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Absolute Power Super Hero RPG Up On Kickstarter

Dyskami Publishing is running a Kickstarter campaign for Absolute Power, their super hero RPG. Grab your super suit, prepare your magic artifacts, double-check your mutated powers, and head out into the city to protect the people from the nefarious supervillains. Head over and check out the campaign now.

From the article:

The Silver Age has come and gone. Superpowers now bring fear as often as comfort and shades of grey cast the world in shadow, muting the shining colours of yesteryear. Villains have become stronger, and their influence is felt in every nation. The need for heroes is greater than ever. Can you balance superhuman gifts with humility, compassion, and hope? Do you have what it takes to resist the ever-present lure of Absolute Power?

Welcome to the Absolute Power superhero role-playing game – the second edition of 2002’s Silver Age Sentinels RPG. Much has changed in the two decades between editions, from the game mechanic evolution of the Tri-Stat System to the superhero media landscape. Since the dawn of the 21st century, superhero fiction has grown from a popular niche field to become the dominant genre in global entertainment. What has not changed is the heroism that serves as its foundation, regardless of medium.

Absolute Power does not take as strong a position as its predecessor on what heroism looks like, though. The Empire City setting has returned with a greater focus on moral ambiguity and relativism, but our efforts are not intended to disparage the idea of heroics. We did not choose this title to glorify raw might or some concept of necessary corruption. Absolute Power is a warning against the desire to reach for that little bit more power to keep up with those opposed to society’s greater good. All that’s needed is a little more....

The campaign's making its way to 4x funded with 9 days left to go.