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One Page Rules

It's just a year of new editions, it would seem. Mantic's been going through version 2.0s of their games. Privateer Press just released mkIII for Warmachine and Hordes. Well, the fellows over at One Page Rules have a new edition of their flagship game, 1p40k. As always, you can go and download said rules for free. So why not check it out?
Once more we stand on the precipice of the weekend. But before we dive over, we'd best make sure we're well-stocked with gaming goodness. Good thing there's a tray of bite-sized gaming stories right here for us to nosh on. So let's dig in.

Today we have: New Web G.I.S. for tabletop RPGs, Warsong coming to a tabletop near you, One Page Rules Updates Orion's Gate, Kromlech's Weekend Deal posted, and New Dice and Decals from Forge World.

One Page Rules is mostly known for making condensed and alternate versions of other popular miniatures games in both the sci-fi and fantasy range. Well, they've got a brand new game available, and it's not a direct "our own version" of any particular system. Yes, it's a starship battle game, and you can play large scale or small scale, but it's its own thing. I'm talking about Orion's Gate.
Well, my left arm hurts.
But then again, that's what happens when you stab it a million times.
And for the next couple weeks I get to have Hibiclens and Aquaphor on my person at all times.

Anyway, while I was changing the face of my left arm forever, I hope you were able to get some gaming in. At the moment, though, we've got some bite-sized stories to bring you.

Today's articles include: New Valhalla Strike Team From Puppets War, New Demonic Ground Bases 25mm From Puppets War, Happy Seppuku Stampede! Pre-order Happening Now, One Page Rules Adds New Fantasy Units, Clash of the Cards - Available on Kickstarter 2-3-2016, Era: The Consortium - The Secret War - Kickstarter 200% Funded, and White Dragon Miniatures Webstore open.

You know how much I love Fridays. It's not my favorite day of the week (that'd be Saturday), but it's a pretty close second (tied with Sunday). So you know I'm all happy and bouncy here in the office. Also, I got my new shirt from Teefury on. It's a polar bear sitting at a computer. How could I not get that?

Random nonsense about my life aside, let's get you some bite-sized stories.

Today's items include: New Crests Available From Puppets War, Full Battle Rattle Miniatures 28mm Modern Wargaming Miniatures Coming Soon, New Iron Reich Goblins From Kromlech, Casual Game Revolution Posts 2016 Tabletop Gaming Conventions: A Comprehensive List, Huge Patch for 1pFB/FS & 1p40k/KT, and Cthulhu Mythos Deep Ones available from CP Models.

It seems that for most, this long weekend has been a rather rainy one (I know I've had plenty of plans altered by the skies opening up and dumping down rain everywhere). I hope you're keeping dry and safe out there. Might just want to play some games inside. Or you could do like me and cook something. I've got Italian Beef in the crock pot and even though Christmas was several days ago, I decided to make another fruitcake (I enjoyed the first one so much and had enough leftover ingredients).

Speaking of bite-size morsels, let's get you some bite-size stories for your Sunday.

Today we have: Deathball v1.5 Released, Polyversal 6mm Sci-Fi Miniatures System Kickstarter Teaser Posted, New Dice Trays from Tectonic Craft Studios, and Infamy Miniatures Running Goblin Chieftain Kickstarter.

Hello there, everyone. I hope your week is going by well. Mine is. I just had a very nice bento box lunch and am ready to give you some bite-sized items as well, in the form of some gaming news.

Today's snippets include: Wyrmwood Dice Trays & Dice Vaults for Warmachine & Hordes on Kickstarter, Beyond the Gates of Antares: Errata and FAQs posted, Iron Cross Miniatures Launches First Minis, New Tau Units Added To One Page 40k and One Page Kill Team, Bombshell Games Announces Techno Bowl, Siege of Augusta Website is back Up and Running, BattleGate Games Releasing Dark knight AMO miniature, West Wind Launch a New Website, Final Days For The Mindjammer RPG Kickstarter, Westfalia's Halfmen Kickstarter is live, Scibor Releases New Sci-Fi Elf Bust, Spinal Column Miniatures Running Wasteland Abominations Kickstarter, Pedra Fantasy Warrior Available From Figone, Warchimera Releases Partisans for Polish Home Army, and Khurasan releases 1980s Soviet Motor Riflemen.

