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Super Punch Fighter

You can pick up Super Punch Fighter from Plaid Hat Games now. But, if you're still on the fence and want to see how it all works first, you're in luck. Plaid Hat Games has posted up a video showing off just that. Have yourself a look.

The banner we've seen for Super Punch Fighter includes someone slapping someone else with a pig. It gives you a good feeling about what the game's about. In this preview, we get a look at those two fighters. They're Mad Hogger and Tchotchke. Let's take a look.

A new pair of fighters are entering the arena and Plaid Hat Games is giving you a look at what they're capable of. Super Punch Fighter is the new retro-style fighting game that doesn't take itself to seariously (see a dude hitting another dude with a pig in the main picture there). That's why one of the new fighters we've got is a lady dressed as a giant mouse.

When you have a game named Super Punch Fighter coming out, you'd expect it to have, y'know, fighters inside. Of course, the game does. However, the two that Plaid Hat Games is showing off for the first set of previews isn't exactly what you'd expect. Have yourselves a look.

What's in the boooooox!?!?
It's what everyone wants to know when they get a new game (or a mystery package out in the middle of a field). For those wanting to get Super Punch Fighter, Plaid Hat Games has a new video up showing exactly what's in said bod.

Z-Man is bringing all the button-mashing action of fighting video games to your tabletops. They're coming out with Super Punch Fighter, a new card game where you take on the role of fighters duking it out for ultimate victory. In this preview, we get a look at how the game's general fundamentals work like pushing buttons and playing combos.

Load up your favorite fighter, hit the arena, and come out a-swingin'. That's what you'll be doing in Plaid Hat Games' newest arena fighting board game, Super Punch Fighter. Get a little preview of this action-packed slobberknocker now.