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Academies of the Arcane RPG Supplement Up On Kickstarter

No matter how you come across your magical abilities, it's good to get that sort of thing under control. If you're just flinging spells around out on your own in the wilderness, that can be rather dangerous. Best to learn from those that already know and have experience. That's where Academies of the Arcane comes in, it's a new RPG supplement all about these magical schools. The book is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Academies of the Arcane is a role-playing book and the next official release for Troika!Numinous Edition. While it is intended to support our freely available and wildly popular system, this new book is a comprehensive toolkit—it will work as well with any game where you might need magical schools, students possessing horrifying cosmic powers, and manipulative and petty faculty members. Within you will find robust tools to create your own magical school: locations, classes, staff and student body, as well as new tables for calamity and magical overload. How you choose to use these items to define your game’s tone and setting are entirely up to you—the book even includes advice for changing around the terminology, descriptions and structures to fit your preferred wizarding world!

The campaign funded quickly, so it's on through stretch goals for the next 29 days.