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Year 2019

Privateer Press had to shuffle around their release dates a little bit for August and September, leaving some people unsure when, exactly, some stuff would be hitting store shelves, including their new game, Riot Quest. Well, the wait is over. You can head over and pick up the starter box for that game now. Along with it, you can also pick up new releases for Warmachine and-

<whoop! whoop! whoop!>

Yup, Giant Robot Alert for some new Monsterpocalypse kits, too.

It's Friday. Gateway to the weekend. What will you be getting up to? Gaming? I'm going to guess gaming. Me? I won't be gaming. That's fine. Gaming doesn't always happen every weekend. Instead, I'll be getting up to some cooking. What might I cook? I've not fully decided yet, as I've yet to make my grocery list (I go shopping Saturday mornings). But I'm thinking I might give a try to some Chocolate Blackout Cake, or maybe some Banana Bread. Perhaps I'll try some Chicken Parm. We'll see. Maybe I'll just order a pizza and laze around the apartment. It's a mystery! But, before we get to those treats, we've got some bite-sized morsels of the gaming variety to snack on.

Today on the platter we have: Supers Ulimited Superhero Minis Up On Kickstarter, Kraken Dice Releasing Mulholland Sunset Dice Today, and Metallice Dice Games Summer Sale Happening Now.

No battle during WWII was fought in a vacuum (... I mean, of course not literally because it didn't happen in outer space. But also, none were fought without the larger context fo the war). Each had their own place in an overall campaign for the various warring factions. With Bloody Omaha, the first of the Ace Campaigns coming from Battlefront for Flames of War, you too can set your battles in a larger context in terms of a campaign. In this article, Battlefront gives us a look at what this new system of campaigns is like.

Firmly entrenched in WWII are the posts from Warlord Games today. They're talking about the IJN No. 1-Class Fast Transport T6 for the Japanese Navy over in Cruel Seas. Then, for Bolt Action, they've got a couple sets of Hungarian Anti-Tank kits for you. On the land or on the sea, there's something for you to check out. Let's have a look.

Why do game designers make the decisions they do? What draws them to create the way they create? That's what a lot of gamers want to know. In the upcoming Alien Archive 3 for Starfinder, there's a lot of different races coming to the game, and Paizo's posted up a Design Diary article with the designers so they can talk about where they got their inspiration for making the aliens they did.

We may be 2/3 of the way through summer (up here in the Northern Hemisphere, that is), but that doesn't mean there isn't time for a Summer Sale. And that's just what AntiMatter Games is having now over in their webshop. Want to pick up some DeepWars and ShadowSea figures for cheaper than usual? Now's your chance.

Another day, another Rookie preview. This time around, it's Nomad for the Engineer's Guild. What does the new steampunk player look like? Well, let's take ourselves a look.

Battle Systems has announced a new expansion for Core Space. It's Shootout at Zed's, and it's got a lot of new things for players to enjoy. There's new miniatures, new gear, and a new campaign that you can play through. If you're wanting some rootin', tootin', sci-fi action, you only have to wait about a month for it to hit store shelves.

I love the Cyberpunk genre. Bladerunner's one of my favorite movies. I've played various Cyberpunk RPGs and card games. But sometimes, getting players to want to learn a new system is a pain. That's where Entromancy comes in. It's a cyberpunk game that uses the 5th Edition D&D rules as a base. So, it's the game you and your friends know, but with a setting that's certainly not just high fantasy. You can pick up your copy now.

Sometimes, when an asteroid slams into a planet, it just wipes everything out. Sometimes, it only wipes most things out, and civilization can rebuild anew. That's what's happened to the planet Tah. Inside that asteroid, there were purple crystals of immense mystic power. Now, the 6 races still on Tah are looking to make the land theirs. That's the story in Tah Wars, a new dice tower board game coming soon to Kickstarter.

Games. We pretty much all play them.

Promo items. We pretty much all want them.

Renegade Game Studios is once more giving us both of those in their Level Up Loot 2 box, filled with promos for their various games Want to get one? Ask your LGS about ordering one.

Generally, when we get releases from Modiphius, it's a new RPG book of some kind. This time around, it's a board game as well as its expansion. Jagged Alliance is a cooperative board game where players are mercenaries looking to topple an oppressive dictator. Then there's the Underground expansion, where things head, as one would expect, underground to take on a new threat to humanity. Both are available now.

