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A new trio of box sets are available for the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game from CMON. If you're looking to add a long-range punch to your Night's Watch, some armored-up members to your Free Folk, or just some terrifying foes for pretty much any army, you'll want to check them out. Also, along with that, we've got an update about some changes that are coming to the game's Game Modes and the tourney scene.

It's a Star Wars fest over at Fantasy Flight. The new Clone Wars box set for Star Wars: Legion is now available, ushering in a new era to the tabletop miniatures game. The starter and two ancillary sets are available. Also for Legion is the new Upgrade Cards pack, along with several battle mats. That's not enough? There's a new Outer Rim game mat as well, plus a new card pack for the Star Wars RPG. I told you there was a lot.

Judge Dredd is soon to be bringing justice to the streets of Mega City One. He's got his helmet. He's got his sidearm. He's got his motorcycle. All that's left are some gangs to fight. And you can pick up all of that now from Warlord Games. They're taking orders for the new Judge Dredd Miniatures Game rulebook, starter set, as well as having put together some mega-bundle deals for the game's launch. Have a look.

Two venerable chapters of the Space Marines are gettting Codex updates this week from Games Workshop. I remember back when these two were just alternate paint schemes, but they've had many updates since then, coming into their own with full support. If you're wanting to get some new Imperial Fists or Salamanders, this is an update you'll be excited about.

But even if you don't play those chapters, there's a new unit and vehicle to add to your Marine forces.

I'm sure when the Allies hit the Normandy beach during D-Day, they thought that the waves of German troops would never end. And that's how it feels with these posts. We've got yet more German forces that you can add to your Flames of War armies.

The folks over at One Page Rules are doing a total overhaul of their games. They've got multiple waves of patches coming out, with the first one recently rolled out. What's in this one? Oh, just updated rules for 12 armies and 20 factions. That's all. You know, just a little bit of stuff. (they've been busy over there).

Reach out. Reach out and touch someone.

That's what the Builder Stone Thrower crews say as they're loading up another payload. This new catapult for the Night's Watch gives some super-long-range punch to the faction. Check it out.

Mega-City One. You'll never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. And that's why there's the Judges. While the Gangs think they own everything, the Judges would like to differ. As such, there's a war going on in the streets. Soon, you'll be able to replicate those wars on your tabletops in the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game. In this quick preview, we get a look both sides.

Defiance is the new cooperative board game set in the Infinity universe coming from Corvus Belli. But, being a board game, that means it plays on a board. In this case, the board is made up of modular game tiles. So, what do those tiles look like and how do they interact with the game? That's exactly what we get a look at here.

Submarines. The silent killer of the seas. In Cruel Seas, they can be a real game-changer, pretty much literally. In this article, Warlord Games takes a look over their use in the game as well as comparing between the German and English subs, arguably the two best types during the war.

Core Space has a new expansion set available for it. It's the Galatic Corps, a group of well-trained and well-disciplined individuals. They're coming to the system and you don't want to be between them and their objective. This new box set gives players more miniatures, more scenarios, and even more terrain for their games. As an added bonus, orders from the Core Space website between now and December get a free bonus. Have yourselves a look.

Baueda is reinforcing the German lines in 1-48TACTIC with a new release. You can now pick up Grenadier Lugwig Geyer and add him to your force.

Fire in the hole!

A squad of troopers. They're the basic fighting unit of both the Empire and the Rebellion. But with the addition of even just a single specialist with a specialized weapon or unique training, the overall squad's abilities can be greatly enhanced. In Star Wars: Legion, you'll soon be able to upgrade your units with new specialists. Check out this preview of the two upgrade sets coming soon.

When the bombs fell, everything that wasn't blasted apart was bathed in toxic radiation. While most things just up and died, others lived on, mutated, twisted, and warped by the nuclear fallout. Now, you can bring these toxic abominations to your tabletop as Modiphius has released new figures for Fallout: Wasteland Warfare.

It's finally getting colder outside here in Atlanta. I don't need my AC running constantly. Granted, give it a bit and it'll be very cold and I'll have the heater going, since homes in Atlanta don't use insulation. But while I'm shivering around the computer, I can at least look at some cool figures (no pun intended) as Mantic is taking orders for new Northern Alliance figures for Kings of War.

Bit of a shotgun set of releases for you from Warlord Games this time around. Starting off, for those of you that like to take all your rulebooks with you in your pocket, there's the digital version of the Black Seas rulebook. For those that are Pike & Shotte players (been a while since I'd seen anything for them), you can get your new Scots Covenanter General and Army Standard Bearer. Last, but not least, there's the North Korean KPA ZIS-3 Divisional Gun for Bolt Action: Korea.

Privateer Press might still be working on their grand move, but that doesn't mean that they can't get you some new figures. There's some new Infernals, as well as some new fighters for Riot Quest, including one very familiar name (though not sporting his big boiler armor anymore). You can pick up these new figures now.

X-Wing. It's pretty much just a 1-v-1 game with two squadrons facing off against one-another. But what about bringing more people in on the fun? That's a little trickier, but not impossible. To help out, Fantasy Flight is coming out with the Epic Battles multiplayer expansion. This new box set contains several scenarios for you to play out with your friends. In this article, they take a look at one so you can know what you're getting into.

During times of war, there are those that will use the conflic to make some money. They are Mercenaries, and they are ready to sell their services to the highest bidder. Well, the Infinity universe is certainly filled with conflict, so it only stands to reason that there are those looking to profit from it. Enter the Soldiers of Fortune box set, coming soon for the game. Have yourselves a look in this preview.

Psychers. They can use their mind to tap into a well of power and unleash attacks and enhance their abilities far beyond what any regular mortal is capable of. It's risky, but the risks are often worth the reward. For those with a love of psychers in 40k, you're in luck. There's the new Psychic Awakening: Phoenix Rising book, as well as the Blood of the Phoenix box set available to order now from Games Workshop.

Scott Pilgrim. It's a much-beloved comic series that sees the titular Scott fighting through evil-Exes to win his lover's heart. Well, soon, he'll be fighting for love on  your tabletops. Renegade Game Studios has announced Scott Pilgrim Miniatures The World, a new miniatures game that they will be bringing to Kickstarter next week.

The Germans are lining the beaches, looking across the English Channel, waiting for the Allies to make a play at taking their control away from mainland Europe. They're well equipped, with all manner of different weapons ready for action. This week's set of releases for Flames of War from Battlefront includes some anti-armor elements.

The amphibious landing. It's been a staple of warfare for thousands of years as water-based troops storm the beaches to fight a foe on the land. Warlord Games is bringing these exciting battles to your games of Black Seas and Black Powder with a new set of rules that they've posted up over on their website.

Hobbitses. They may be small, but don't discount their value to Middle Earth. The Shire may seem peaceful, but they have their own rogues and vagabons, along with just those with strong personalities. Forge World is letting you add some new of the half-pints to your collection with two new pairs of figures that you can order now.