The week continues on. How many of you are still working on Thanksgiving leftovers? Tonight will be the last of the sliced turkey and sweet potatoes for me. I do, however, still have many servings of soup left. Most of it went into the freezer for later. It's all good, but I'm reaching my limit on wanting to have it again for a while.

However, this weekend I'm going to be making fruitcake. :D

For other tasty bites, we've got our midweek snippets.

Today's stories include: Major 1p40k/KT Update, Rogue Planet | House Rules and Scenario Generator added, Horcmany Eve - A Flintloque Adventure from a Time before Blackpowder, FREE Interactive Solo Adventure PDF - The Cave & the Treasure, Eternity Dice Regular and Charms Edition on Kickstarter, RONE Card Game Approaches Funding Goal, Massive Awesome Unveil The Biomancer For Shattered Earth, Tail Feathers Downloadable Scenarios Now Available, Viera Sci-Fi Mini Now Available From RN Estudio, New Wolsung SSG releases, and Nexus Miniatures Posts Progress Update.

The work week rolls on. I'm once more in my Wednesday attire (Kansas State Baseball practice jersey over SIUE t-shirt), which is appropriate, seeing as it is Wednesday. With any luck, your week is going by nicely. Here at the office we're looking to play some Age of Sigmar this afternoon. It'll be our first time playing. Don't worry, we'll let you know how it went later in the week.

But at the moment, we've got a batch of bite-sized stories to give you.

This bundle includes: Age of Sigmar Points Calculator & Patch from One Page Rules, some more installments of The Fiver from The Meeple Mechanic, Abyssal Dwarves and Vampire Counts added to Army Throne from Warthrone, New miniature by Brother Vinni: "Project Limes" Commander, Another World Indiegogo campaign: Stretch Goal Unlocked, War Mage Games to launch their Tournament & Transport Solution this week, Cibo's Little Dudes Historical Miniatures, Interdimensional horrors invade Meridian Miniatures, Ancient Machinery 30mm and 40mm Round-Lip Bases Available from Tabletop-Art, Titan-forge new Ghostbikes, Celestial Knight preorder from Kabuki Models, and Syrinscape Now Compatible with iPhone and Android Phone.

For a while now, One Page Rules has made their own form of miniatures game rules based on other game systems out there. With the release of Age of Sigmar, this tradition continues. Page of Sigmar is now available to check out and download from the One Page Rules website. They've also made a statement about their rules based on Warhammer Fantasy Battles.
Half there.
We're half there to back to the weekend.
This weekend will be a rather busy one. Tomorrow it's set-up for the CMON Expo and Friday it starts. We've got a lot planned, especially for Saturday. Be sure to check back on that day regularly as we post updates from the various panels that'll be happening that day. If you're interested in CMON's games, you'll want to check back often.

But that's this weekend. We're still on Wednesday. Let's not get ahead of ourselves. Right now, we've got another set of bite-sized stories.

This batch we have: Forge Prints HD Dungeon Accessories and Bases Kit 1 on Kickstarter, Robot Zombie Cat Card Game On Kickstarter, Crooked Dice release Heroic Archetypes, The Thin Blue Line: Detroit Savage Worlds Module Coming to Kickstarter Soon, Rebel Minis Releases 28mm Earth Force Widowmaker Battlesuits, Adeptus Mechanicus joins the fray in One Page 40k, Several More Installments of The Fiver from The Meeple Mechanic, Heroic Maps New Wardenhale Gambling Den Map, Post Captain Master Index Pt 2. Advance Rules, Another World Indiegogo Funded And now going for Stretch Goals, Sea Dog Game Studios releases Nassau Sloop kit for Sailpower 2.0, New 32mm bases available from Tabletop-Art, Manorhouse Workshop Update #34 – Modular Underground Project – KS launch delayed, "War is Coming" the army game searching for playtesters, Final Days for 12 Realms: Bedtime Story on Kickstarter, Kromlech New Release - Legionary Weapons, Instant Dungeon Tactical Up on Kickstarter, SyrinScape Launches Exclusive Pathfinder Player Character Soundsets, and In-Store Play Program for Free RPG Day June 20, Honour or Death: Icarus Miniatures Preview the Praesidian Honour Guard, Cracked Earth Studios New Tabletop Terrain Line Coming to Kickstarter, Hexagon Mill Terrain Kickstarter Running Now, Legion of Set Artwork Previewed for Conan Rise of Monsters, and Deep-Cut Studio releases a new gaming mat in sand and rock environment.
Welcome back, TGN Readers. The week is half-over. Or it's half-started. I guess that depends on if your an optimist or a pessimist. Or how much you liked last weekend versus are looking forward to the one about to come up. Or some other psychology stuff that doesn't really matter right now.

