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Savage Worlds

Guys. Dolls. Fedoras. Shootouts while racing down the street. Maltese birds. It's all the stuff you love in a system you love. Battlefield Press is running a Kickstarter campaign to bring pulp to Savage Worlds with their Pulp Fantastic setting book.

There were many manufacturing advances during WWII. The Tesla Corps chief among them, with their new weapons of war that were secretly being sold to both sides of the conflict. The war has also seen the return of the aos si' to the world, coming up out of the Leylines. In this new form of WWII, who will come out on top? That's for you to decide in Guardians of Umbra, a new setting book using the Savage Worlds system that's up on Kickstarter now.

So, the world has been destroyed. Damnit, Carl, I told you to not shine that laser pointer up into the sky. Various alien races came and fought a war over control of Earth. Now, cities are gone, and only a few small, isolated groups of humans remain. That's also the story behind The After, a new post-apocalyptic RPG that runs on the Savage Worlds system. The game is up on Kickstarter now.

There's a trio of new sourcebooks for North America's Rifts books set in the Savage Worlds system up on Kickstarter. The first looks at Arcana and Mysticism. The other is a look at dark heroes facing against the Xiticix Hivelands. Then there's one looking at the various Empires of Humanity. You can check out the campaign now.

If you've wanted to head to Vegas and, instead of just reciting Fear & Loathing lines, but instead play out the fantasy of being a gangster and taking over a casino, then Wiseguys: The Savage Guide to Organized Crime is for you. It's a new Savage Worlds setting book that's up on Kickstarter now.

I love webcomics. There's several that I read on a regular basis. I'm always excited to see games that tie in with them, as I feel it really lets me get more into the world and play around in it. For those that are fans of the Crystal Heart comic, you're in luck. There's a setting book for the Savage Worlds system up on Kickstarter that'll let you join in on the fantasy action.

You're a member of an elite covert-ops team. You've got the best gear and training. Your missions include deep-cover operations in hostile territory. You're a member of Wraith Recon. And while most games with those sorts of descriptions take place in the present or near-future, this one takes place in a fantasy world. Wraith Recon is getting a new edition and the book is up on Kickstarter now.

The Year of New Editions claims another one. In this case, it's Savage Worlds, the popular RPG line from Pinnacle Entertainment. They're running a Kickstarter campaign for the Adventure Edition of it, and it seems you're all excited about it, since they funded in under five minutes.

There's always more options that players will want for their characters. The Pelion Report for Olympus Inc. is a new book filled with all those new sorts of options. It includes a total of 7 new bloodlines for players to partake in. Have a current bloodline you like? There's new options for those, too. The book is up on Kickstarter now.

It's Jesus Time!
CROSS is a secret organization that's all about making the Pope's wishes come true, by any means necessary.
This secret strike force is what you join in Secret Agents of CROSS, a new RPG that's up on Kickstarter now.
Yarr arr yarr! I loddie the hotpants!
Fabled Environments has released their new book, Buccaneer: Through Hell and High Water, for the Savage Worlds system. It is filled with rules to bring the Golden Age of Piracy to your tabletop. Raid coastal settlements, engage in dangerous boarding actions, fight legendary sea creatures, all while trying to find the buried treasure.
Olympus Inc. is getting a new book. The Pelion Report gives players lots more options. Would you like to try out some new Paragon bloodlines? There's five new ones. How about being a new type of Demihuman? There's two of those, too.
Olympus Inc. takes place in a world much like our own, but just behind the facade, the Greek deities have been waging a secret war for thousands of years. Pull back the veneer from our world and join in on the action, fighting for your god of choice.
Man, this week really did go by fast, at least for me. That's certainly not a complaint, mind you. I'm always happy for the weekend. And, my dice came in. Though I'm not 100% sure what I've got on the schedule. I might go out and play some board games. I might stay in and do some more painting. I'm just not sure. But whatever I do, I know I've gotta have some bite-sized gaming stories to snack on beforehand.

Today on the platter we have: Faun Kickstarter Preparing to Start Again, Final Days For Dark Hold: Terror from the Black Isles RPG Kickstarter, and New Dice Sets Available From Kraken Dice.

