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Trudvang Legends

The Kickstarter campaign for Trudvang Legends continues on. As too does the world primer articles that CMON is posting. In this article, we get a look at Westmark, a land that is set apart from the rest of the continent by its love of learning over simple acts of brawn. But Westmark has a dark past that many don't know about.

The popular Trudvang Chronicles RPG is coming to your tabletops in a new way. CMON and RitoMinds are teaming up to bring you Trudvang Legends, a new adventure board game based on the popular and award-winning RPG. Players must travel the continent, completing quests, each with consequences that will last far into the campaign. In the end, they must conquer the forces of evil. The game is up on Kickstarter now.

Whenever CMON launches a Kickstarter campaign, it's a big event. And their next one is just around the corner. Next week, in fact. They'll be launching the campaign for Trudvang Legends on July 23rd.

Trudvang Legends, coming from CMON and RiotMinds, gives players a new way to travel the land of Trudvang. It is a land that is full of dangers and wonder. In an ongoing series, CMON is giving us a look inside that world, going to the different regions. This time around, we get a look into the Stormlands.

Runes. Magical symbols etched into stones or written on parchment that carry a lot of power. In Trudvang Legends, the upcoming adventure board game from CMON and RiotMinds, they are what's used to decide your fate. But how does this runes system work? That's what's discussed in the 3rd installment of their Design Diary series.

Straight from the source. Want to know more about a game that's being developed? Going right to the designer is a good start, and that's what CMON's done in this video for Trudvang Legends. Hear as Eric M. Lang talks about The Legends System in the game.

CMON's working hard on Trudvang Legends, their upcoming storytelling board game. Some of you have probably played the RPG from RiotMinds. In this video, Magnus Malmberg from RiotMinds gives us some more information about the Trudvang world and the various inhabitants therein.

CMON's next big storytelling board game is Trudvang Legends. In this preview, we get a look at the different regions of the land and what sort of things players can expect when heading out into them. There's also a render of a huge troll mini, because those are cool.

Trudvand Legends is the upcoming board game from CMON that takes the world of the Trudvang RPG and puts it... well, it was already on your tabletop, but now it's in a new form. In the first of the Design Diary articles from designer Eric M. Lang, we get a look at the inception behind the game.

CMON is just brimming with announcements this week. The latest today is that they're adapting the Swedish RPG, Trudvang Chronicles into a board game called Trudvang Legends. Players will make their way through various Adventure Books, changing the rules as they go along and perform their various exploits.

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