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Animal Adventures: The Faraway Sea Coming to Kickstarter

The folks at Painting Polygons are looking to bring you more from their world of enlightened animals. Their new Kickstarter campaign will be for The Faraway Sea, a new campaign guide which will, of course, have lots of new minis to go along with it.

From the announcement:

On the shores of the floating shanty town of Flotsam lies a chain of ever-changing islands. Discover the mystifying 5E campaign setting new to the Animal Adventures universe and, for the first time, adventure as brand new awakened animal species!

Chart a course to adventure with the 5E campaign book

Crammed with exciting stuff!

★ Rules for all-new animal species

★ 11 islands filled with fascinating weirdness and adventure hooks

★ New rules for exploring, hex-crawling, and tracking what your rivals are up to!

★ New monsters to fight, flee from, and fear!

★ NPCs to help, and hinder, your adventurers!

★ 3 adventures, plunging you deep into the thrilling world of the Faraway Sea!

And what would an Animal Adventure be without lovingly crafted miniatures? Discover cute cats, daring dogs, and many more yet to be revealed...