Trying to build and develop a town, all while campaigning to become mayor of said town, is tough enough as it is. Throw in the town being regularly attacked by massive tentacles and it gets a whole lot harder. But that's exactly what you'll be doing in the new board game from Monster Fight Club that's up on Kickstarter now. The appropriately-titled Tentacle Town is good fun for all ages. Have yourself a look.

The Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2 (along with Bruce Campbell vs. Army of Darkness) are regular staples in my movie collection. And, around this time of year, they get into rather heavy rotation. Soon, I might be able to add Evil Dead 2: The Board Game to my regular board game rotation. Jasco Games is running a Kickstarter campaign to bring this iconic horror classic to your tabletops.

"Shuffle the deck." It's something that most gamers have done countless times during their gaming career. It's rather ubiquitous. Some of us (like myself) will just naturally shuffle cards if we have a deck in our hands. But in Paragon: Trials of the Chosen, there is no deck shuffling. That's because it's a card game that has nothing to do with luck and everything to do with how you create and stack your deck. Yes, in this game, stacking your deck isn't illegal, it's what you're supposed to do. The game is up on Kickstarter now.

*amazing bass riffs*

Wait, wrong Flea. This one isn't a musician/actor, they're a Guild Ball player, and we get a look at him in this preview. If you're looking to add to your Brewer's Guild team (they have sort of gone through a fluff-culling lately), you might want to check him out.

Comin' down the mountaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain! One of many children. Everybody has their own opinion. Everybody has their own opinion. Holding it back it hurt so bad. Jump right out of my flesh and I say, "Iiiiii."

Wyrd's showing off a new unrevealed character for the 3rd edition of Malifaux. Have a look at the Geryon. Always nice to see figures based on my body type on the table.

When za kids sing out za futcha! Maybe kids don't need za mahstahs! Just euwaiting for za wlittle bustahs! Oh yeaaaaaah, yeah-yeah yeaaaaaaah!

I actually just watched through FLCL again not too long ago. My Bard I'm playing has a pull-start guitar. Now, there's an RPG that is inspired by the anime up on Kickstarter. It's called Never Knows Best. And I'd recommend checking it out.

While you can go get your pre-order on for the latest set of rookies for Guild Ball, not all of their stats have been released yet. So, if, for example, you're wanting to know how Kami works, up until reading below, you'd have to order her blind. But we're not into that kind of thing here at TGN. So, let's get you a bit of a preview.

A trip to the Scottish highlands sounds nice and relaxing. I certainly wouldn't mind going there. However, I might skip it if there's a ton of ghost activity in the region. And that's just what is going on in Ghosts of Glencoe, a new adventure for the Liminal RPG. Players must find out why the restless spirits have been extra-restless lately. You can pick up a pdf of this new adventure now.

Space is big. Really big. ... *blinks* Weird...

Anyway, Alligator Alley Entertainment is here to expand your possible number of aliens and other strange creatures your players might encounter with the release of their Threats Database sci-fi bestiary book. If you're playing Esper Genesis, this is a must-have book for new things to fling towards your players (literally or figuratively).

Halfway there. The week's halfway over right about the time this'll get posted. We've made it this far. We can make it the rest of the way. Do you have big plans for the weekend? If so, you might want to stock up on some bite-sized gaming stories to help fuel you up.

Today on the platter we have: Legionary APC Thunder Gun with Flamer Available From Kromlech, 1745 British Government Troops Kickstarter Running Now, and New Barbarian Miniatures Available From Barbaric Splendor Miniatures.

Sure, you can read a game rulebook or even a review of how a game works, but actually seeing a video about it can really bring home how the game actually is played. The folks at Plaid Hat have a new video up giving you a look inside how Quirky Circuits plays. Have yourselves a look.

Want to get into the gaming industry? Are you good at sales and creating connections with gaming store owners? Then Warlord Games might be looking for you. They're hiring a new Account Developer as well as an Account Manager in their home office in Nottingham. Do you have what it takes?

Space is big. Really big. You may think it's a long way down to the chemist's, but that's just peanuts compared to space. And with all that space, there are plenty of alien species inhabiting the various planets, moons, and asteroids. You get a whole bunch more of them for your Starfinder games in Alien Archive 3. In this article, we get a look at some of them, including new playable races.