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Ares Games Running Masters of the Night Vampire Board Game Kickstarter

The un-life of a vampire can be rough. You spend a century comfy in your castles until the townsfolk come with torches and pitchforks, driving you from your home. So you roam, looking for a new place to hang our hat. Perhaps this city would work, but you can't just move in and take over at once. That would bring too much suspicion and the gaze of the Inquisition. Instead, you must work slowly and stealthily. Of course, you do have time on your hand. That's what you'll be doing in Masters of the Night, a new cooperative vampire board game that's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Woken by the rattling of the train, you realize you have arrived at a new place, a place destined to be either a haven or a final grave for your family. Your current state is unsightly at best—forced to hide in a luggage car, confined within boxes full of dirt. You have all spent far too much time dreaming; years, perhaps decades. It is finally time to wake from your slumber and take matters back into your hands.

How has the world order changed during your absence? The Veil that covers the truth of your existence from the mortals—is it still strong? Do the agents of the Inquisition still scour the world for you? And more importantly, will this city succumb to your will? First there will be the struggle for survival, then for power and, finally, for dominance.

History exiled you from castles and crypts long ago. In this new century, you are wanderers, endlessly searching for a new home, new servants and fresh, fervid blood.

Masters of the Night is a  solitaire or cooperative game - one to five players play on the same side and will either win or lose together. You play as members of a vampire clan slowly regaining their former power. With the help of your minions, you will fight against the agents of the Inquisition, cast fear into the hearts of the people with your hunts, and shape dread sigils in different city districts, all in preparation for the grand Blood Moon ritual that will confirm your grasp on the city and its fate. But beware, the longer you prepare for the ritual, the harder it will be to complete it. Your enemies are searching for you constantly and when they find you, even vampire magic may not stop them. 

The campaign's about 2/3 of the way to its goal with 21 days to go.