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13 Hunters RPG Zine Up On Gamefound

Looking to add some new, thematic bounty hunters to your sci-fi RPG? Then you'll want to check out 13 Hunters. It's a new RPG zine full of system-agnostic characters that you can drop right into your games to give your players something to worry about. The project is up on Gamefound now.

From the campaign:

13HUNTERS is a zine compendium of 13 renowned bounty hunters from across the orbspace. Inside, you'll find system and setting-agnostic dossiers filled with all the attributes, art, vignettes, and tables you need to drop these terrifying creatures into your sci-fi or fantasy roleplaying game.

Sleep with one eye open. Or two.

Better yet, just don't fall asleep for the rest of your life, because you're relentlessly pursued by...

   THE LOCKSMITH, ethereal sovereign of bindings, doors, keys, and double-joints.

   THE NAMEGAARD, excommunicated faerie lord bound to do the bidding of all who know its truename.

   THE WHIRLIGIG, slinking, shifting terror-in-the-dunes.

...and 10 other flesh-creeping soldiers of fortune.

The campaign is up and running now with 23 days left to go.