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Battlezoo Bestiary RPG Supplements Coming to Kickstarter

Want more monsters to throw at your party? Soon, you'll have a whole ton more options as the Battlezoo Bestiary Kickstarter launches at the end of the month. Head on through to see just what all new content will be coming.

From the announcement:

The summer heat is causing all sorts of monsters to stir from hiding, including the 100+ new creatures in the Battlezoo Bestiary! This catalog of creative critters, perfect for Pathfinder GMs looking for sinister new foes to sic on their players, goes live on Kickstarter this August 31st!


The Battlezoo Bestiary is the long-awaited effort of the 2020 RPG Superstar contest, in which hundreds of Pathfinder fans and aspiring designers submitted their most creative creature ideas for Pathfinder Second Edition. Following the competition’s extended hiatus, Paizo licensed the maker of the long-running Roll For Combat actual play podcast to run this hallowed contest. Now, after more than a year of developing, editing, illustrating, and designing, the 172-page book based on the winning entries is ready to be released along with two other companion volumes: Battlezoo Ancestries: Dragons by Mark Seifter and the Jewel of the Indigo Isles Adventure Path by myself, Ron Lundeen, and Linda Zayas-Palmer!

Along with Roll For Combat’s showrunner Stephen Glicker and Paizo’s own design manager Mark Seifter, I had the great joy of working on this book to expand the contest’s winning entries into an awesome tome of monsters. You can read the full story of how Stephen resurrected the beloved RPG Superstar contest in the Battlezoo Bestiary's introduction, so I’ll spare you the details. Suffice it to say, a lot of love went into this grand effort, and we are all incredibly proud of the final result!

Choosing a favorite monster from the many in this book would be like choosing my favorite horrifying child. From butcher booths (living, breathing, people-eating buildings) to g’mayuns (rainbow-eyed parrot-pirates), the Battlezoo Bestiary boasts enough potential baddies and buddies to populate multiple Pathfinder campaigns. Even with a hundred blog posts, I couldn’t do the magnificent monsters in this bestiary justice. They just have to be seen to be believed.

Only one could reign supreme among the hundreds of monsters submitted to the RPG Superstar contest, however, and this year’s Grand Prize went to the shale spitter, a perhaps unassuming mountain-dwelling critter created by Brant Vallier. Brant’s entry even included a sketch of what he thought the shale spitter might look like—a sketch that I think it’s fair to say artist Sebastian Rodriguez turned up to 11.