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Year 2018

The folks over at FossilPunk Foundry have been working on their Sauriana minis game for a long time, and they're about ready to unleash it on the public. Well, it's hard to have a minis game without minis, so they've got their first two over on their website now.

It's Tuesday. But it's also kinda like Wednesday, because it's the middle of the work week. But it's also kinda like Thursday, because it's the 2nd-to-last day of the work week. But since I'm typing up a Podcast Radio post, that means it's Tuesday. Let's get to it.

This week on the dial we have: Game Classy Episode 175: GeeDubb roundup; Meeples & Miniatures Episode 255: Tales of Tabletop Gaming #1; Blue Peg, Pink Peg Episode 135: James Hudson & Porta Nigra; Lords of the Dungeon Episode 21: RPG Sports, GM vs Player Description and Playing Your Alignment; Rolling Dice & Taking Names Episode 158: Arkham Horror, Shadows:Amsterdam, Hail Hydra; and Epic Gaming Night Podcast Episode 179: Choices.

Trick or Tree is a new magnetic blocks building game up on Kicksarter now. Players draw cards and must attach the appropriate color and shape of branch to the tree. However, you can't get too crazy, as you don't want the tree to fall over! Fun for the whole family, go and check it out.

If you're tired of being in the bustling streets and dark alleys of Carcassonne, you can soon take an adventure out to the wide open spaces of Africa. Z-Man Games is coming out with Carcassonne Safari, that takes players on a hunt to spot all the majestic creatures of that continent. In this preview, we get a look at how the game works, including scoring different tiles.

Some companies aren't waiting for Friday to have their Black Friday deals going. That includes Warlord Games, who has another batch of sales going on now. In this case, it's a sale on their various books as well as deals on Blood Red Skies.

This weekend, as I'm sure you all know, is Black Friday. The Friday after American Thanksgiving, it's the kick-off of the holiday season. That means everyone and anyone is going to have stuff on sale, Corvus Belli among them. Take a look at what you can get for cheaper than usual.

The Rebels have their own scouts, out there looking for any weaknesses in the Imperial machine. Their use of cammo and covert tactics makes them perfect for it. In this preview for Star Wars: Legion, Fantasy Flight takes a look at a pair of new releases, Jyn Orso as well as a unit of Rebel Pathfiners.

Who says women can't kick ass? The folks over at Funky Skull certainly think they can. That's why they're running a Kickstarter campaign for The Mollies, a new street gang for their Street Wars NYC miniatures game. Grab your pink coat and skates, it's time to take to the streets.

You know, I love games with a unique premise. In this case, we have a Role-playing game all about the competitive world of bicycle racing. For those that play Flamme Rouge and wish you could really get down in there and onto your bikes, this is the game for you. It's called Tour de Force and it's going to be on Kickstarter early next year.

I do not volunteer as tribute. I don't know a lot about the Hunger Games universe, but I do know I'd probably get my ass killed out there. Where I won't get my ass killed, however, is sitting down at the gaming table playing The Hunger Games: Mockingjay from River Horse. They have put the game up for pre-order over on their website now.

Alchemist Miniatures have updated their Alkemy webship with a quartet of new releases. If you're looking to expand your forces, now's a great opportunity to do so.

Someone decided it needed to be Monday again. While I'm not all that thrilled with the decision, I do know that it's going to be a short week. So that's gonna be good. Thursday is Thanksgiving here in the US, and so I'll be off Thursday and Friday, just chillin' and trying to avoid all the fracas at the Maul. In the meantime, though, let's get your gaming tables lookin' as good as my dining room table will be this Thursday.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: Frosty Plain Gaming Mat Available From Pwork Wargame, TerrainCrate Town & Battlefield available to order now, and Hive City Habitat Available From Tabletop Scenics.

