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AEG Announces Dead Reckoning Kickstarter Campaign

AEG calls Mystic Vale their Card Crafting Game, as it allows you to actually change your cards as you play by adding mostly-transparent cards into the sleeves, changing how the cards work. Well, they're working on a new game that uses some of those same concepts, but also adds 4X swashbuckling action. They're calling the game Dead Reckoning and they'll be bringing it to Kickstarter soon.

From the website:

Let me start by saying that I am biased.  I have to be.  Not only do I want to love the games I publish, I also have to believe that they are some of the best games on the market.  We are good friends with many other publishers, but it is our job to win each season in the hearts and minds of the game-purchasing and playing public. We select our games and designers with that in mind.

My love for this game should not be a surprise.  John D Clair is on my short list of favorite designers.Not only because his games have helped AEG to become a more successful board game publisher but because I also love playing them. Before you ask, yes I like all of John’s games, including ones we have not figured out how to get to press yet.

Our next release from John is Dead Reckoning. Dead Reckoning is a swashbuckling adventure game that uses the Card Crafting System and an all-new mechanical upgrade to that system to represent the experience and abilities of your crew. It is a game where you can choose your own path to victory: be a successful merchant, raid commerce as a privateer, or go full pirate and hunt the other players! The graphic design and illustrations are from Ian O’Toole. The game is coming to Kickstarter this summer!

Dead Reckoning is my favorite game from John so far. That is saying a lot because I love Mystic Vale, Space Base was basically designed for me, and Cubitos, coming later in 2020, is so much fun I cannot wait for it to release. Dead Reckoning hits all of the sweet spots for who AEG is now, and takes me back to who we used to be when we first started publishing games. It is the perfect game for AEG.

In Dead Reckoning you start with a green crew, a modest ship, and limited information about what might be discovered in the open ocean. There are multiple paths to victory you can pursue each game. Build a privateer ship enforcing the law of the sea as strictly or loosely as you like. Become a merchant and build a trade route with outposts and forts to protect your investment.  Explore the oceans, find the best stuff before other captains, and if you are playing with the optional Saga content, follow a deep narrative adventure. Finally, of course, you can be a pirate, build the biggest, fastest, or most dangerous ship on the high seas, take what you want and throw what is left to the mermaids in tribute for a safe journey home.

Over the spring and part of summer we will reveal more details about Dead Reckoning, We will tease the storyline narrative revealed in the Saga expansions, we will show you how the game is deep but not complex, you will discover buried treasure, and we will give you plenty of additional reasons to love Dead Reckoning as much as we do.

Whether you have been a fan of AEG for 28 years or 28 days, believe me when I say this is the game we were built to publish. We sail the right sized ship, we have the right crew, and kickstarter has just enough unexplored edges that we can take you on an adventure and give you a product you will be excited to play.