Yeah, quite a long headline there with a lot of things going on in it. The short version is that Modiphius has released the Savage Worlds version of Code of Honour, part of their Achtung! Cthulhu series. So, if you've wanted to play the adventure, but your gaming group really wanted to stick with/play using the Savage Worlds system, you can now do so without having to change everything over yourself.
Rebel Minis is running a Kickstarter campaign for the third book in their Dark Hold Goblin Adventure Series using the Savage Worlds game system.
Plus, there's a bunch of duckmen minis that are part of the campaign. I mean, c'mon, how many duckman minis are out there? The world certainly could use some more!
Just about all of us know of the story of Robin Hood. While King Richard was away in the Holy Lands during the 3rd Crusade, Robin and his band of Merry Men operated out of Sherwood Forest, defying Prince John and the Sheriff of Nottingham and their efforts to usurp Richard's power. If you'd like to join that band (green tights sold separately), now is your chance with Sherwood: The Legend of Robin Hood. The fantasy RPG is up on Kickstarter now, looking to fund a 2nd Edition of the book for the Savage Worlds game system.
Ok, I might not be able to sound like Freddy Mercury (but, honestly, who can?), but I can still dream. And in the Flash Gordon RPG, you can become part of the classic sci-fi world (I'll even come and sing the theme song for you... but you probably wont want me to). This is the official setting book using the Savage Worlds system. It's up on Kickstarter now.
Savage Worlds can be easily adapted to just about any setting you really want. In the case of Seven Worlds, it's being adapted to a hard sci-fi world... or, I guess, seven worlds. If you're wanting starfaring adventure, you'll want to check it out. The setting book/campaign guide is up on Kickstarter now.
The Silence of Hollowind is a new urban fantasy RPG. For those that don't know what that is, it means a fantasy world, but set more in cities akin to what you'd find in a noir setting. So less elves hopping between trees and more dwarves in trenchoats heading into their office job. In this particular setting, Magic has been heavily regulated, mostly outlawed, due to various circumstances. Living in such a world and surviving while the oppressive government looks down on you is where you find yourself. The game is up on Kickstarter now.
The world is full of super-powered individuals, created using different genetic variations in humans. Thing is, there's different factions all trying to fight for their way of doing things and how they think that the human race should evolve. It's into this secret war that you find yourself in Titan Effect, a new setting sourcebook that uses the Savage Wave system. The game's up on Kickstarter now.
Right now, It is one of the most-popular things going on out there. It's the story of a group of kids going out and defeating a vile monster. And then you've got things like Stranger Things, that people are excited about the upcoming season. Well, if you're wanting to bring that sort of setting to your gaming table, you can check out The Monster Hunter's Club. It's a setting book for Savage Worlds that lets you play around in such a universe. The book is up on Kickstarter now.
I wish I could be a fighter pilot.
No, really. Back when I was a kid, that was near the top of my list of things I wanted to do. Unfortunately, I've got godawful eyes and so Top Gun academy was never really in my fates. But I can live vicariously through my RPGs. And what's better than a fighter pilot? A fighter pilot in space, of course! And that's just what you get to be in Era: Balam, a sci-fi RPG that's up on Kickstarter now.
From time to time, a game can use a bit of a makeover. With changing times comes changing tastes in rules and attitudes towards different mechanics. With multiple playthroughs, sometimes a discrepancy is found. Or maybe a game has just lost its polish and could use a good buff. Whatever the case, new editions come out. In this case, Battlefield Press is coming out with the 3rd edition of Gaslight Victorian Fantasy, their alternate-history setting that uses the Savage Worlds game system. The book is up on Kickstarter now.
Yarr arr yarr! I loddie the hotpants!
It's all about pirates and ships and sailing the high seas for adventure and booty in Buccaneer: Through Hell & High Water, a setting sourcebook for Savage Worlds, brings you all of that and more. They're up on Kickstarter now.
Just about all of us wish we had some form of super power. Maybe it's super speed, or flight, or heat-vision, or weather control. Whatever it might be, heading out and fighting crime with our powers (or perhaps being a super villain) isn't really something we can do. But we can all live vicariously through RPGs. One such, Super Powers Unleashed, that uses the Savage Worlds system, is up on Kickstarter now.