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Spark of Hope

Keep hope alive! Keep hope alive! That's what you can do with the new Spark of Hope set for Star Wars: Destiny. Of course, if you prefer, you can try and squish out that last bit of hope and rule the galaxy with an iron fist. You know, as some are wont to do. Either way, there's plenty of new cards and dice you can use to update your decks now.

Jedi and their Apprentices. They're the fulcrum around which much of the Star Wars saga rotates. The upcoming Spark of Hope set for Star Wars: Destiny brings more of those characters to your decks. So, you can pick up Yoda and add him. Or maybe pick up some Younglings (as opposed to Yuenglings). It's up to you.

While the Force-users often take center stage in the Star Wars saga, there are plenty of other notable leaders and troopers that the conflicts revolve around. In this preview of the upcoming Spark of Hope expansion for Star Wars: Destiny, we get a look at some of the cards and dice for a few of the leaders and troopers coming to the game.

A new set of cards for Star Wars: Destiny has been announced. It's called Spark of Hope, and while I'm sure people will be excited about many of the new cards and dice that will be coming, all I can see is that there's Grand Admiral Thrawn. And, like so many, I'm a huge Thrawn fanboy. So that's really what I'm singly focused and excited about.


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