes for Aeronautica Imperialis. And besides that, there's all sorts of minis kits you can order, including figures, terrain, and more. Plus dice, magazines, deluxe versions, and on and on and on and on. Might be easier to just say, "check it out."

Who wants to just walk to battle? Nobody, that's who. Thankfully, there's plenty of armored transports that can get you there, such as the Gorgon Armoured Assault Transport, now available to order from Forge World. Get your figures to battle in style. They've also got a big Death Krieg force that you can put on your order list, if you so desire.

It's a collection of some of the most iconic Disney characters ever assembled. It's a video game franchise that has been entertaining millions. It's a board game with a lasting legacy. And it's all coming together in Talisman: Kingdom Hearts Edition, available now from USAopoly. Gather your characers and quest all around the board, fighting foes and righting wrongs as you look to make your way to the center of the board.

There's a new tank about to hit tabletops for the Space Marines. It's the Sabre Strike Tank, and it takes the chassis of the venerable Land Raider and pumps it full of weapons, some of them rather heavy in nature. Forge World has started taking orders for this new vehicle and bits over in their webshop.

Games Workshop has a trio of new books related to 40k for you to order in their webshop. Well, not just books, but a whole bunch of stuff, but the main focous is on the books. Starting off, there's the Psychic Awakening: Blood of Baal book which expands options for Blood Angels and Tyranids armies. There's the Kill Team Annual 2019 and Chapter Approved 2019 books as well, full of updated items for your forces.