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<weewoo weewoo weewoo> Giant dragon alert! We have giant dragon alert! I knew I was going to like the Phoenix Elves, even if it's already hot enough here in Atlanta. We get a look at two more ca
Paizo's Pathfinder and Starfinder Societies are some of the best-cultivated and supported OP groups in gaming. And they're getting updates for how often stuff will be coming out for them. How will thi
2-player starters. I think they're the best way to get into a minis game. And Games Workshop has a new one coming out for 40k all based around the magics that the forces can wield. It's the Hexfire bo
Not one. Not two. But three. That's how many games Dyskami Publishing is looking to produce with their latest Kickstarter campaign. Pixies, Wyrms, and Demonicity all use the 3-stat system from BESM 4t
Naked Court. Don't worry. It's a family-friendly game. It takes its inspiration from the old fairytale, The Emperor's New Clothes. You know, the one where the Emperor thinks he's wearing the absolute
So, you might've heard that the world... it's in a bit of trouble as climate change takes hold. But what can you or I do about it? Well, you might not think that "play board games" is an option, but i
Even more previews are up for the upcoming Summoner Wars faction, the Phoenix Elves. Have yourselves a look at the Ember Beast as well as Holleas in this look from Plaid Hat Games.
If you're looking for a new land in which to play your D&D games, you should check out the Stargazer's Guide to Aroria. It's a new setting guide up on Kickstarter that has a heavy bit of the zodia
"A game within a game," Orlog was enjoyed by those playing Assassin's Creed Valhalla. But now, it can be enjoyed by everyone as an actual version of the game is being made for your tabletops by PureAr
The Xenos just keep coming. You've got to hold them off until all have been destroyed before you can get out of here. That's where you find yourself in Nice Guys Finish Last, a new Zombicide: Invader