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2nd Edition Rules for Relics Available For Free

Gavin has been busy over in his Tor Gaming workshop. The amounts of tea he's been drinking could be considered "insane," even for a Brit. But all that caffeine has resulted in a new edition of Relics. You can download them, for free, over on the Tor Gaming website. To go along with it, there's some new releases and pre-releases available as well.

From them to you:

What a day! It’s Friday, it’s sunny (somewhere) and we have just released the 2nd edition of Relics in FREE pdf format!
What Has Changed?

The 2nd edition of Relics sees a number of changes that make the game feel more interactive for the players and gives them more to think about during the game.

A few of the highlights are:

Defence Roll – Now, when a model is hit the owning player gets to roll an attempt to stop that hit becoming damage.
In doing this, we modified the way the combat mechanic worked slight by removing negative modifiers (such as a units defence value) from the attack dice pool. This means the attack dice pool is never modified in a negative manner which means more hits are caused! Instead, the defence stat changed to become a save roll for the defender, giving them a chance to stop the hit becoming damage.
Triples – Triples are now a proper thing in Relics.
But they aren’t just ‘2 hits’. Instead, they give the attacker the option of getting two hits, a modifier on the defence rolls or the opportunity to add an Advantage point into their pool.
Advantage Pool – Each player now has an advantage pool.
This is something they can use to gain some ‘advantages’ such as an temporary increase combat ability or increased movement. They don’t have a bottomless pool of points to spend on these, but they can earn more during the game as they opponent uses certain rules on their units profiles.
Magic – The way units buy extra spells and how Drain is handled has changed.
Casters with a Knowledge value can now take a number of spells equal to their knowledge. This means all casters with a knowledge of 1 or above have access to ALL spells. BUT…. Drain now works by comparing it with the casters knowledge. If a spell has a higher drain than your knowledge, you either loose extra power dice or you can try and fight the spell and keep those power dice. Be warned though, fighting the spell can result in the caster being hurt!

Just from this list you can see we have worked at giving Relics more depth and the players more decisions to make mid-game. But don’t worry, the game still plays at the same speed as before. If anything, it even feels more bloody!!