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Year 2019

Neolithic Europe. There's not a lot going on, so it would seem. There's just small tribes, huddled together. But each has a dream of becoming world-conquerers. And that's just what you must build up i
The folks at Assault Publishing are headed to Crowdfunding to get themselves set up for PMC 2670. Though, they're doing it a little different than heading to Kickstarter. They're simply taking donatio
Someone here... is a murderer. *gasping!* But now you have to figure out who, and everyone has skeletons in their closet. Agatha Christie - Death on the Cards is a new card game announed by Modiphius
The Creators might have created everything, but things have gotten out of control. Their line of rule is at an end. At least, that's what the heroes have to say about it. That's the story behind Raid
I am not a fashion person. I mean, I literally wear the same outfit on any particular given day of the week (I.E. - I have a "Monday outfit" and a "Tuesday outfit" and so forth). But I know a lot of p
Looking at that tile and that cover, can this book get any more 80s/90s action movie? I really don't think so. here we have Freeway Warrior 3: The Omega Zone, the third in the solo adventure series. H
Hockey is my favorite sport. I used to play goalie back in the day, so it always has a special place in my heart. Unfortunately, there's not a lot of tabletop hockey games out there. However, soon the
There were many strange a magical creatures in the Jareth's Labyrinth. Many of them can be found in the Labyrinth board game from River Horse. And now, even more can be found, along with the man, hims
I love Mondays off. You get yourself a long weekend and then a short week. So, it's a bit of a faster journey to the weekend again. I gotta admit, I did as little as possible yesterday except watch st
If you've been checking out Battlefront's social media pages lately, you'll know that they've been counting down to the Late War push they'll be making with Flames of War. Along with that, they're goi
Sure, most people know about Santa Claus, but there's a whole ton of other myths and legends surrounding Christmas, many of them a bit freaky and scary. Well, the new fantasy RPG, 'Twas, brings them t
Oh deer, oh deer, oh deer. While Legend of the Five Rings has several major houses that you probably know about, there are numerous lesser houses that also exist in Rokugan. In this preview, we get a
A new ship will be steaming its way into the waters of Cruel Seas soon. It's the Imperial Japanese Navy IJN No. 101-class landing ship. It'll will be coming out in June, but Warlord Games is giving yo
The American Football season is several months away still, but the off-season is when teams make trades, train up, learn new drills, and get prepped. And you can too, as there's a new Blood Bowl team
Ogre brutes with cybernetic implants. Hacker elves with digital sockets in their head. Dragons. Shadowrun's a setting different from most. In this preview, we get a look at what's happening in the 6th
In the distant future, mankind is just coming out from the War of the Five Factions. However, the devastation has left few resources, so more combat is sure to occur. In Two Robots, a new card game co
I hate to say that I've yet to actually get a ton of Chinese food and watch kung-fu movies like I've said I was going to do for the past several weekends. I really need to get on that. And I should al
When a Kickstarter only lasts a week, there's a chance that you might miss out on it (heck, if it runs for a month, you still might miss out on it). But never fear! Steamforged has started taking late
It's Friiiiiiiiidaaaaaaaaaaay! Woo! Just a couple hours and it'll be the weekend. I'm pumped (if you couldn't tell). I'm all set for some D&D tomorrow. But before that, I need to get some more ene
Here's one that I know has been highly anticipated since it was announced. Free League Publishing will open up pre-orders for their official Alien RPG tomorrow. Head out into space with your crew and
Charlie: Bart?Bart: What?Charlie: Am I wrong? Or is the Dark Side Rising?Bart: I don't know. But whatever it is, I'm gonna play it. USAopoly has announced Star Wars: Dark Side Rising, a new cooperati
If you want to celebrate all things Privateer Press, there's no better place to do so than at Lock & Load. It's just under a month away, and Privateer has posted up a little taste of what you can
It's getting to be almost 100 degrees here in GA this week. It really makes me long for those cool days back when I lived in Chicago. There, one could possibly get use out of a pair of snowshoes. Not
It's been a couple months, but some new releases have now come available from CMON. There's 6 (really 7) new releases for the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game, as well as the new Wacky
Iron GM Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Grimmerspace, their new sci-fi/horror RPG setting that utilizes the Starfinder rules set. As you can tell from the name, Grimmerspace is not a nic