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Ares Games Previews Gen Con Previews

Yeah, I know. Funny headline. But that's what we have. Ares Games will be at Gen Con Indy this weekend and they're showing off just what they'll have at the show for those that'll be there (which does not include me. But waddyagonnado?)

From the article:

Ares Games will be at Gen Con 2021 (Booth #521, September 16-19, Indianapolis), presenting new releases and upcoming games. Attendees will have the chance to check recent Ares’ releases as the new stand-alone campaign set of Sword & Sorcery, Ancient Chronicles; the solo/cooperative game Masters of the Night, together with new releases from Ares’ partners, including the minimalist dungeon crawler Mini Rogue, by Nuts! Publishing, and the post-apocalyptic adventure/survival game Waste Knights: Second Edition, by Galakta Games.