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Gaming Completionists. You know the type. If a game comes out, they want everything for it. All the expansions. All the promos. If you're that way for Quarriors!, then you're in luck. WizKids has released Quarriors! Qualtimate Quedition, which includes the base game, four expansions, and even promo dice, all in one box.


WizKids is just on a roll with their new game announcements lately. That was not intended as a pun, but considering that their latest announcement is for Quarriors! Qualtimate Quedition (reminds me of how they name Rick & Morty episodes), I can see how that could be taken that way. Roll? Dice? Get it? Anyway, you can expect this new version to hit game store shelves soon.

Geek of Spades shows off how to play Quarriors and gives you their thoughts on the subject in their latest vidcast episode.


In the video:

Zach, Jeremy, and Spencer play Quarriors, a dice building game of fantasy.