What does matter are getting you some more bite-sized stories that we've collected recently.

In this batch we've got: Photon Games Announces Sultan's Library Kickstarter and Contest, Pedion Launches Modular Battlefield Kickstarter, Rolljordan Updates Icelanders Fantasy Sports Team Indiegogo Campaign, Z War One Kickstarter launches June 1st, New 40mm Hero Bases From Tabletop-Art, 1pFB Beginner's Guide Released, The Flying Pig Terrain Company Acquires Rick's Scenics, Zarglian Invaders released by Grinning Skull, Clukkatrix giant mutant chicken released by Grinning Skull, Sengoku 15mm Japanese Fantasy II Released, New Templates and Tokens from Sally 4th, Dark Art Studios Releases Gurthrop the Ghoul King, Sheep Happens coming to Kickstarter this June, RN Estudio Announces 4 New Fantasy Football Teams coming to Indiegogo, Brickerium Launches Dungeon Revolutions Kickstarter, and Manorhouse Workshop Update #27 – Modular Underground Project – In the box.

While many gamers may feel that "marines are marines are marines," there's actually quite a lot of variety between the different chapters. Each has access to different vehicles, wargear, and psychic powers. Even various unit structures can be different between them. As such, while they're all running around in the same style of armor (generally speaking), one chapter can play a lot different from another. One Page Rules is bringing those differences to their One Page 40k rules set.
One Page Rules gives you yet another option for your miniatures gaming needs. They have updated their rules sets to bring you new units that have been coming out that had not yet been represented in their games. One Page 40k got the biggest update of the bunch, bringing you several new units, as well as making a new army all on their own. Several other units also got a bit of a balancing.
One Page Rules released WarStuff not really happy with the rules as they were written. Seems that many gamers have had much the same feeling and have sent in copious amounts of feedback. As such, One Page Rules has updated WarStuff to what they are calling version 1.5. That new set is now available on their website. Things have been significantly modified. So if you tried the original and didn't like it, give this new one a try. Also, they've added "Last Stand Mode" which is a cooperative version of the game where your miniatures must fight off waves of automatically-controlled enemies.

From the announcement:
Here we are again. Half-through with the week. With any luck, you've had some gaming opportunities. Or at the very least, have some coming up. Looks like I've got D&D again this weekend. Should be a good time, though we've got a player moving to Ohio soon. So we're getting in whatever sessions we can before then.

Anyway, as per our custom, we've collected some of the more bite-sized stories we've collected over the past couple days and present them to you now.

In this batch we have: New Cultists and Female SFA Troopers released at, Mage Company Previews Upcoming 12 Realms Kickstarter, Burrovian Casualty Packs for Flintloque Released, End Times Units & The One Page Rules Playroom, Icarus Miniatures Concept Art Preview: Kara Mariasha, Some more Editions of The Fiver from The Meeple Mechanic, Kabuki Models Previews Little Red Riding Hood, Amera Plastic Mouldings New 15mm trenches released, World's End Publishing to Officially Release This Is Not a Test on May 2, RN Estudio releases Kyara miniature, New Satyras The Faun mini from Blacksmith Miniatures, Voodooworx Miniatures Release New Character, April's Free Skirmish Sangin Scenario Now Posted, New Undead Ground Round-Lip Bases from Tabletop-Art, Sally 4th Press Release: 28mm UK style roads, New 6mm SF Desert Buildings from Brigade Models, Fantasy Coins Kickstarter Happening Now, Deep-Cut Studio releases urban ruins themed gaming mats, and Fireforge Games: Euro price list changes.

