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Year 2018

If you've ever looked at something a company's doing and went, "That's no way to sell that game! I could do that infinitely better!" then Corvus Belli might just be looking for you. They're hiring a new Business Relationship Manager, and you could be the right gamer for the job.

The master teaches the student, and the knowledge of ages is passed down to a new generation. That is the theme of Wu Wei, a new board game available from Gray Wolf Games. Players take on the role of both master and student as they travel the land, seeking guidance from the animal masters in the world. The first to successfully do so will lead the age.

Soldiers clash on the battlefield, their axes raised high, hacking away at the enemy's shields. Archers rain down arrows from afar, trying to thin the numbers of the enemy. Overhead, ravens soar. That's a good look at what goes down in Battle Ravens, a new viking board game that's up on Kickstarter now.

Modiphius adds another notch to the Year of New Editions with the release of the 4th edition of Kult: Divinity Lost. If you're looking for a bit more mature content in your RPG then Kult might just be for you. Remove the veil that keeps you from seeing the true world all around you. Deal with dark magic and make bargains with demons as you try and stay alive in this even more unforgiving world.

The Emerald Empire book for the Legend of the Five Rings RPG will give players new insight into the world of Rokugan. Tracing all the way back to the very formations of the land, itself, it reveals secrets of the land from the inception of the country. More than useful for just the RPG gamers, any fan of the L5R franchise can get something out of this new book.

Well, that was a quite nice couple of days off. I hope those of you that celebrated Thanksgiving were able to have a good one. And I hope those that went shopping on Black Friday were able to get out with all your fingers and toes intact. Now we're getting into the holiday season, and yes, I have the holiday music playing. That's just how I roll. Also how I roll is to get you the best tabletops.

Today in our Terrain Corner we have: Avatars of War Ready2Print Terrain Now Available, Dying Star Field Map Available From Loke Battlemats, Arid Plain Gaming Mat Available From Pwork Wargame, New Imperial Depot Available From Micro Art Studio, and Blue Star Field Gaming Mat Available From Loke Battlemats.

In the world, there are many religions one could choose to follow, and many with pantheons that you could choose which god you wanted to follow. Of course, you want to make sure you choose the right one. That's just what you'll be doing in Cult: Choose Your God Wisely, a new board game coming in two days from Cryptozoic and Igrology.

The next Black Anchor Industries pre-order is going on now. If you get your name on the list to get the Dawnguard Trident before December 3rd, your order will also include a free Black Anchor Industries pin.

I mean, that's no oven mit, like you could get with a previous order, but pins are cool.

Stuffed Fables really created a somewhat new genre of game, as it's not quite Role Playing Game, but it's not quite Board Game, either. It was a big hit, and Plaid Hat Games is following up with a new Adventure Book Game in the form of Comanauts. Players must head into the psyche of Dr. Martin Strobol and try and free him from the coma he's in. Plaid Hat's posted up a new preview of just how this new game will work.

The Emperor, while certainly a master of the dark Force, is still in need of those to protect him when he goes out (he doesn't have a lot of friends). Those protetors come in the form of the Imperial Royal Guards, those red-robed sentinels always around him. In this preview, we get a look at what they'll be like when coming to the tabletops in Star Wars: Legion.

Really going for two ends of the spectrum here with this week's set of pre-orders from Games Workshop. On one hand, you have Giant Robot Alert in the form of new kits for Adeptus Titanicus. On the other side, there's a whole lot of stuff for The Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game, including new Gandalf and Theoden kits, plus a new book, as well as a whole host of units.

I could sit here and post a Black Friday Sale post every half-hour and still be at it for days, it seems. So, instead, I'm bundling all the ones I'm coming across together here for you. Peruse at your leisure.

Thanksgiving dinner is good and over with. Many of you are waking up to a leftover turkey sandwich for breakfast. Well, while you munch on that, why not head over to Battle Foam and get some Black Friday savings on their custom carrying cases? You spend a lot of time and effort assembling and painting your minis, you want them to look amazing when they get to the gaming table. Get them there in style with a Battle Foam bag.

From the announcement:

It’s that time of year again. Time to save hundreds of dollars on Christmas presents for your friends, family, or just yourself. Everyone knows that storage for your miniatures should be a must have on all shopping lists.

