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Warhammer 40k

<whoop! whoop! whoop!>

Giant robot alert! We have giant robot alert!

In this instance, there's a new titan for Adeptus Titanicus available to order from Forge World. But that's not all they've got this week. There's also the new Inner Circle Knights Cenobium unit for the Dark Angels. They have such sights to show you!

Last week, Games Workshop started taking orders for new Sisters of Battle releases. This week, they continue that trend with even more units for the faction. But that's not all. They've also got the new Psychic Awakening: Ritual of the Damned book and a new Dark Angels character for you to pick up. Head on over and check it out.

The Blood Angels are the vampires of the Space Marine legions. But it's not all ripping apart throats. They do use ranged weapons too. In this instance, grenade launchers and volkite serpentas. These new units can be ordered now from Forge World to help flesh out your armies.

"I'll just wait until the new Sisters of Battle come out." It seems to be a phrase I've remembered hearing from my friends in the gaming community forever. Maybe it's just me, but it almost became a cliche. Well, for all those people that've been saying it, Games Workshop is doing something about it. They've started taking orders for brand new Sisters of Battle Codex and sets over in their webshop.

Incomiiiiiiiiiing! *boom! boom! boom!*

That's what your enemies will be shouting when you roll up to their fortifications with your new Arquitor Pattern Bombard. It's the latest vehicle available to order from Forge World for your 40k armies. Reach out. Reach out and touch someone with high explosives by putting your name down on the list to get this figure when it's released next week.

<whoop! whoop! whoop!>

Finishing out the week with a Giant Robot Alert. And considering that this is a 40k titan, it's one of the giantest giant robot alerts. Forge World is taking orders for the new Macro Gatling Blaster for your Titans, as well as a Titan bundle where you can get the whole thing in one swoop.

Like happens so often with Forge World, it's two ends of the spectrum with their pre-orders for the week. On one side, you have a quick and nimble Blood Angles jump-pack squad for 40k. On the other side, there's the big and lumbering Ogre team expansion set for Blood Bowl. Sci-fi versus fantasy sports. Take your pick (even if it's both).

Who wants to just walk to battle? Nobody, that's who. Thankfully, there's plenty of armored transports that can get you there, such as the Gorgon Armoured Assault Transport, now available to order from Forge World. Get your figures to battle in style. They've also got a big Death Krieg force that you can put on your order list, if you so desire.

There's a new tank about to hit tabletops for the Space Marines. It's the Sabre Strike Tank, and it takes the chassis of the venerable Land Raider and pumps it full of weapons, some of them rather heavy in nature. Forge World has started taking orders for this new vehicle and bits over in their webshop.

Games Workshop has a trio of new books related to 40k for you to order in their webshop. Well, not just books, but a whole bunch of stuff, but the main focous is on the books. Starting off, there's the Psychic Awakening: Blood of Baal book which expands options for Blood Angels and Tyranids armies. There's the Kill Team Annual 2019 and Chapter Approved 2019 books as well, full of updated items for your forces.

With the Sisters of Battle hitting tabletops, Games Workshop is looking to bring back some of their own figures from times gone by. However, they're not just ramping production fully back up. They're only making what people want to order. So, if you'd like some of these classic figures, get your name on the list now to add to your 40k armies.

It's Friday. Woo! Time this week seemed to be entirely on its own course. Some days flew by. Some hours took forever. Though many days I said to myself, "Wow, it's already ----day," it still felt like it took a long time to get through. Maybe I'm just excited about game tomorrow. Whatever it might be, at the moment, it's time to get you some bite-sized gaming stories.

Today on the platter we have: New Titan Weapons Available to Order From Forge World, Puppets War Announces Black Friday Sale, Kraken Dice Black Friday Sale Happening Now, and New Great Axes Available From Puppets War.

Sisters of Battle. They've been something 40k players have been waiting for. Now, you can head over to the Games Workshop website and... well, they're sold out there right now... but you can still maybe pick it up at your LGS. They've got a whole army set, as well as starter sets for some other factions, if you're so inclined.

<whoop! whoop! whoop!>

Yes, it's the Giant Robot Alert going off for the new Forge World items on order this week. There's a Dreadnaught body, a couple sets of Dreadnaught weapons, and even a complete Dread if you want to just buy everything all at once. Let's take a look.

