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Assault Publishing Releases PMC 2670 Sci-Fi Minis Game

Back in 2013, PMC 2640 was released and hit tabletops (I actually remember that). Now, Assault Publishing is updating the system and bringing you PMC 2670. It's all the same sci-fi, 15mm, platoon-sized action you want, but updated and expanded. You can get your copy of the rules now.

From the website:

PMC 2670 is hard sci-fi platoon-sized ruleset intented for 15mm and it's second edition of PMC 2640 released in 2013.                


In 2013, we have boldly released PMC 2640, which successfully found its place on crowded 15mm sci-fi wargames market. Now, it's high time to leap forward! In the last 3 years, we have worked hard on PMC 2670, which is much more than just a new edition of the game! As you can probably guess, the action takes place 30 years later in the same dirty, gloomy PMC-verse – but it's also indirectly connected to Shadows in the Void, which takes place much later in the same timeline. The story was moved forward: humanity developed new technologies and improved older ones, encountered an alien threat (or rather the aliens encountered a human threat...) and made the galaxy an even more turbulent place.

So, what are the gameplay changes?

There is no revolution in the core mechanics, as better is often the enemy of good... Still, the basic rules were polished and perfected, making the game even faster, more flexible and more uncompromising – but it's still the old, fine PMC! Special rules were revisited and all known question-causing or unclear elements were re-edited. But the main advantage of the 2670 edition are the added extras! Now you can lead not only merc forces, but also space bugs and rebels, which became fully playable factions. What is more, there is a fourth faction – the aforementioned aliens!Forces of your PMCs were bolstered with lots of additional unit entries, offering many new tactics and army compositions. We listened to the players and added a lot of elements they asked for (e.g. power armours, medics, drop pods, and many exotic sci-fi troops). Existing units were carefully examined and rebalanced to adjust them to the new lists. But don't worry, if you already have a collection of minis for PMC 2640, it will be fully playable in PMC 2670 – you'll simply get even more possibilities! We see no point in making existing armies useless or weaker – we're players ourselves and know how irritating this can be!In addition to new armies and PMC units, we have updated the scenarios based on the experience from previous years – but no major changes in this chapter.