Since we know how much gamers value their miniatures we have some of our biggest discounts going live Thursday November 22nd at Midnight Eastern. The entire Battle Foam webstore in both the UK and US will be discounting everything from 15% to 75% off! Here are some of the discounts you will find during the sale: 

• All Custom Foam Trays 25% Off 
• All P.A.C.K. Bags 25% Off 
• All Black Label Hard Cases 15% Off 
• All Malifaux and Privateer Press Bags 30% Off 
• All Infinity and Guild Ball Bags 25% Off 
• All Standard Foam Trays 25% Off 
• All Fantasy Football Bags 35% Off 
• All X-Packs 50% Off 
• All Magna Rack Kits 25% Off 
• All Blemish Foam Trays 75% Off 
• New Limited Edition Nuclear Green and Urban Spec Camo 720 Bags 15% Off

Shop early because many of these items will sell out fast, especially our new LE Bags! Also check our social media accounts for more surprises throughout the sale. 

Save on the latest foam trays, box sets, Magna Racks, P.A.C.K. bags, Private Label storage, and our limited edition 720s. Not only will you be saving on everything store wide but you will have a chance to get your hands on two super cool 720s that are limited to just 200 of each color. The bags will be individually numbered 001/200 so order early before we sell out.

Head over to and start shopping for the coolest storage solution for your valuable miniatures. Battle Foam, Protecting Your Army!

Mythic Mania 2 (not called "Myth Harder," much to my dismay) is a new pair of expansion books for Pathfinder that brings even more mythic material to your games. There's no such thing as too many options for your games, if you ask me, so having some more books has got to be a good thing. The new tomes are up on Kickstarter now.

Strange, mythic, and giant beasts roam the land. In order to hunt them down, people have taken up or created powerful and unique weapons, each imbued with special powers. That's the world you find yourself in in Soulbound, a new industrial fantasy RPG that's up on Kickstarter now.

'Tis the season... for saving a couple bucks on things. Brigade Models has launched their Christmas Sale over on their website. Go grab yourself some figures for cheaper than you'd usually have to spend.

In a way, it's Wednesday, because that's what day it is. In a way, it's Friday, because it's the last day of the work week. In some ways, it's both, because we have a Snippets post here for you. So, before you chow down on all the food tomorrow, let's get you some bite-sized gaming stories to snack on.

Today on the platter we have: Game Cows Discusses Different Types of Board Games, ARMYTRANSPORT Black Friday Sale Happening Now, The Avatar of Cthulhu Up On Kickstarter, Rebel Minis Releases 28mm Scale Cyberdogs, and New Monster Hunter Mini Available From Brother Vinni.

I love webcomics. There's several that I read on a regular basis. I'm always excited to see games that tie in with them, as I feel it really lets me get more into the world and play around in it. For those that are fans of the Crystal Heart comic, you're in luck. There's a setting book for the Savage Worlds system up on Kickstarter that'll let you join in on the fantasy action.

Just in time for the holidays, Rebel Minis and Two Hour Wargames has not just one, but two new sci-fi miniatures games for you. They're 5150 Platoon Leader and 5150 Battalion Commander. You can go pick up your copies now and spend your off-hours these next months getting your mini sci-fi battle groove on.

Firelock Games is getting in on the holiday season with their Black Friday sale. Starting this Friday, you can get 25% off your order over in their webshop. Just use the coupon code raisetheblack.

It's often that you find an expansion for a board game that also counts as a stand-alone game ("expanshalone" is what I remember calling something like that back in the day). What you don't quite see so often is an RPG that's a stand-alone expansion. But that's what we have here. Mutant: Elysium is the 3rd of the Mutant: Year Zero RPG expansions, but while it's an expansion, it's also a stand-alone game on its own. The game is up on Kickstarter now.

We're about to hit the holiday season and people will be getting and giving gifts. The folks over at IELLO are looking to get into the gift-giving spirit by giving away a copy of their 8Bit Box game. Go head over and put your name in the hat to get a copy for yourself.

So, you're just walking down the street one day when you find a card. You don't think much of it, but it catches your eye and you pick it up. However, this wasn't just some lost playing card, or a dropped business card, but a small piece of divinity, imbuing you with extreme power. What would you do next? That's what Divinity Card, a new RPG that's up on Kickstarter now, asks.

Steve Barber Models has started taking pre-orders for their new guide on how to paint figures set during the American Civil War. If your painting could use a leg-up (like mine certainly could), this is the ultimate guide in blues and greys (as well as all the other appropriate colors). You can even order a copy signed by the author.

Many companies aren't waiting for Black Friday to actually start their Black Friday sales. Case in point: Knight Models. Go get yourself some figures for cheaper than you'd usually have to spend.


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