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On your marks. Get set. Bake! It's time to head into the tent to try and win yourself a crystal cake stand in The Great British Baking Show. What's that? You can't bake? Not in Britain? Don't worry. Y
Corvus Belli has the next season of their organized play going for Infinity. Head on through and check out everything, including new rules downloads and scenarios to check out.
Funko Pop! Baby Yoda
Let's face it, the world we're in now has a whole ton different in it compared to 3 years ago. The whole gaming landscape has changed. That includes a lot of games that have gone over the horizon. But
It's a real grab-bag of new pre-releases next week in the Games Workshop webshop. The biggest is the new Blood Bowl team and several Star Players. Then, Warcry gets a new book. Warhammer Quest gets so
Slow start to Monday is a slow start. And yes, I realize it's the afternoon by now. But man, this morning... I am dragging like crazy. Don't necessarily feel sick, just very, "bluh..." Well, hopefully
<whoop! whoop! whoop!> Giant Robot Alert this time is brought to you by Core Connection, the mech-building card game. Japanime Games and Keep Dry are running a Gamefound campaign for a new core
Earth, fire, wind, water, heart... and some others. These are the classic elements of old (and also how you summon Captain Planet, but that's beside the point). If you're looking to add these to your
We just changed seasons, so it seems fitting to have a new Tzeentch release for Age of Sigmar. He is the lord of change, after all. You can get their new Battletome for Age of Sigmar now. There's also
One of the most iconic zombie movies, and arguably the one that really kicked it all off, is Night of the Living Dead. Of course, something that iconic needs to have a Zombicide version, and it does.
Hard to think that Games Workshop has been around for as long as it has. It's a staple of the gaming industry, that's for sure. While many companies are just celebrating 10 years, GW's got more than 3