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Since there was no physical Gen Con this year, I missed out on my yearly opportunity of walking the halls and just seeing circles of people slapping their legs in unison while playing Werewolf. Well,
For decades now, humans have been giving serious consideration to building a permanent second home for some of us up on the moon. And while actual attempts to do that are still in just the planning ph
With the quarantine going on, people are trying to figure out more ways that they can game while socially isolating. Paizo is here to help with their new Starfinder interactive game that you can play
Mantic has some new minis coming out soon for Deadzone. Of course, players are loving the looks at the art and mini previews they're getting. But you know what I always want to see the most? The stats
The week's already halfway over. Yeah, it's just moving by that fast. No complaints here, mind you. Even though I don't have anything currently planned for the weekend, I'm still excited for a couple
The social structures and hierarchies in kingdoms can get incredibly complicated incredibly quickly. Nobles of all types have their own secret plots to not just get and maintain power, but look to imp
It's two, two, two campaigns in one! Indie Boards & Cards is combining two of their projects together and bring you them both together in one Kickstarter campaign. On one side, you have Quest, a n
There's no lack of ways to find out about and get involved in the world of Dungeons & Dragons. Maybe you had a friend that showed up to school one day with a Player's Handbook. Or you came across
In the night, creatures no longer entirely human stalk the dark spaces. They are the vampires, each a part of their own secret cabal, working to forward their group's goals. It's into this world that
"I'm... I'm attacking the Darkness!" Yes, you too can attack the Darkness when it returns in Massive Darkness 2: Hellscape. This new edition of the dungeon-crawl game from CMON is up on Kickstarter no