One Page Rules (heh-heh. It Rules! It RULES! heh-heh-heh) has released WarStuff their all-inclusive miniatures skirmish game. Designed to be able to quickly make stats for any model... or just any thing you want to use as a model... that you can bring to the table, WarStuff had conventions and random get-togethers in mind. So you brought your Bushido and your friend brought their Warmachine? No problem, WarStuff would let you to play a game against each-other just fine. You bring your Infinity and your friend opens their bag to find their little sister had changed out all their figures for MLP? You can still play. Go check it out on their website and download a copy.

From the announcement:
I hope everyone had a great International TableTop Day yesterday. Though, of course, the spirit of International TableTop Day is with us always, and we should celebrate as often and with as many people as we possibly can.

As for us here at TGN, it's another Sunday. So as my arm heals from getting my werebear tattoo colored in and my roux for the gumbo I'm making starts to brown, here's another set of bite-sized stories we collected over the last few days.

In this batch we have: 1p40k Beginner's Guide & One Page Rules Anniversary, some more editions of The Fiver from The Meeple Mechanic, New Armada accessories from CorSec Engineering, Oddzial Osmy’s 3mm March Releases Arrive at PicoArmor, Stoelezel's Structures launches the Underlooked Inn, New Angry EON Mini from Hitech Miniatures, and Final Day for Olleys Armies Scrunt Empire on Kickstarter.

One Page Rules has posted up a Beginner's Guide to their popular One Page 40k set of rules. The guide is designed to ease new players into the world of OPR and orient them to the systems that they create. Also, they're celebrating their 1 year anniversary! Woo! *gets party hats and cake out for everyone*
They all grow up just so fast.

From the announcement:
We've made it to another Wednesday. The previous weekend is as far away as the next one is. Some comment about camels.
Hopefully the week has been treating you well.

Anyway, we've got some of those bite-sized stories to give you. In this installment there's: Angry Mojo Games opens up Webshop, Brigade Models Releases New British Spaceships, Menhir Games posts new renders for KStarter stretch goals, Beasties & Bygones posts Jester Class preview, Quantum Gothic re-releases Quantum Cannon and Sentry-platform twin gun systems/rocket v1, some more sessions of The Fiver from The Meeple Mechanic, New Army Men Combat Update from One Page Rules, Acheson Creations Releases new Skull Tower, 15mm Hades Ghost Team has been released by ClearHorizon Miniatures, Manorhouse Workshop Update #20 Modular Underground Project, and EZPainter Price adjustments.

One Page Rules has gone a little crazy and has 9 new projects they're working on. The first versions of their 1pApocalypse, 1pDeadzone, 1pSAGA, Double Tap, Dungeons & Glory, Modular Terrain, Orion’s Gate,
Play Tokens, and True Lead rules and game accessories have been posted on their website. From wild west to outer space, there's a rules set for you to try out.


From the announcement:
One Page Rules has released their One Page Skirmish set of rules on their website. You can go and download it for free. The core concepts are much like the One Page Kill Team rules, but set in a fantasy world.

From the announcement:
One Page Rules has released the newest version of their Fantasy miniatures rules over on their website. And much like another Fantasy brand, they wanted to really change some stuff up with this version of the rules. There's faster actions rules, a redesign of monsters and melee weapons, simplified army creation, and more.


From the update:
One Page Rules continues updating their rules sets with the new version 2.0 of Kill Team. Faster and more streamlined, this new version is a great way to get someone new involved in the hobby using just a handful of minis.


From the announcement:
One Page Rules has the latest version of the 40k rules posted up on their website. While nothing major has been changed, there were a lot of little tweaks to various rules, as well as some layout changes in order to make the game play and read more smoothly. A few examples of rules changes are: overwatch has been removed, vehicles are more mobile, and Common Psychic Powers have been removed. Check out the latest version (for free, as always) on their website.


From them to you: