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For the next couple Star Wars: Legion support units, Fantasy Flight is headed to prequel territory. They've announced that they're working on the Republic AT-RT unit as well as the STAP Riders for Separatists. Have yourselves a look at these two mechanical, fast-moving sets.


This is what you can shout at your opponents when you roll up in your fancy armor and helmet. Modiphius has released the Core Rulebook for the Judge Dredd RPG. They also have the first expansion, Robot Wars available. If you order the physical book, it'll be a bit before it ships. However, you'll get the pdf version right away so you can start making MegaCity One that much safer right away.

While stores and businesses might be temporarily closed, that doesn't mean there's not work going on. Behind the scenes, in living rooms all across the world, industry continues. In this case, it's some new Star Wars: Legion sets. Fantasy Flight has previewed two new Special Forces units that, after all this pandemic stuff finishes up, you'll be able to get for your collections.

Near Space for Starfinder gives players a detailed look at a fairly dense region of space where hundreds of different worlds lie. If you'd like to get an inside look at what's inside the book (it's in inside-ception!), you can check out this article. It gives you a chapter breakdown of what's coming in the book.

It's the roaring 20s. Err, the roaring 1920s, that is. Prohibition is on. Space travel is possible. People have super powers. It's just like you read in your history books recreated in Capers Offworld RPG, a new supplment for the CAPERS RPG that's up on Kickstarter now.

Recently, a bunch of different governments put out updated guidelines for closings during the worldwide outbreak. Pretty much anything considered vital has been closed down. To comply with all these new regulations, Games Workshop is closing down their locations and to make sure that they're not spreading it via the mail, they're limited online sales as well.

Reach out. Reach out and touch someone. Well, not right now. We're supposed to socially isolate. You know who's good at that? The NRC Ranger for Fallout: Wasteland Warfare. You can pick up this new sniper for your forces now over in the Modiphius webshop.

40k was my first miniatures game I played. My friend and I split the 2nd edition starter box. He got the Marines. I got the Orks. And while I don't play it anymore, I'm still a greenskin through and through. And the greatest Ork Warlord was always Gazghkull Mak Uruk Thraka. Well, he's in a new box set available from Games Workshop, fighting against the Space Wolves and their champion, Ragnar Blackmane. The new Psychic Awakening Book is also available, if you'd like to up your mental content for the game.

Some new sets are coming out soon for Infinity. One's a new starter set designed to help new players get involved in the game as quickly and easily as possible. The other is a supplement to that box. That's what we get a look at here. It's called Dire Foes: Retaliation. Have yourselves a look.

Far from home, the Delta Quadrant holds plenty of places that no man has gone before. Sounds like a good place to send a Federation ship to do some exploring. Boldly go, even. If you're looking to see what this zone holds, you can pick up the Delta Quadrant Sourcebook for Star Trek Adventures. It's available in print and pdf now over on Modiphius' website.

Paizo is welcoming Roll For Combat into their licensed partner family. The channel makes podcasts of different Paizo games and now they're going to be running the RPG Superstar Contest. I mean, who doesn't want to be a superstar? I want to be one. So you know I'm putting my name in the hat. You should too.

Liang Kai is a limited-edition mini for Infinity that you can get if you go to their website and pick up their new box set that's coming out. Want to know more about this warrior monk before he shows up at your door? Well, you're in luck, as Corvus Belli has posted a pretty in-depth look at just who Liang Kai is and what he brings to the world.

Operation Kaldstrom is a new starter set coming soon for Infinity. It's the first of the Infinity CodeOne products as well, designed for new players by streamlining the game. In this preview, Corvus Belli looks at just what you'll be getting inside the set as well as a glimpse at an extra box set you can pick up, along with a special mini you'll get if you order both from their webshop.

While players may want to steer clear of too many articles about different adventure paths for Starfinder, GMs should very much head on in to see what's going on. You want to make sure it's the adventure path that's right for your game, right? Of course! So, in this article, Paizo's delving into The Chimera Mystery, part of the Threefold Conspiracy adventure path.

Wanting to add some more nuns with guns to your collection? Now's a good time for it. Games Workshop has started taking orders for new transports, new units, and new characters for your Sisters of Battle armies. Head on over and get your name on the list now so you can be the first gamer on your block with these figures when they are shipped out next week.

Back when I lived in Kansas, I lived in a small town called Leonardville. It was fairly close to Fort Riley, a military base that had a specialty in artillery. Whenever they would be practicing, it sounded like thunder across the plains. And we were quite a few miles from the actual artillery range. So, I can only assume what it's like right next to it. So, I can only assume what the sound of a Legion Arquitor Bombard with Morbus Heavy Bombard going off is like. But you'll have to provide your own sound effects if you go order one from Forge World (which you can do now).

The Empire has many resources at their disposal. That includes many training facilities where their soldiers can get the best education in tactics and command. And since a commander can very easily change how an entire army works, getting a look into how they operate is vital for success on the battlefield. With that in mind, Fantasy Flight is showing off the new Iden Versio and ID10 Commander Expansion for Star Wars: Legion.

The Kickstarter campaignf or Warcaster: Neo-Mechanika continues on. If you're interested in getting into this new, sci-fi minis game from Privateer Press, but you're still harboring some questions, you should check out the new FAQ that they just posted. It might just have the answer you need.

A new 2-player set is coming soon for Infinity. It's called Operation Kladstrom and it will feature forces for both PanOceania and YuJing. But more than just a set for Infinity, it will also be the first place to get the rules for Infinity CodeOne. They've posted up a quick video to give you a look into what you can expect. Pre-orders will start being taken on Monday.

Want to pick up a digital version of the Polyversal rulebook for yourself? Well, now you can. Collins Epic Wargames has released it over in their webshop. Want some new sci-fi minis rules? Go grab yourself some.

Wednesday already. I'm feeling better from yesterday. Not sure what was going on there. Seems everyone was just having "a day." Meanwhile, last night, I had a dream that I was working in a gas station with Orson Welles. Because that was a thing, apparently. I'm not sure what I might've ate before bed that caused that, but it certainly wasn't some bite-sized gaming stories. So these should be perfectly safe to consume.

Today on the platter we have: Corvus Belli and Secret Weapon Miniatures Announce Partnership

Starfinder is getting a new book this month in the form of Near Space. As with most Starfinder books, there's a whole wealth of information for both players and GMs. In this preview, we get a look at the Veskarium plenetary system. They could easily be antagonists for an entire campaign. So, having some insight into their core system would definitely be beneficial.

Technology is moving at a very rapid pace. Seemingly every day, there's a new breakthrough somewhere. However, despite it being 2020, we're not quite to the cyberpunk world we were promised back in the 80s and 90s. Oh well, we can still live vicariously through tabletop games such as Ascendancy. It's a new cyberpunk RPG that's up on Kickstarter now.

The GAMA Trade Show is going on. That means lots of new stuff to see. Games Workshop is there and they've got a whole bunch of things they're showing off. New Necromunda, Age of Sigmar, Adeptus Titanicus, and 40k are on display. Have yourselves a peek.

The Magitech Chronicles is a new sci-fantasy RPG that's up on Kickstarter now. You can head out into the galaxy and search for new worlds and encounter strange alien life forms. But you can also refine your magic abilities and become one of the strongest spell-slingers in existence. It's a little bit of everything for everyone.