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Last week was a bunch of battle boxes for Age of Sigmar. This week, it's 40k's turn. There's also a whole bunch of releases for Necromunda that you can put your name on the list to get right away from
You asked and they listened. The makers behind Gatefall have created two new versions of their game. One's a bit more cut back and sleek while the other is a real Deluxe edition. Both have also receiv
From the makers of Creature Comforts comes an all-new, stand-along sequel called Maple Valley. Spring has sprung and the Spring Festival is rapidly approaching. Gather your friends and get what you ne
There's many species out there that need our help to make sure that they're still around for the next generation. Raising awareness is a big part of that. And that's where you can help out with Douc i
The wheels of time roll ever-forward. So, how goes the release of MKIV from Privateer Press for Warmachine/Hordes? That's exactly what we get a look at in this new progress report from the company.
Friday! Woo! It's the first week back after a vacation for me and it wasn't that bad. Though, my next couple weeks are now looking like they're going to be absolutely slammed busy until the end of the
Keith Baker, the creator of the Eberron setting for Dungeons & Dragons, has a new sourcebook out that further expands the world. It's called Chronicles of Eberron and it's got a bit of everything.
The battlefields of WWII were already pretty deadly before the aliens showed up. With the Vatari joining the Axis and the Skarn joining the Allies, the fate of planet Earth hangs in the balance. That'
The monster on Mount Kubia is awakening. The village has sent its champions to deal with it, each wanting to appease the beast. But in the end, only one will. That's the story behind Cube Monster, a n
For the rest of us, it's just December. But for Fantasy Flight, it's Descentember. They've got a month of giveaways, extras, and surprises for their popular board game series. Head on over and check i