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Justice Velocity

Let's face it, everyday life in pretty much no way compares to the high-octane world of an action movie. Cars flying through buildings. Glamorous parties. Just sunglasses everywhere. So, if you're not thrilled with life and want to upthrill your existence, you can play Justice Velocity. The action-movie RPG is available digitially and in physical formats now.

Who wouldn't want to star in an action movie? Cool gear. Cool clothes. You always have the best hair. Tear-ass around downtown with almost no traffic whenever you want. It'd be amazing. And while we can't be real-life action movie stars, we can in Justice Velocity. The RPG from Polyhedra Games was successfully Kickstarted, and soon it will be making its way to tabletops. The official release date is August 15th.

Who wouldn't want to be an action hero? The pecs. The cars. The explosions. While real-life might not be as thrilling as the movies, Justice Velocity lets you live vicariously through an RPG. The game will be coming to Kickstarter next month.