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Simian Circle Games

Far Away Land is a fantasy RPG that looks to bring back the feel of those old-school original role-playing games, but with some updated rules and mechanics to make it flow. But, sometimes, getting players to learn a new rule system can be a pain. They know their one system and that's what they want to play. Well, the folks at Simian Circle Games doesn't want that to keep you from playing their game, so they've got an OSR version of Far Away Land up on Kickstarter now.

I'm a fan of the theater of the absurd. Random non-sequiturs, odd mash-ups of themes, and gonzo journalism (in the Hunter S. Thompson form). If you're like me, a game like Far Away Land might be just for you. It's like if you mushed together something like Adventure Time and Rick & Morty and a bit of Dungeons & Dragons. Go check it out the campaign on Kickstarter.
Simian Circle Games is running a Kickstarter campaign for Far Away Land, their lighthearted and rules-light RP system. They've made their goal already and then some. So it's stretch goals for 19 days.


From the campaign:

Far Away Land is a fantasy tabletop rpg that mixes macro and micro elements of game play to allow players and GMs to take part in awesome adventures, create worlds, and explore the strange realm that is Far Away Land.

FAL is rules-lite and lighthearted. It has a medium range complexity and a core set of rules that are expandable through optional rules. In other words, GMs can decide on the level of crunch (complexity) they want in their game.