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Year 2019

Animals have been used and are still used in combat pretty much since the beginning. There's a lot of creatures out there that are fierce and would love to just rip whatever they're pointed at to shreds. But to make sure they rip apart the right thing, you need trainers. That's where the Dark Elf Beastmaster comes in. She makes sure those savage monsters only tear up the right troops. You can pick up yours now from Avatars of War.

Forge World has a classic for you this time around. Many of you probably have a Lord Borak the Despoiler figure in your Blood Bowl collections. But the folks at GW figured he could use a bit of a touch-up. So he's got a new mini out and available to pre-order now over on the Forge World site.

Sometimes you want to break out of the fantasy RPG rut you've found yourself in, but you're also not really interested in learning a whole new game system. Thankfully, that's where Starships & Starwyrms comes in. It's a Sci-fi RPG that uses the popular 5th Edition game engine. It's the rules you know in a setting you're probably not used to using those rules in. The game is up on Kickstarter now.

The latest two decks are available for Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn. You can pick up The Grave King and The Protector of Argaia now. They will also be the last two decks released for the game.

It's New Release Day for Fantasy Flight, and they've got a new expansion available for Star Wars: Destiny as well as a couple vehicle expansion packs available for Star Wars: Legion. There's also some packs for their LCGs, if you're into that kind of thing as well.

First Kings takes you back to the glory of Ancient Rome. Well, maybe not necessarily the "glorious" parts of it, anyway. More like the much darker side of things. Best to stay in at night if you want to keep your head. The new RPG is up on Kickstarter now.

It's nice to have single adventures that a DM can drop into a game. Maybe they ran out of time to get this next adventure prepped. Or they want to get their characters some experience before continuing on. Whatever the reason, pre-made adventures really help. And Space Daddy Games is here to help. They're running a Kickstarter for their Rebels of the Drifting City one-shot adventure for 5th Edition.

Smunchy Games has launched a Kickstarter campaig for Paths: World of Adia, their new fantasy RPG that mixes classical elements and the ability to play solo (in case the rest of your gaming group has to give it a miss one week).

*bass groove starts up.*
*synth organ kicks in*
Better stop dreaming of the quiet life, 'cause it's the one we'll never know.
And quit running for that runaway bus 'cause those rosy days are few.
Anyway, Monkeyfun Studios is running a Kickstarter campaign for their A Town Called Malice RPG.

Friday Eve. I hope you're getting good and prepped for the weekend. Hopefully lots of gaming on the horizon. And, of course, where there's gaming, there's gaming tables. And where there's gaming tables, there's hopefully good-looking gaming tables. Let's help out with that.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: WizKids Announces New Line of RPG Miniatures for Player Environments, Fantasy Art Pack: Merchants & Royalty Up On Kickstarter, Aztec Terrain Up On Kickstarter, and RPG Dungeon Dice & Cards Up On Kickstarter.

CMON has an absoultely smashing new post about God of War: The Card Game up on their website.
I know it's good, because I wrote it.
Anyway, in this post, we get a look at the general game overview of the game and how it works.

During WWII, a group of POWs got together and conducted one of the most daring escape attempts in military history. The event would be remembered simply as The Great Escape. You might've watched the movie. You might've read the books. Now, you can play the card game. Zadorf Games has released The Great Escape mini card game.

"Bridge may be chocolate." I know I've done the Demitri Martin bit before, but it's all I can think about when I see the title for that game.
Anyway, continuing on with their previews for the Devil May Cry board game they're working on, Steamforged is giving us a look at the Hunter Upgrades that you will be getting in the game.

WizKids and Paizo have had a good relationship so far, and it's only getting better. They've entered into an agreement to make Starfinder miniatures now. I, for one, look forward to more reasonably priced sci-fi minis of all types for my tabletop.

It's time for another Malifaux 3rd Edition preview. In this instance, we have the goblin duo Georgy and Olaf (not to be confused with Oglaf, which is something else entirely. Don't Google that at work). The two have a real Master/Blaster type relationship, something they mention often in the special rules for the figure.

In the beginning, creatures of the different elements of Earth, Wind, (and) Fire, and Water lived in harmony on a single island. However, as time went on, tensions grew, and eventually, war were declaired. In the end, four elemental Protectors were summoned by the island itself to right everything. That's the story and where you come in in Mythical Island, a new tile-laying game coming soon to Indiegogo.

An ancient civilization has been found right under your feet. This civilization was highly technologically advanced, and now the race is on to get the best bits. Different entrepreneurs have set up operations and are looking to get the greatest riches for themselves. That's the story behind Rusty Industry, a new board game that's up on Kickstarter now.

May 1st. May Day. It's just a week away. And that's your last chance to get in on the big sale that Prodos is having for their Alien vs. Predator line going on in their webshop. It's the end of the line for the product run, so this is your last chance.

Battleground Fantasy Warfare has been around for quite some time. It's great for the minis fantasy player who doesn't necessarily want to deal with minis. In this Kickstarter, the Men of Hawkshold, the first faction for the game, is looking to get an update. There's new artwork. There's updated rules. It's got a bit of everything.

It's weird how I can wake up and go, "Oh hey, it's Wednesday!" and "Man, it's only Wednesday" at the same time. But such is life. We're halfway back to the weekend. I've got D&D to look forward to on Saturday. Should be a good session. But before we get there, we need to fill up on some bite-sized gaming stories.

On the platter today we have: Dead Through Time Historical Zombie Miniatures Up On Kickstarter, New Releases and Dark Forces Sale From Puppets War, 5e Fantasy RPG Advent Calendar Up On Kickstarter, Goliath Dice Sale Happening at Kraken Dice, and Nomad's Magnetic Dice Tower Up On Kickstarter.

Editorial: I love everything about this campaign. Just so you know going in.
Charmed & Dangerous: The Sisters Grimm is a new tactical RPG card game that's up on Kickstarter now. It reimagines classic heroines and sets them out on adventure. You've got characters like Briar Rosa the Necromancer, Snow White the Ranger, and (my personal favorite) Gretel the Barbarian.

Ninja Division is ramping back up their Masterclass Miniatures line for Super Dungeon Explore. The first two of their limited edition minis is now available. You can pick up Bang-Bang and the Leopold Magnus now. Hurry, there's only 750 of each available.

Taiyo Dynasties - War of the Falling Petal will be coming to Kickstarter in May. Ulfsark Games is showing off minis that'll be in it, including this look at the Imperial Army. Have yourself a look.

Humanity is gone. But in its wake, it left a whole ton of stuff. The creatures that remain are trying to get their hands on the best gear, but there's only so much to go around. Who will end up with it? That's the story behind Battlelands: Aftermath Edition, a new adventure book game coming from Plaid Hat.

The town of Yharnam is being overrun by a terrible plague. It's up to the Hunters to solve this mystery and save the city before the Blood Moon rises and everyone dies (though, being Bloodborne, dying's just half the fun). That's the story behind Bloodborne: The Board Game, the new project from CMON that's up on Kickstarter now.


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