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Saturday! Saturday! Saturday!
Saturday! Saturday! Saturday!
Saturday night's alright for fightin'. Get a little action in.

Yes, it's Saturday, and while it's not night quite yet (at least, where I am at time of posting), that doesn't mean that it's not time for fighting. Though I'm not actually swinging my own fists around. It's my character in D&D. I hope you're out there swingin', too, be it with an RPG character or toy soldiers or on a video screen. Whatever your fight du-jour might be. I know you're here for some reviews, so let's dive into those.

Today we have: Tiny Epic Mechs, Creature Forge Overwhelming Swarm, Waterdeep Dragon Heist D&D Minis, Tyranny of Dragons D&D Minis, Ravage: Dungeons and Plunder, Minerva, and Cat Lady.

One of my favorite Deftones songs is now a hit board game on Kickstarter. *gets handed a note* ... Apparently this game has nothing to do with the Deftones.
But still, it's a hit game up on Kickstarter. In Minerva, players take on the role of city managers in the Roman Empire. It's your job to develop your city by building up its military might, cultural centers, and public spaces. The player with the best city at the end will win the favor of the goddess Minerva, herself.