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The ocean is filled with all manner of strange creatures. Among them are the Noctiluca, glowing creatures that are renowned for their healing properties. In the new game coming from Z-Man Games, you must dive down into the cove to catch them. That's the story behind Noctiluca.

Many people spent the last couple weeks having parties, but just because it's time to head back to regular work schedules, doesn't mean you can't still get out and party. The bugs are certainly taking the time to do just that, at least in Party Bugs, a new card game now available from Z-Man Games.

For those of us here in the Northern Hemisphere, winter is upon us. Thankfully, with the comforts of modern society, we don't actually have to go out and collect wood to burn, or worry about having enough food. The Stone Age was a little different, where survival wasn't guaranteed. Stone Age, the worker placer game, recreates that feeling, and Z-Man Games has announced a new 10-year anniversary version.

Up, up and away in your beautiful, your beautiful airship!

Creating beautiful air ships and other flying objects is your object in Aerion, a new card game for 1-2 players coming from Z-Man Games.

The great fishing festival is about to start. But you can't have a fishing festival without fish! And every cat on Miaui is looking to bring int he greatest haul. That's the story behind Miaui, a new card game coming from Z-Man Games. In this preview, we get a look at just how the game works, with players trying to dive to the various depths to get the best fish.

If you're tired of being in the bustling streets and dark alleys of Carcassonne, you can soon take an adventure out to the wide open spaces of Africa. Z-Man Games is coming out with Carcassonne Safari, that takes players on a hunt to spot all the majestic creatures of that continent. In this preview, we get a look at how the game works, including scoring different tiles.

The Space Race captivated the entire world. World superpowers were vying for the best resources in order to get into space first. Soon, you'll be able to live those wild times with Lift Off, a new retro resource-management game coming from Z-Man Games.

In the original Pandemic, players are trying to stop the spread of deadly diseases all across the world. There was no need for something called battle dice. In the Pandemic where you're trying to stop the floods in the Netherlands, there's no need for something called battle dice. In the Pandemic where you're trying to stop the fall of the Roman empire, there's definitely a need for something called battle dice. Take a look at how they work in this preview for Pandemic: Fall of Rome.

Condottiere puts players in Renaissance Italy, as the various power struggles happen up and down the peninsula. Will you become the greatest House and leader of this new awakening, or cast into the dirt of history? Z-Man Games has posted up a new preview of the gameplay over on their site.

Saturday! Woo! My favorite day of the week. Today, I've got D&D (watch me here if you'd like to see me making a fool of myself :P ). And then, tomorrow, it's been a long time since I really did some baking. I'm thinking I'll make some cayenne pepper dark chocolate brownies and some chili powder chocolate chip cookies. Because that's the type of person I am. Whatever you're doing this weekend, I hope it's awesome. Though I know if you're here now, you're here to check out some reviews.

This week we have: The Bloody Inn: The Carnies Expansion, Processing: A Game of Serving Humanity, Senshi, Evil High Priest, Mesozooic, Volfirion, Countdown Action Edition, Reef, Tokyo Metro, and Codenames XXL.

It's that time again. The tides have turned and flooded the lagoon with all manner of fish. Now's the time to get your gear and head out into the waves. By whatever means necessary, grab the best fish to present at the annual fishing festival! That's the story behind Miaui, a new game coming from Z-Man Games.

From the city to the bush. Z-Man Games is taking Carcassonne out into the wilds of Africa in their latest game. Carcassonne Safari is the same tile-laying that you've come to love, but in a much different location. Go out and see all the wild animals of the savannah on a wild safari.

Z-Man Games is adding another to their roster. It's Lords of Vegas and no, it's not about Dr. Gonzo and Raoul Duke going crazy on the strip. You're competing casino owners, looking to draw in the big bucks. Formerly from Mayfair, Z-Man is now doing distribution for the game and the UP! expansion. Z-Man is also looking to continue to expand the line, soon to be bringing out the Underworld expansion.

The headline makes it sound like Z-Man Games founded a new city that they're calling Rome and is like, "Yeah, we built this. Deal with it." That is, of course, not the actual case. The Great City of Rome is a new board game wherein players take on the role of architects, trying to recreate the mystery and majesty of the Rome of old. But only one architect's works will prove that they're the greatest of them all.

If you're so goth, where were you when we sacked Rome?

I know, I used that same joke when I made the announcement post for Pandemic: Fall of Rome, but it's one of my favorites and when can I use it with such specific context associated? Anyway, Fall of Rome is the upcoming spin-off of the exceedingly popular Pandemic game. But instead of diseases or trying to keep a country above water, you're trying to save one of the greatest civilizations Western culture has had. Can you keep it going?

I love a well-kept garden, be it an English estate garden, a midwestern flowerbed, or a zen garden. Narabi, a new cooperative card game coming from Z-Man Games, focuses on the last one there. Players are looking to create the best stone garden they can. Will they find inner peace at the end, or just throw rocks at each-other?

I'm always a fan of a game with a unique angle on things. So here we have Party Bugs from Z-Man Games. You and your friends are having a disco dance party, when a group of costumed cockroaches show up. Of course, nobody wants costumed cockroaches at their party, so you're trying to get the annoying bugs to go bother your friends. That's... not a set-up for a game you hear very often.

Z-Man Games is coming out with a new edition of Condottiere. Players are in control of an Italian city-state and must use their armies to enforce their dominance over the country. In this article, Z-Man Games gives us a general overview of how the game works, so those that might be jumping in now can know what to expect when it hits the shelves.

Yo-ho! Yo-ho! A viking's life for me! Ok, I know that's not really how the song goes, but unless I wanted to just start posting Amon Amarth lyrics, I don't know many viking songs. Besides, they're from Sweden, not Norway, which is where you'll be headed in the new expansion for A Feast For Odin, The Norwegians, that Z-Man Games has announced.

Art in a game can be just as important as rules or fluff. You could have a great rules set, but if the art is just kinda "bleh," it can ruin the whole thing. Thankfully, there's a lot of talented artists out there. For example, there's Tomasz Jedruszek, who Z-Man Games tasked with doing the art for a new version of Condottiere. In this interview, we get a look at what inspired him when creating the new art pieces.

Z-Man Games will soon be coming out with their new tactical card game, Guardians. In it, each player takes on the role of a different Hero as you fight against one-another to see who's the best. In this preview, we get a look at two of these heroes: Astra and Grave. Will one of these be the last one standing?

The release of Mesozooic from Z-Man Games draws ever-closer. Soon, you'll be able to build your own dinosaur theme park and fill it with all manner of attractions. In this preview, we get a look at some of the more advanced options in the game. You've got your dinosaurs, but what about your dino-VR experience? Or advanced coasters?

If you're so goth, where were you when we ransacked Rome?

A rather silly question, to be sure (you were hanging out in the Collosseum, petting the lions), but it's one that you can live out in the new version of Pandemic that Z-Man Games has announced. Barbarian hordes are gathering outside the walls and the citizens of Rome are trapped. The garrisons are stretched thin. Will they be able to hold out or is the Fall of Rome inevitable? The new edition is available to order now.

In Mesozooic, you're looking to create the greatest dinosaur theme park of them all. By having the right combination of dinosaurs, concessions, and other attractions, you'll have the highest attendance. To add to the possibilities for your park, Z-Man Games is coming out with the Triassic expansion.

In this Year of New Editions, that includes anniversary editions of games. In this case, Stone Age is celebrating 10 years of placing workers in a prehistoric city. Z-Man Games has announced that they're taking pre-orders for a new version, with new components, a double-sided map, and rules for playing in the cold of winter. Have a look.