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When a patient is in an ICU, there's a whole host of people working together to get them back on their feet. In Critical Care, you play those dedicated healthcare workers. The goal is to discharge all
When new players are getting into D&D, it's best to not start them at something like Level 15 or something. That'd be throwing too much at them at once. Letting them start out at low level gives t
Oppressed people's of the world, rise up! It's time to fight for freedom and liberty! At least, that's what's happening in Shasn: Azadi, a new board game up on Kickstarter. Work together for freedom.
The Horus Heresy was fought between the Space Marines loyal to Horus and those loyal to the Emperor. The traitor legions, of course, being equipped just as any other space Marine legions, had Titans.
And the week swings back around to the beginning with Monday. We knew it was going to happen sooner or later. I hope you had a good weekend. Mine was pretty good. Actually went to the LGS for the firs
Privateer Press is taking a bit of time to stop and talk with all the writers that worked on the newly-revamped Iron Kingdoms RPG book. This time around, they're having a chat with Orrin Grey, one of
There's new Aeronautica Imperialis coming next weekend. There's a new starter set, complete with two new factions as part of Saturday's pre-releases. There's also a plushie Nurgling. Because... why no
The next season of Corvus Belli's ITS, their organized play program for Infinity, is about to kick off. Want to see what's in store for this new season? Head through and take a look.
Free RPG Day is just a couple weeks away, on October 16th. As one would expect, Paizo is prepping for the big day with new adventures for both Starfinder and Pathfinder. You can check them out in this
The last of the new WAAAGH!!! is up and available to pre-order from Games Workshop. The final kits for the new Beast Snaggas in 40k can be ordered now.