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Something a little different for you here. Wizards of the Coast has put out an official D&D cookbook. Being an amateur cook, myself, I'm certainly interested in seeing what sort of recipes are ins
A character's character sheets are basically what brings it to life. Without those, it's just a concept in your head. But instead of just having some overly-worn, smudged, boring regular sheets, Beadl
Just don't call them "Space Babypuppies!" as much as you want to (I really, really want to). They're the Space Wolves and they're getting a new codex that you can pre-order this weekend. But what sort
The pandemic continues and it's not looking like it'll end soon. So, keeping one's distance is still as important as ever. That means possibly playing your board games on your lonesome. Well, if you'v
Arguably the coolest enemy in the Star Wars saga, Darth Maul captivated audiences and his fight on Naboo is a high point of the Prequels. Soon, players in Star Wars: Legion will have a new Darth Maul
Bananas. They're a wonderful fruit. You can just eat them out of the peel. You can fry them. You can turn them into bread. You can do a lot with 'em, so when you work at a banana wholesale company, yo
You wouldn't find me caught dead on a cruise ship. Just too many bad things can happen. Like, you can be caught dead! That's what's happened in Midnight Murder Mysteries. A body has been found on a cr
<whoop! whoop! whoop!> Giant robot alert! We have giant robot alert! Arclight Games cancelled their previous campaign for Dragon Gyas, wanting to tinker around with it some more in the meantime.
Grab your headbands, put on your best orange top, brush up on your jutsus, and stretch your arms so you can run with them directly back behind you, Japanime Games has announced they're teaming up with
I'm tired. Just all the tired. I need to be getting more sleep. But I also have a new roommate in the form of a cat and we're still trying to figure out each-other's schedules and such. I also have a