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Ulfsark Games Looking For Publisher for Taiyo Dynasties

Making games isn't easy. There's a ton of moving parts to make sure fit just right, and it takes a dedicated publisher to make sure it all goes smoothly. Ulfsark Games is currently looking for a publisher for their Taiyo Dynasties game. They've got it all just about ready to go. They're just looking for someone to help make sure everything goes smoothly.

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Ulfsark Games Moving Sale

Moving locations can be exciting. There's a new place with new opportunities, new neighbors, new local restaurants, a new shops. However... you've gotta pack up all your stuff into boxes and carry it over there. That's... not so much fun. That's why a lot of people will try and sell off a bunch of their stuff, first. Well, Ulfsark Games are moving. So they're having themselves a sale.

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Ulfsark Games Posts Update For Tio Dynasties

Ulfsark Games mostly makes custom dice, coins, and tokens, but they're working their way into making a new game. It has a far-Eastern feel, teamed up with anthropomorphic animals (I'm hoping for a "Chinese Boxing Ursus Maritimus" will be included). They've got a Beta version of the rulebook and some stats cards posted online for you to check out.

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Dragon Scales metal dice up on Kickstarter

Ulfsark Games is running a Kickstarter for their Polyhedron Dragon Scales Metal Dice. They're most of the way to their goal with still 17 days to go, so check 'em out.


From the campaign:

Themed dice for miniature and role-playing games. Precision cut by CNC machines to give you the best metal dice possible.

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