Most games are good up to about 4 players. But what happens when the whole crew shows up and you all want to play a game together? Well, if you're wanting to play Gen7, you'll soo be able to seat up to 6 players at the table. Plaid Hat Games has announced Gen7: Breaking Point, which will add compatibility for up to 6 players, as well as a new scenario to the mix.

This week, a lot of people will be spending a lot of time with family.... and that means you'll probably want to run and escape to the world of gaming. Thankfully, the latest issue of Wargames Illustrated is now available so you don't have to talk to your creepy uncle.

The Space Race captivated the entire world. World superpowers were vying for the best resources in order to get into space first. Soon, you'll be able to live those wild times with Lift Off, a new retro resource-management game coming from Z-Man Games.

Games Workshop has a huge back catalog of figures. They can't really always have all of them in production at once. It's just too much. So, from time to time, they'll go back and whip up batches of some older figures. In this case, it's the Beasts of Chaos. So if you've been looking to get some of these, but haven't had the chance, they're available to order for this week only.

We're most of the way through November. December will be here before we know it. So, to make sure you're ready, Corvus Belli is showing off their December releases for Infinity. It's quite a big batch, with seven kits included. Have a look for yourself.

A new set for Test of Honour is available to pre-order from Warlord Games. In this case, it's a set of seven ronin. For those that don't know, ronin were masterless samurai who traveled around the countryside, helping those in need. They're also the only people I know of who made the man-bun hairstyle look good. Anyway, you can get your orders in now so that these seven samurai don't walk past your door.

Normally, in an RPG, you work your character around the rules of the game to create what you want. Nomnivore Games thought that was kinda silly. So, instead, they created a game system that builds the rules around what you want to do with your character. That's where Emberwind comes in, it's their new system and it's up on Kickstarter now.

Black Mirror is this generation's Twilight Zone. It gives us worlds that seem pretty normal, but then there's always something sinister lurking just below the surface. In the episode Nosedive, people look to create a perfect social life while avoiding "dings" to their reputation. Now, Asmodee will be releasing a card game that mimics the episode. The game will be exclusive to Target stores and, with the game hitting shelves on the 25th.

When you can't find anyone else to game with, you'd think that'd mean your luck's out. But such does not have to be the case when you've got Red Menace, a new solo military strategy game all about the nuclear back-and-forth during the late 50s. Take on the role of the Americans, Canadians, and British as they square off against the Russians. Everyone's got their nuclear arsenal, and only one set will be standing at the end. You can get your copy now.


I know that I just got back into the regular swing of things again, but I'm already ready to just take a couple days off. My weekend will be spent gaming, but of the video variety. Hey, I'm allowed. But while I crunch those 1s and 0s, I'll be needing to snack, and having some bite-sized gaming stories in my tummy will be awesome.

Today on the platter we have: The Mighty Exo-Armoured Dwarves 28mm scale miniatures up On Kickstarter, Lizard City Bases Now Available From Tabletop-Art, Ophidian Menace Fantasy Miniatures Up On Kickstarter, Baueda Releases New 15mm Forest Bases, Riders of the Storm Fantasy Miniatures Up On Kickstarter, and Kraken Dice Releasing Kelpie Dice This Evening.

You can never have enough spells. I'm often using spellcasting classes in my RPGs, and it always seems like there's never quite the one I want available. I've got a certain thought in mind in what type of magic I want them to use, and I often can't find what I want. Well, for those playing Shadow of the Demon Lord and wanting to find "just the right spell," you'll want to check out Occult Philosophy. It's bringing 800 new spells to the game. The book is up on Kickstarter now.

AntiMatter Games is making sure that you're ready for Black Friday next week. They've posted up the details for their sale, which is pretty simple. Use the coupon code and get 30% off your order. It's nice when they're easy like that.

Are you a gamer looking to break into the gaming scene? The "dream job" of many of you is currently open up over at Steamforged. They are looking to hire a new Game Designer, and you might just be the person for the job. Swing on over and check out the requirements and send in your resume to be added to the list.