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1-48TACTIC British Airborne Up On Kickstarter

Baueda is looking to bring a new faction to 1-48TACTIC, their WWII historical miniatures game. This time, they're taking to the air with the British Red Devils, AKA - the British Airborne. You can check out this new faction, as well as pick up previous releases as part of this Kickstarter campaign.

From the campaign:

This campaign is for adding the British Red Devils as a playable faction to 1-48TACTIC.

Four other factions are also already currently available and can be taken as reward, and there will be many more coming in the future!


Like all other 1-48TACTIC starter pack, this set contains everything you need to start playing with the British 1st Airborne Division, including 4 incredibly detailed 1:48 scale resin miniatures with their stat cards, LOTS of high quality resin terrain, 6 exclusive faction dice, over 50 full color die cut action tokens and game markers and a copy of the quick start rules which are also available for free download in many languages at

That’s right! We are so confident you will like our game that we are giving you all the basic rules for free, so you can try it out without parting with your hard earned cash!

All miniatures are available as very high quality 3D resin prints in a tough and flexible material that is almost identical to plastic, and come already free of supports. Some minor cleanup is still required, but much less than what is normally required to clean the mold lines in a plastic or metal product.

You can also take the occasion to purchase at a discounted price any of the other factions starting packs and individual booster figures. (For double packs, like MG teams or reinforcement, please choose 2 packs).

All the previously release figures are also available in metal if you prefer (cast in a jewellery grade lead free alloy), but for the moment we do not have plan to cast these new figures also in metal.

The campaign's up and over its funding goal, but only has 6 days left to go.