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2 New Factions Coming For Fallout: Wasteland Warfare

Modiphius has announced a rather large expansion coming to Fallout: Wasteland Warfare. It's the Mojave Expansion and it's not just a couple new units, but two whole new factions in the form of Caesar's Legions and the NCR. Included among the releases is a new 2-player starter set so new players can get into the game quick and easy with a single purchase. This new expansion will hit store shelves early next year.

From the article:

Wargamers around the world can start planning for new adventures as two whole new factions; the NCR & Caesar’s Legion join the battlefields of Fallout®. 

Coming to a friendly local gaming store near you Spring 2021, the Mojave Expansion is a great onboarding product, containing brand new narrative decks and scenarios to allow you to theme your games in and around New Vegas. Players will just need the Fallout Wasteland Warfare Two-player starter set and some miniatures alongside this new release to get playing. 

Straight out of New Vegas and the surrounding Mojave Desert, the slave drivers of Caesar’s Legion have been uniting the tribes for the epic conflict at Hoover Dam. The launch waves contain a variety of characters and troops such as Legate Lanius or Vulpes Inculta leading Legionaries, Praetorians and Scouts.

Meanwhile the New California Republic’s incursion eastward brings them into conflict with the varied denizens of this region. Their initial releases include characters such as Chief Hanlon and Gorobets supported by their forces of Rangers and Troopers. 

There will also be some reinforcements for the Super Mutants, with the brutal Nightkin infiltrating the battlefield as well as new allies in Tabitha and Marcus. Robot fans will get the Securitrons and there will be New Vegas companions to reinforce your Survivor faction.