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Look, nobody said that going into deep space would be the safest thing you've ever done. And, unfortunately... well... the ship's about to be destroyed. There's a life pod, but you gotta get there, of
Tall Tales extends the idea of party games where you need to come up with just a word or short phrase and then players vote on which is best. In it, instead of just a word or phrase, you come up with
Onyx Path Publishing is running a Kickstarter campaign for Dead Man's Rust, a new mega-adventure set in their Scarred Lands RPG setting that works on the 5th edition D&D rules set. More than just
The Kids on Brooms world is getting a spin-off game in the form of Duel of Wands. In this new card game, players take the role of young spellcasters looking to prove their might with mighty magic duel
Ah, the Prime Directive. Such a curious thing. And when the Federation's foes show up at an uncontacted planet and are about to dive in to get a new power source, the options are limited for the crew.
When a super-powered being goes off the deep-end, who's going to stop them? Well, in The Boys: This is Going to Hurt, it's the CIA who must recruit other super-powered beings of all types in order to
Roleplaying games are lots of fun. I should know, as I've been playing them for literally decades. And I've played with a lot of new players. Some have taken to it readily. Some really liked the idea,
Direchasm is the new big-box expansion for Warhammer Underworlds that's coming out for pre-order this weekend. But what figures are in the box? Well, we get a look at the Slaaneshi side of things in t
There's a new set of Pathfinder Battles Deep Cut figures available from WizKids this week. But, seeing as Pathfinder is a Paizo game, they're the ones with the article all about 'em. Want to see what'
Yes, I realize that the Celts are real people. And yes, I know that Warlords of Erehwon is a fantasy game. But the former is getting an army in the latter, as the game's designer, Rick, has been addin