Many people feel that the Ultramarines are the "boring Chapter" for the Space Marines. I don't know that that's entirely accurate. Maybe back in the day when they were the "generic chapter" that Marines defaulted to out of the codex, but not so much anymore. But anyway, whether you feel that or not, there's a new Contemptor Dread for the chapter that you can order now from Forge World.

There's a lot of ravenous, blood-thirsty things in the 40k universe. You have the Tyranids, who are ravenous and blood-thirsty aliens. They're the bad guys. You have Khorne, famous for the "Blood for the Blood God!" line. They're also the bad guys. Then you also have the Blood Angels, known for losing themselves to a blood frenzy and rushing at the enemy as fast as they can to rip them to shreds. They're the good guys. In this case, they want to get to the enemy so fast that they put a jump pack on a Dreadnaught. You can go order your Contemptor-Incaendius Dreadnaught now.

Two venerable chapters of the Space Marines are gettting Codex updates this week from Games Workshop. I remember back when these two were just alternate paint schemes, but they've had many updates since then, coming into their own with full support. If you're wanting to get some new Imperial Fists or Salamanders, this is an update you'll be excited about.

But even if you don't play those chapters, there's a new unit and vehicle to add to your Marine forces.

Psychers. They can use their mind to tap into a well of power and unleash attacks and enhance their abilities far beyond what any regular mortal is capable of. It's risky, but the risks are often worth the reward. For those with a love of psychers in 40k, you're in luck. There's the new Psychic Awakening: Phoenix Rising book, as well as the Blood of the Phoenix box set available to order now from Games Workshop.

Scattershot set of pre-orders from Games Workshop this week. Though their main banner was about the new Warhammer Underworlds set, called Beastgrave - The Grymwatch, I'm most excited about the new Lizardmen Blood Bowl team. Go Pangaea Punishers! *waves little flag with my own team's logo on it* There's also new Blacsktone Fortress sets you can pick up. I did say that it was scattershot after all.

<whoop! whoop! whoop!>

Giant robot alert! We have giant robot alert! Yup, we've got two new Dark Angels figures available for you to order from Forge World this week. One's a new Praetor, while the other is a Legion Leviathan Dreadnaught body. All in stylish black (well, you have to paint them yourself ,but still), for those that like your Dark Angels without their Dark Angel Green coloration (or whatever that color's called nowadays).

The White Scars are well-known for their speed with which they head into battle. None of the white-clad brethren want to just have to walk their way to victory. They employ all manner of vehicles. One such is the Kyzagan Assault Speeder, which you can order now over in the Forge World webshop.

I know it happens somewhat often, getting some rather extreme differences between different releases from Forge World some weeks. But this one is pretty far apart. On one side, we've got a new Young Bilbo figure that's only available for a week to order. On the other, we've got three new weapons for Adeptus Titanicus with which to outfit your-

<whoop! whoop! whoop!>

giant robots. I need to make sure that alarm's working right. I think it got confused a little too.

There's many different Space Marine chapters in the 40k universe, each with their own combat strategies, strengths, focus in doctrine, and choice for equipment when hitting the battlefield. If you're looking to diversify your army a bit from just your average Marine force, you can now order two new codices from Games Workshop. You can put your name down to get either Raven Guard or Iron Hands (or both, I suppose) books now.

I mean, I like rain. I like storms. But I'm not really thrilled when they cause huge amounts of damage, I.E. - become Ruinstorms. But that's just what you're getting to order from Forge World this week. There's new Ruinstorm Daemon Brutes that you can get for your 40k Horus Heresy armies. Place your orders now.

Shoom! Shoom! Dakka-dakka-dakka! Neeeeeroooom! Bshhhh! Aaaaah! *moves the little planes around by their stands while making sound effects*

Err... umm... yes. *puts toy planes away* Games Workshop has started taking pre-orders for a new miniatures game set in the 40k universe. It's Aeronautica Imperialis and it's akin to Wings of Fury and X-Wing, in that you're controlling aircraft in the skies high above the battlefield. The starter set is Imperial vs. Orks. You can order your copy now.